Hurricane Blog Treee…

Well, the JBT’s have decided to put some psycological pressure on the masses… Roadblocks, curfews, bridge closings….are in effect…well in advance of the storm. If you want to go to a shelter, you must have ID and get searched and then remain there until they say otherwise…

The storm left the Yucatan Peninsula yesterday, but hasn’t accelerated much yet. The forcast arrival for this area is sometime tomorrow morning. Hurricane force winds extend 50-75 miles from the eye, so we will probably see them if it hits the coast (it’s only 100 miles to Key West from here, as the crow flies…). When Charlie (a smaller storm) came ashore at Punta Gorda (about 30 miles from here) we saw ~60mph winds, which took down signs, trees and power poles just blocks from us. The power was out here for five days.

More as it happens…We’ll be making a fuel/food run today…(not necessary, just goodies)

I’ll be shooting video, as I did during Charlie…blog buddy (really the king of bloggers) Doug Kenline has agreed to host the videos for me…Thanks Dougie!!! I’ll post links to them here and doug will probably have links as well….


5 thoughts on “Hurricane Blog Treee…

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  2. Oh Brother….

    I did my food run last night (well, at 1am) to avoid the masses of people. Got myself a cooler and ice and stuff. We should be good. We have charcoal and lighter fluid so if we don’t have power and the weather is good we can always go outside and grill.

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