Heart of Gold…

I ask all of my blog readers to keep Gunner in your thoughts and if you are a praying person, to pray for his quick and complete recovery. Gunner and I have exchanged many emails and he is the kind of person I am proud to call friend. Get well soon, my friend…yours is a heart of gold.

Nandi: — And I got word you were in the area… I’m imposing, but I got no one else to ask.
Inara: It sounds like the sort of thing this crew can handle. I can’t guarantee they’ll handle it particularly well, but —
Nandi: If they got guns, and brains at all…
Inara: They have guns.
From the Firefly episode “Heart of Gold”


2 thoughts on “Heart of Gold…

  1. I am back and thank you for your kind words. While I will be in some discomfort for the next few weeks I am over the bad part of it.

    Staples out next week and my life will restart then, been on hold way to long.

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