As you can see, I am standing closely, but not too close, to the electrified barbed wire fence surrounding the United States Capitol building. The fence was erected three weeks ago, following the declaration of martial law in the nations capital. There are no indications that either the fence, or martial law, will be taken down any time soon. If you will follow our camera panning the Washington D.C. skyline, you will see something quite remarkable in these difficult times. Besides the clear blue sky, mercifully brought in by the first significant cold front of the season, you will see no pillars of smoke. Billowing smoke plumes have been darkening the D.C. skyline and our collective consciousness for the past twenty nine consecutive days until this evening. Unfortunately, my colleagues are not repeating this same story in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many other major U.S. cities. Maybe the cooler temperatures have calmed tempers, but there is no question that the rains last night put out many of the building, block, and car fires that the overworked district firefighters didn’t yet reach, or that the National Guard did not forcibly prevent with mass arrests. Fortunately for the people in the nation’s capital, they did not suffer anywhere near the death toll as the other cities I mentioned.”


“It seems like an eternity ago, but it was only six weeks ago that this latest phase of the economic disaster befalling America took a violent turn. Remember if you will where it all started, in the New York City grocery store refused to accept cash in US dollars for purchases over $20, only European and Japanese currencies, or gold or silver coins. Of course, with milk at $15 per gallon, the irate costumers could not buy much with their money. People who had been locked out of their offices, forcibly evicted from homes that were once theirs, were then unable to feed their families or themselves. It seems obvious now, but that’s when the first of many food riots erupted in this country. Who would have thought that America would come to this? Desperation on a mass scale? Not long after, mob scenes appeared at banks in New York, then the north east, and then all across the country. Panic stricken people were desperately trying to withdraw their dollars to either spend them for food, gas, and other necessities, or convert them to stable foreign currencies or precious metals. Indeed, these days it seems any foreign currency is more stable than the once globally accepted United States dollar. Oddly enough, US silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars that have been out of circulation for more than 40 years are now more commonly seen in store cash registers than dollar bills.”

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