Hurricane Blog Continued

Well I guess that I will do the 11pm update, since I am up anyway.
I will not even try to carry on the rant about our local nbc affiliate, except to say that they sound as if they are the blind leading the dumb………

Wilma is doing the sit’n’spin thing still. The WPTB (weather powers that be) think that the storm will considerably weaken overnight, then make the turn out over the gulf. The gulf still has very warm water, warmer than what is required for a storm like this to feed on.

We will be doing some other preperations tomorrow. We do not want anything left outside to become a missle! My worry is from all the construction sites around our house, I hope that there is nothing major left lying around.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Blog Continued

  1. I, too, have been watching the lunacy on nbc. I’ve gotten so frustrated with them that I’ve stopped watching for the moment. What is going to happen will happen, and nothing is going to change that. Besides, I’m getting tired of them calling it “Hurricane William”. Sheesh..they can’t even get the name of the storm right half the time.

    Anyway, as you know, I am not going anywhere. Still plan on going to work on Monday. If they send us home, they send us home. But a lot of people have already bugged out. I’m guessing the shop is going to be empty on Monday, since the storm is forecasted (HAHAHA) to hit in the afternoon.

    NBC has told us that (basically) that we have nothing to worry about. They have forecasted thunderstorms. That’s it. But they still keep harping on it. I guess they want to play it safe just in case Wilma pulls a Charley (which very likey could happen, since nobody can agree on what this storm is going to do.)

    Once again, we have to rely on our interpretatioin of the models and tell nbc to go f*ck themselves…

  2. I was down at Schehr yesterday. Saw your car in the parking lot. Dennis has some BIG generators on hand already. Two of the models have it coming right across Fort Myers Beach and into south Fort Myers, then Lehigh. This could get interesting…

  3. Hey, at least now you know where I work…I was just looking at the models…they’re spread out all along southwest florida…I agree. It should get interesting. I’m going to try to head out to Lehigh today (Basilio STILL isn’t home from work yet…if that is where he is…)so as soon as I get the car, I’m going to try to head out there.

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