It Happened Quite Suddenly…

It Happened Quite Suddenly…

…Really, more suddenly than most people thought that it could. Even some of the doomsayers were caught by surprise. Who would have thought that America could go from super-power to third world status, in just two short months?

Some blamed the Chinese. Others blamed OPEC. Still others knew that it had been building for a long time and that all it would take is one or two major currency crisis’ to make things go from bad to terrible.

In late 2006, the US sent an economic A-team to China. Their stated purpose was to cut a deal with China on trade and currency issues. But the real purpose was to go with hat in hand to their creditor and ask for an extension on their credit line. Unfortunately, China had already made up its mind that there would be no further credit increases and in fact, the US needed to make good on its repayment promises, …namely Treasury Bonds. Of course, the A-team offered to buy the bonds back and even offered a premium to sweeten the deal. However, China demanded to be paid for the face value of the bonds in gold. The US Treasury no longer had any gold. Fort Knox had lain empty for many years, as the Treasury had sold off gold to keep the price down and make it look like monetary inflation wasn’t as bad as it really was. If the US began trying to buy gold to pay the Chinese off, the additional money they would have to create would flood the market making things worse and the demand on gold would make the price skyrocket, thus exposing the Dollar fraud.

China had the upper hand and they knew it. If they couldn’t get a private deal for gold from the US, they would have to make deals for machinery, oil, gold and other metals with other countries. They would have preferred that those be in private also, since once exposed, they would create a run on Dollars. But such things are hard to keep secret in the world market. Markets and currencies talk. They are the best forms of communication that ever existed, especially on matters of an economic nature.

Even though China had over a Trillion Dollars in their reserves, they also knew that they had a tiger by the tail. And even though the tiger probably couldn’t devour them, they new it could do some major damage if they let go without wearing it down a little. They needed to ditch their Dollar reserves, but they needed to do it in such a way that it didn’t promote a Dollar panic. Such a panic would cost them in the later stages of their divestment, and that needed to be avoided, if possible. At the same time, they realized that they needed to start the divestment as quickly as possible. If they waited until another nervous holder of Dollars started to dump them, they would be hurt even worse. They couldn’t take that chance. Better to be the one to start the panic than end up on the other end with worthless paper. They knew they couldn’t get their trillion dollars out the reserves, but they figured that if they were careful they might be able to retrieve 70 cents on the dollar.

After the A-team’s uninspiring trip, the President went to China to beg, in person. This only made the Chinese smile. They knew they would not be budged and it amused them, the antics that their American counterparts were willing to go. They viewed the circumstances as very big embarrassment, and it was. The US had lost face.

Soon after the president returned, trade sanctions were proposed and passed in Congress. 30% tariffs were to be levied on all Chinese imports. Apparently, the Congress hadn’t been paying much attention and didn’t realize that most of the products sold in American stores were made in China. The President made one last call to the Chinese in a last minute attempt to get some additional credit, but the Chinese refused to budge. So, the president signed the tariff bill into law.

The immediate effect was that prices in stores went up some 30-40%. That same week, China began quietly buying as much material and commodities as it could, using their Dollar reserves. At first, this was barely a blip on the radar. Oh, the dollar index began to fall, to be sure, but that had been forecast anyway. The treasury department had been going back and forth on a “strong Dollar” vs. “weak Dollar” policy for several years. No one really knew what they had in mind, but anyone who could add and subtract realized that wildly expanding money supply could only mean inflation and a weak Dollar, so no one got real excited that first week.

By the second week, politics were getting very interesting in the United States. People who were on fixed incomes, and especially people who were on Social Security and government pensions, were suddenly finding it hard to make ends meet. They had used up half on their monthly income in one week. They could read the writing’ on the wall and started calling their congressional representatives. At the same time, Congress was in the process of raising taxes to try to offset the loss of bond sales. This then hit those who worked. Suddenly, at the same time that things were getting more expensive in the stores, they had, on average, 20% less money to begin with. It was being taken through the additional taxes. They also called their congressional representatives.

So the legislators were getting calls from two very vocal groups, one telling them to raise benefits and the other telling them to cut taxes. With the loss of bond sales they knew they couldn’t do both, so they did what they had always done…they stalled.

It was about the third week that many more oil producers started requiring purchasers to use any currency other than Dollars. Venezuela had already done so, as had Iran and the UAE. As soon as they realized what China was up to, they also began to divest themselves of the Dollar. Soon the Dollar index was falling like a rock. The Euro and Yuan were gaining rapidly, as they were still easier to trade than gold and had a lot less debt attached to them. But because they were fiat currencies as well, many were also trading gold. This made gold “shoot for the moon”. It quickly reached its real value to the Dollar of $3000/oz and continued to climb. Silver, being the poor man’s gold also started climbing at an accelerated rate. It grew even faster than gold, for as the demand climbed it became apparent that there was a lot less silver in the world than was previous thought…. far less. Silver quickly attained $100/oz, then $200, and then $300 in a matter of days.

