The storm is about 40 miles off shore of Marco Island… The eye is now about the size of Collier County… It’s big kiddies…. We are within five miles of the collier county line and I expect the eye to pass within 20 miles of us (Immokolee)…

Can’t sleep anymore…the wind is doin’ that lion growl thing… I always thought that was wierd in “Twister”, but it definately does it…under the worst conditions…

More as it we get it….


One thought on “ZOWIE WOWIE!!!!

  1. Big eye, that means you should get a big break from the wind if you are in the middle. Last year during Frances we missed the eye and had 33 hours of wind, Talk about tireing..

    Things are picking up here in WPB. wind more steady and the rain has started, but nothing like you guys are getting right now.


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