I used to think…

…now it just gives me a headache!!!

Actually, I used to think that going up against the government was bad idea because the government is populated with the best of the best. They were armed with the best weapons, both legally and offensively. They were a well oiled, conspiratorial machine.

I don’t think that anymore. The vast number of really stupid ideas and comments coming from government officals, contractors and journalists (yes there are government journalists, you twit), has led me to believe that this country is in the shape it is in, solely from incompetance, not conspiracy.

Here is an example of economic incompetance…

I will start off with one comment that is so blatantly
stupid that it was instantaneously perceived as such by
practically everyone. I intended to do an essay on this one
item alone, but by the time I passed the comment around,
three other blogs were already reporting on it. In case you
missed it however, here it is: Federal Reserve Bank of
Dallas President Richard Fisher said this to CNBC on

“Where would the world be if Americans did not live out
their proclivity to consume everything that looks good,
feels good, sounds good, tastes good? We provide a service
for the rest of the world. If we were running a current
account surplus or trade surplus, what would happen to
economic growth worldwide, and what would be the economic
consequences? So I think we are doing our duty there.”

Now let’s take a look at what Mr. Alan Nevin, chief
economist for the California Building Industry Association,
said this week:

“People have the ability to borrow against their homes. If
times get tougher, they could borrow a sufficient amount to
pay their mortgages.”

Another startling revelation! Borrow money to pay your

More here…

They really don’t have a clue…

Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. – Nick Diamos

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