War Stories…

Claire Wolfe gets some mail…

She wrote, among other things, about how sparkly she’d been feeling about the freedom movement. She really used words like sparkly. Glowing. Light-hearted.

She never said “optimistic.” I’d have run for the hills if she had. But she conveyed beautifully the bright glow of things beginning to stir … that sense of, “Could be, who knows? There’s something due any day. I will know right away. Soon as it shows …”

She said her boyfriend (another terrific friend to freedom) had the same sense.

And what’s weird is that I have, too.

For several years, I felt nothing but total doom. I felt as though I had to go on just because I had to go on. My choices were to compromise with evil and lose my soul forever or to stand there like a rock until the waves of tyranny crumbled me and wore me down to bits of grit. And that means I felt I had no choice at all, because to compromise in any major way with what I know to be wrong simply isn’t in my nature.

But starting just over a year ago a totally different feeling began to grow in my heart. Sparkly, as Ms. Liberty Light said. It’s grown and grown. There’s a buzz in the air. Over at The Claire Files and in real life, things are happenening.

The rest of Claire’s post can be found here…

Wow! Several years ago, I felt that liberty had been lost for at least my lifetime and maybe my children’s and grand children’s lifetime. I had started to realize the true nature of our government and society and could see no way to fix any of it. Then a funny thing happened. I started discarding the false histories and philosophies I had been taught, and started re-learning. But this time, things had to make sense. If it didn’t make sense I spent a lot of time figuring out why and determining whether the idea or history or philosphy was a red herring, a false trail and a deliberate deception. You would be surprised how many things we take for granted that are planted by others just to help us take them for granted.

I have read many of Claire’s books as well as the works of others. But it took until about a year and a half ago for me to make some hard decisions and start changing the way I interact with society. Ever since then I have stood my ground with government bureaucrats, stopped (as much as I can) using the phoney money that the Federal Reserve foists on us, converted my savings into silver or gold or some other valuable commodity, and observed a transformation of not just my life, but my very nature. I kept a bank account for six months without using it and realized that I didn’t need it (or the subtractions the bank made to it). And I found (thanks Claire) new ways to monkey wrench the system. It really isn’t that hard. The system is broken to begin with. It doesn’t take much to make shambles of it.

The light at the end of the tunnel was always a train before. Now it looks more like sunlight. I sleep much better now, my blood pressure has decreased, without the aid of drugs. I feel better and have a more positive outlook on life and the future. And all it took was to realize one very simple point: No matter what others may say or do, I am responsible for my life. I owe no allegence to those who don’t want my cooperation. I will not be coerced into anything that is not a benefit to me or my family. Cooperation is a two way street, it has to work for both parties. When it doesn’t, one party is seeking control over the other. It has now become pretty easy to recognize.

It is also pretty easy to see who gets it and who doesn’t. In countless forums I have seen the same thing happen: The pro-government goons (some of them are just sheeple who are still asleep, but many are government employees and some are actual agents, investigating the forum members) on the forum defend the actions of government officials and courts. When countered with law and arguments based on freedom they quickly devolve into the rabid dogs that they are and start slinging personal attacks and insults at anyone who disagrees with them. No facts, no laws, no debate, just hateful, authoritarian posturing. It becomes pretty obvious who is who, in the zoo.

Time for everyone to wake up. Things ARE starting to happen. It is good to hear that others are seeing it too.

Book: This is precision work: sharpshooters. From the look of these wounds, I’d say a 54-R sniper rifle, laser sights.
Jayne: You do a lot of shooting at the abbey there, Shepherd?
Book: Rabbits.
Jayne: For stew, sure.
-From the Firefly episode “War Stories”


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