Bill of Rights Day…

Today is the 213th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. That happened on December 15th, 1791, when Virginia signed the ratification completing the three/fourths requirement and the Bill of Rights became law.

I would wish you “Happy Bill of Rights Day”, but it seems rather moot given the current police state that we accept, in defacto. In truth, not even the Constitution is adhered to today as the founding fathers had intended. The result is a country deep in moral and financial bankruptcy…with no respect for individual or property rights…a government out of the control of its people.

Most people don’t even know what rights are. This past election we heard about the [sic]’right’ to vote. There is no such thing. Rights are inherent in a person through simple being. Nothing else is required. No other people are involved. The mere fact that it takes at least three people to vote shows that it can’t be a right. Those people must agree to the concept of the vote and to abide by its outcome. Otherwise the vote is meaningless.

In fact, that brings me to one of my pet peeves about voters. Many of you, out there, claim that if I don’t vote, I have no right to complain (they seem utterly unaware that this would be a free speech violation). I fell for the illogical concept once myself, so I don’t blame you if you did, too. However if you continue to participate in such a farcical premise, after this explanation, you have no one to blame but yourself. The fact is, that when you vote, you have no right to complain. The mere act of participating in the vote means that you agree to accept the outcome, whether it is the one you want or not. Now some things are fine for voting on. Whether to have beef or chicken at the company Christmas party, for instance. Or voting for prom king/queen, or your favorite movie. We can even vote on when we should next get together to…well…vote.

But the one thing you should never vote on is…your rights. They are not up for debate. As soon as you agree to put them on the ballot you have slipped the noose around your neck and are only waiting for the election results to see which hangman gets to drop the trapdoor for you.

When an elected official authors a bill, which infringes on your rights, you should be screaming treason. Each legislator who co-sponsors such an atrocity is also a traitor. Should the bill actually become law by a vote of the houses, all who participated are gulity of treason to the citizens (even if they voted against it – they agreed it could and should be voted on – bad, bad representative…). A president which then signs a law that, abrogates or restricts your rights, is then also guilty of treason.

At this time we have a federal government (as well as most state and local governments) that has found themselves to be above the Supreme Law of the land. They have seen fit to interfere with your right to life; your right to free association, to freedom of religion, to freedom of speech; your right to self defense; your right to be secure in your property and possessions. They have claimed powers that you as an individual did not and could not grant (how can you grant a power that you, yourself, cannot do – like taking money, by force, from another – or invading your neighbors home). They have then used those powers to enrich themselves and their friends, family and business partners. They have lobbed the party bashing balls back and forth, keeping you beguiled by their dexterity, with lies and laws. And yet, you continue to walk into the precincts, eyes glazed over from the daily onslaught of political rhetoric and approve of your next master.

As long as the people continue to put their rights up for a vote, they will continue to lose them.

A piece of paper gets you nothing. It does not grant rights, it acknowleges them. It was part of a contract between the states. It was a simple agreement. The government broke its part of the deal. It means nothing anymore.

You only have the rights you are willing to defend.

Happy Bill of Rights Day.


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