Liberty and Democracy are incompatible…

We are not and never have been a democracy. Our system of government was set up as a republic. Unfortunately it had too many democratic chromosomes to survive very long. The republic died with the civil war. Since then we have become a socialist democratic republic. The Constitution is violated on a daily basis by the very government officials sworn to protect it. And not content with demonstrating to the world again, that democracies will not protect the rights of individuals, we have undertaken to spread democracy throughout the world, thereby contaminating other cultures and economic systems with the cancerous socialism of democratic government.

Gunner sends us to this article which decribes what liberty is ( I think many of you have no clue…)

To clear the decks, let me say right off the bat, that freedom is NOT the same as democracy. In fact, democracy can be shown to be inimical to freedom.

The counting of heads, or the will of the majority, in no way protects or guarantees freedom. In fact, freedom can be utterly obliterated under democracy–as the rise of Hitler’s National Socialist Workers Party did prove.

So let’s forget about democracy, and concentrate on freedom.

I’m all for spreading freedom around the world–but before you can do that, you need to understand exactly what it is.

Can freedom be defined in one sentence, one phrase, or one word? Is it possible to define freedom in a way that will eliminate confusion?

I believe there is. The foundation of freedom is the principle of “self ownership.”

More here…

And…from “Democratic Dictatorships”

Democracy has failed as a system of government, it has failed to protect the natural rights of the individual, it has failed to maintain a free enterprise system and it has failed to provide rule of law based upon objective justice. Democratic systems have become dominated by cartels formed between political parties, corporations and special interests that corrupt the system and turn the “law” into a weapon of exploitation and petty tyranny. Because democracy always leads to mob rule, no one’s rights are safe, in its purest form, direct democracy leads to the passions of the mob overwhelming the rights of minorities, while the Republican system of representative democracy results in powerful special interests seizing power and running roughshod over the rights of individuals. The most corrupting effect of this system is the institutionalization of crimes against natural human rights, a system where the “law” is used as an instrument of theft, oppression and murder against those who exercise their rights in ways counter to the interests of those in power. Under the cult of democracy, any legislation, any program, any action which has the stamp of approval from the voters is seen as sacrosanct. This leads to an almost complete suppression of any meaningful public debate that questions the foundations of the democratic system itself. The public debate then becomes, how to go about plundering the world to serve the interests of those who compete for power.

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Thomas Jefferson, in his Notes on Virginia, stated: “One hundred and seventy-three despots would surely be as oppressive as one….An elective despotism was not the government we fought for.


One thought on “Liberty and Democracy are incompatible…

  1. “self ownership” is a good way of describing freedom and what it means. I agree with you on one very important point. I think most do not know what freedom does mean.–>

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