What If…

…Santa Anna was killed at the Alamo! And, what if because of this and the delay in engaging Houston, the Mexican army was defeated, and Texas became a limited government Republic, maturing side by side with an already doomed United States!

L. Niel Smith's new graphic novel explores the libertarian possiblities in his usual entertaining fashion in "Roswell, Texas". New chapters out every week. Go! Have some fun and imagine the possibilites!!!

In a famous incident in 1854, President Franklin Pierce was pilloried for vetoing an extremely popular bill intended to help mentally ill. The act was championed by the renowned 19th century social reformer Dorothea Dix. In the face of heavy criticism, Pierce countered: "I cannot find any authority in the Constitution for the public charity." To approve such spending, argued Pierce, "would be contrary to the letter and the spirit of the Constitution and subversive to the whole theory upon which the Union of these States is founded."


2 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Dear Dave,

    It’s been a long time since we’ve conversed! Hope all is well for you, Cherie and family. I’m not entirely sure where you lit since you moved from Florida.

    I’m now totally serious about getting out from under any Microsoft system. While they have some nice features, the instability and security issues have gotten to be too much for me. I’m considering going with Linux now as it appears like there have been major strides in the number and types of programs available.

    I’d like to talk to you about such a change. Please email me when you have a moment if you’re willing to give this layman some direction. Thanks!!!

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