The result on the COMEX was complete collapse. Several major trading firms had been manipulating the price of gold and silver for years. Suddenly their short contracts had to be delivered in metals that were very expensive. It wiped out the market place and several large corporations with it. As the COMEX collapsed, the Stock market came under fire. Usually these markets traded off of one another. But with the collapse of the COMEX and the Bond markets, the Stock market started to look like a suckers bet. So, investors started to flee in droves.

All the while, the market programs on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN Financial, continued to tout it all as a correction that would quickly be over with little harm to anyone. The trouble was, no one was watching anymore. Most had ditched their cable and satellite when the bills became difficult to pay. As the prices went up in the stores, businesses had to give their employees a raise in order to keep them on. This led them to an increase in the price of the domestic products that they sold. So, prices all around were going up at an alarming rate. Crime exploded, especially in the cities. But people weren’t stealing TVs or cars; they were stealing food, gas, silver jewelry and flatware, gold (where they could find it) and currency. Banks were getting robbed two and three times a week as people became desperate to find currency with which to buy food and gas.

Police were over-worked, like everyone else, over-taxed and suddenly underpaid. At the same time, they were coming under fire for trying to enforce traffic laws, drug laws and gun laws. It never occurred to them that these laws were foolish to begin with, that they violated the very essence of the Constitution and freedom that was supposed to be the “Spirit of America”. But suddenly, if an officer tried to stop a speeder, he was likely to be fired on by an angry citizen who saw no useful purpose to his being pulled over for a regulatory infraction that harmed no one. People were packing firearms. Some concealed, but most not. After a few officers were killed trying to take arms away from the citizens, they decided to let that go too. Soon, they stopped responding to all regulatory functions and simply responded to actual crimes…you know…the ones that had actual victims.

It was along about the fifth week that power disruptions began to appear. Many of the power companies still employed union workers, and like everybody else in America, they were finding it hard to make ends meet. But they weren’t calling their congressional representatives, they were calling their union leaders and complaining about unfair wage practices and that the union leaders were failing in their representation responsibilities. Initially the unions went to the employers and tried to work out a deal. But, the companies were already in a bind as the price of everything was going up faster than they could get rate increases from the state regulatory boards. They were already operating in the red and the banks weren’t being very helpful.

So the unions began work slowdowns, and sabotage of the systems. The North American electric grid had been in dismal shape for years anyway, and the tampering and work slow downs quickly brought it to its knees. Rolling blackouts became the norm. Some areas never saw commercial power again. The power companies were taken over by the government, and the military was sent in to the major cities to restore the distribution system. In order to conserve power, distribution to residential areas was cut off. The people there were told to relocate to camps that were set up in all of the major cities to provide better efficiency in distribution of food and services and to conserve electrical power. About half of the population went to these camps only to find out that they were then stuck there. His or her vehicles were confiscated, but it really didn’t matter, no one could afford gas anymore. They were given work assignments under the guise of “helping America get back on her feet”. But most of these jobs consisted of maintaining the camps and assisting the military in working on the power grid and the telephone system. Some worked on water systems, others in shipping areas of the remaining businesses, which had also been taken over by the government or had to operate under heavy supervision. Pirating and stealing were rampant.

By the sixth week, most of the interstates were empty. The gas stations had long since run out of customers. They could still get fuel, but few could afford it. Gasoline was running around $35/gal. Before the crash, they had used gas prices to entice customers into their store. They rarely made more than 2-3% on the fuel sales; their real money was made in the food and drinks they sold. But they couldn’t get supplies anymore. Many of the distributors had gone out of business, unable to afford the rising costs of their workers and fuel. Some distributors had been taken over by the government, but these serviced the camps and elite who lived in the big cities. Highway robbery was common if one were to venture down a lonely highway without a military escort. Farmers would come in and trade crops and fresh meat for fuel. This kept the stores in business, but it was slow and they had to be wary of thieves coming in to steal their goods. Everybody took their safety seriously, so everyone in the rural areas carried firearms. They knew that they were the only ones who could be responsible for their safety. It really was that way all along, but they had let the government convince them that it could protect them from all crime. Some chuckled at that thought, but most just smacked their head at their past foolishness. The folks in the camps weren’t so lucky. They were disarmed upon entering the camps. So, they became victims of the various camp gangs that ran the underground economies.

By the seventh week, government offices were all closed. The Dollar had completely collapsed and wasn’t accepted for payment on anything. Dollar bills of all denominations blew down the semi-empty streets of the cities. Many government workers were thrown into the camps or out on the street. The government could only pay them in goods that it stole from businesses and farms that it had taken over. Some people revolted directly. This mainly happened in small towns and counties where leaders had refused to believe that their authoritarian reign was over. Judges and lawyers who had cheated citizens in court were commonly seen hanging from trees and lamp posts, their houses burned to the ground. A few sheriffs and deputies went that way too. Tax collectors had long been dispatched or had gone into hiding.

By the eighth week, the government ran the cities and the country folk ran themselves. There were too much ground and not enough soldiers to police the whole country. The government was able to use its forces more efficiently in the higher density areas of the cities, and for the most part that is where they stayed. Even though convoys were escorted by the military, they often came under fire and were pirated. Trade sometimes occurred between the country folk and the city folk, but it was illegal from the government’s position, even if a few of the city leaders and elite were some of the major players. So, the government turned a blind eye. It had no choice.

