Phantom Flu ?

In 1918, a virulent, never seen before, form of influenza seemed to suddenly appear. It seemed to kill within hours,
and spread around the world within days. It seemed to appear simultaneously all around the world. Its spread was faster than any then known means of human travel.

In 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization warned of repeats of such a rapid and deadly pandemic, through such variants of influenza as SARS and Bird Flu. But without knowing what caused the 1918 pandemic or how it spread, how can the CDC or WHO make such a claim? Unless they already know something they are not telling.

As yet no one has been able to identify the actual medical cause of the 1918 Flu, with only a few samples of a “bird-like” virus taken from only several cadaver tissue samples. But no sample is complete. And those are only one or two samples from among the estimated 20 to 40 million people who seemed to die mysteriously almost overnight. The 1918 Flu spread faster and was more deadly, killing more people than even the Plague and Black Death of the middle ages. Why does no one talk about it?
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Bureaucrats love crises. Crises get their hearts racing. They will hold press conference after press conference and fill the air with a blizzard of white papers and meaningless data. Nothing will change – but in the case of the EU, the hope is no doubt that people will gradually forget this; the outfit that just recently couldn’t figure out how to get rid of millions of female undergarments after it decided to enforce a boycott against Chinese manufacturing and instead almost ended up bankrupting its largest department stores. This is the outfit that couldn’t write a constitution in less than 100 pages and couldn’t get it passed anyway. This is the outfit where one whole layer of bureaucracy had to resign en masse about seven years ago because corruption was so endemic. This is the EU, folks. Now they will save us from bird flu.
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5 thoughts on “Phantom Flu ?

  1. David,

    Speculation and suspicion has it that the government will attempt to see everyone or (millions at least) immunized and those who get the shot will get sick and die.

    Nothing would surprise me now as the NWO gathers momentum on the sleeping flock and UN Agenda 21 contimues to unfold.

    Rumor also has it that the NWO goal is to reduce the world population to 550 million. If that is this cabals plan, what better way to get started than a pandemic again and again.

    I don’t know if I believe all that myself but it does give one pause to think it through.

  2. Hi Jim,

    That was Cherie’s post…

    I am torn between this being a hoax (the flu, that is) and it being a plan to kill off as many 65-and-over types as possible. that would take a big strain off of the US budget (don’t know about other countries…)…

  3. The big thing to remember is to NOT try to reduce a low grade fever (under 103). The fever is a normal and necessary funtion of the immune system. I never liked the chills from the fever, so I would draw a hot bath and soak in the water. This helped how I felt and help the body with raising the temperature to shut down the infection. Have a hot soak, a beer and some tv…

  4. …or go down to the jacuzzi with a good book…and I agree with Jim. The fact that the government has an “immunization” for a flu that isn’t even threatening us yet (and wouldn’t even BE a threat if not for the lab rats) is kind of fishy to me.

    “Hey, we went to study the flu of 1918 and just for shits and giggles decided to make an innoculation for it. Oh, and by the way, it’ll come in handy because Jimbo over there just dropped a big vial of the stuff…”

    It’s all a little to convenient…

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