Hurricane Blog….

Blah, Blah, Blah….

But first…

My Fred Flintstone imitation….


Cool, huh?

The genuflecting by the media is incredible. Countering that, the governor is taking this very seriously. I especially like how he is trying to limit FEMA’s involvement, at least until he figures out how much money he wants. Hehehe….

The media has been, of course, giving 98% coverage to the storm. It pretty much proves there is nothing much going on in the world and runs kinda counter to their alternating “DON’T PANIC” and “PANIC has been ADVISED” stands. Funnier than hell on the TV ( I’m watching NBC-2 outta Fort Myers).

Ok, the facts…

The storm is still down south of Cuba, pretty much headed for the Yucatan Channel. I know, I know, they are saying it is going to hit the Yucatan and depower. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. I can only report what I see on the various satellite feeds, pressure maps and consult with my crystal ball ( I also channel Eleanor Roosevelt, but she doesn’t seem to be interested in this storm;keeps mumbling about Hilliary getting laid more than her or something…Hey it’s kinda muffled…). In the last hour it has moved mainly north and it ain’t to the Yucatan yet. Now, this storm has some wobble so it may wobble on over there and have some issues with land. It could also be starting the expected turn a little early and shoot right out the Straits of Florida with a little hello to Cuba. We will probably get some rain and some wind. If it comes ashore near here, there will be flooding, water damage and wind damage, as well as large power outages.


…That is the way news should be reported…but you ain’t gonna get that outta any major news agency in the USA today…

The big point is these people don’t know where this this storm is going to go, but can’t say that without spinning it “for the moment”, as it were. What makes good news? Confusion!!! Well at least to the nimrods sitting in the production booth at NBC-2. And I’m not just picking on NBC-2, they are just my favorite target because I want them to improve the most….Hehehe….

Seriously, I have been thinking about starting a blog just to analyze spin and disinformation on that particular station, on a daily basis. I was going to call it NBC-2 Sucks!!!. If anybody wants to run with it, this idea is not claimed as “intellectual property” and can be claimed without peril (at least from me).

Oh, one more thing, if you are in south Florida and plan on staying put, make sure you have sufficient food, water, guns and ammunition to stay and defend your property. King George is just itching for a reason to declare martial law, start fixing prices and start a civil war. Lets make sure we can take care of any random crime issues at the local level…

You guys are cool…


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Blog….

  1. Thanks, Trition.

    And Thanks for dropping by. We will be here for the duration, so as long as my internet access is up I will blog what is going on locally.


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