I Aim to Misbehave…

Malcolm Reynolds tells us very clearly why this is important in the newly released movie, “Serenity”.

There is a pretty good discussion, and reviews of the movie, going on over at “The Claire Files” forum. Look for the WARNING: SPOILERS… thread.

All in all, I like the movie, but it isn’t as good as the series. Hopefully, interest in the movie will regenerate a desire to continue the series (though I really don’t want another movie if they can’t keep it closer to the feel of the “Firefly” series).

I will miss the Shepard and Wash if a new series is developed, but maybe we can see them again in flashback sequences, like in “Out of Gas”.

Still, I enjoyed the movie, will probably go see it in the theater again and will definately buy the DVD when it comes out.

“That’s what governments are for…to get in a man’s way…” – Captain Reynolds of the Firefly class transport, “Serenity”


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