Objects in Space…

Just in…

“After 15 years, and even as its fans say it is doing its best work, the end is in sight for the Hubble telescope, which has provided humankind with images of far-distant galaxies and vastly improved our understanding of deep space.

According to reports in the United States this weekend, the White House and Nasa have agreed to stop all plans for a space mission to prolong the life of the telescope, which is in orbit, 380 miles above Earth.”

Seems like an excellent time for the government to sell NASA to the highest bidder and put space into the hands of the free market. Oh yeah,…thats right…the government is against the free market…as seen by our continued growth of market regulations and the dropping of the United States off the top ten free economies of the the world. Sheesh!!! When are Americans going to wake up?

River: You’re wrong about River. River’s not on the ship. They didn’t want her here, but she couldn’t make herself leave. So she melted… Melted away. They didn’t know she could do that, but she did.

River: I’m not on the ship. I’m in the ship. I am the ship.
Simon: River…
River: River’s gone.
Early: Then who exactly are we talking to?
River: You’re talking to Serenity. And, Early… Serenity is very unhappy.
–From the Firefly episode “Objects in Space”


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