In two months, the United States had gone from being the biggest consumer market in the world, to a country that had nothing to trade and no currency with which to trade. Prices worldwide had exploded, as foreign central bankers divested themselves of Dollars and had to buy much more expensive currency to replace it. This required them to do what all central banks do…. print more money, which continued their own vicious cycle towards worthlessness.


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  1. So am I… Independence is more than growing up. It is the ability to sustain yourself while the rest of the world is in despair!

  2. Interesting reading, and quite possible too. I am a farmer/homesteader and for the last 20+ years have raised most of my food as well as my family,making just enough cash from odd jobs to pay the overlords taxes,recently got a phone and net(although I think we,ll go back to none soon. fun, but just not nessesary) and barter and salvaging the rest. My point is it can be done and I will be in a good spot if /when the collapse comes,BUT did you know that for folks “thinking” about self suffeitcy that the door is being closed? Look up and check into the USDA/corporate takeover of all agriculture,called the National animal ID System,will it stop me from living this way? No, but it just gets harder till they collapse,”Live Free”or die trying!

  3. God, it can’t happen fast enough. I especially liked the part where people began shooting cops for traffic tickets. Bravo! The more dead cops the better off the country. They don’t arrest the BIG criminals anyway, just the common people who haven’t done a god damn thing wrong. Small criminals get arrested, big criminals get ELECTED. And I would have lunch under the swinging bodies of dead judges hanging from lamp posts – Oh, I would think I was in NIRVANA. It’s a little SLICE OF HEAVEN I tell you.

    And people carrying guns? OH I’d leap for fucking joy! Especially when those guns are pointed at the REAL terrorists, POLITICIANS.

    Please SHOOT every single one you can find. Hunt them down like the animals they are. No quarter, no mercy. Now, do I like killing? Absolutely not, but I also detest being used as canon fodder for the global elite money lenders and their GOD DAMNED central bank of nothing but pure fucking FRAUD that has MURDERED BILLIONS over the last 100 years.


  4. The first dire warnings I got were from John Hammaker’s book in ’85. His recommendation was to spread rock dust from glacial till throughout the world. Early warning about ‘global warming,’ indeed! But the best part of his plan is that it would have assured that everyone was getting their trace minerals by now. Clearly, the AMA and the FDA have engaged in a ‘MAD’ proposition. (As in mutually assured destruction.) And there are very very few people, even here in the prime farm-belt, growing their own organic gardens with compatriot plants which had natrurally repelled bugs for centuries.

  5. Last year the wife and I sold a house we had in the Houston area and owned for 30 years. We moved to Mexico. Reason we moved: did not like the atmosphere. Couldn’t talk with most people who were friends – all brainwashed. I tried to explain to a former high executive of an oil company that the time would come when wages for the police would not suffice to cover their living expenses. Therefore, bribery would become rampant and police officers would likely become threatening. The guy would not listen, said I was totally mistaken.
    Well, the piece above does I think exaggerate the speed at which things will happen, but the general outline is CORRECT. That’s the way it will be, but rather slower, I think.
    With the anarchy and suffering, I think that Americans will regain sanity by cmoing down to earth. Suffering will also bring out the best in Americans – not just the worst.
    Think also of the fact that the crumbling dollar means less American military all around the world. Too expensive!
    Suffering is a purging experience. Good will come of it.

  6. all too possible it would seem. the thing is can ‘we the people’ do something about it before it’s too late? wake up sheeple, we CAN change the world for the better!

    shalom, salaam, peace 🙂


  8. With the political Charles Mansons and Ted Bundy’s calling the shots from inside the WhiteHouse and having soldiers who can’t even count to 10 , now running around and killing and raping people all over the world. America falling from grace could not happen fast enough for me.
    Your Freedom is a fraud. Period, end of story. Your all frauds. From your image of happy people kissing the American freedom flag that represents justice , to mom and dad and apple pie. Your prisons are full, your children are killing teachers, your child molesting politicians are getting pay raises and laughing at you because you’re all so dumb. From your torture prisons to your neo-con zionist masters, who control America and will probably allow another terror attack that will make 911 look like a scratch, if these are you’re friends, your doomed. So piss on your flag, piss on your criminals in congress and piss on you for doing nothing about it.

    Your so wasted that if Paris Hilton ever ran for President
    she’s win by a landslide.

    You’re now officially, a shit hole , corrupted 3rd world criminal driven country.

  9. Very well written, however it play the Government off as being frozen in the (I agree, underway / upcoming) crisis. Here’s what I think would happen (and there is historical precedent)

    The US would declare China to be hostile to American interests, and freeze ALL their assets. Including that $1 Trillion of US Government Securities.

    There you go. Problem solved. Debt neutralised.

    I’m long gold & silver, only invest in cash flow generating, short term debt securities and am slowly liquidating all exposure to the US stock market.

    Bad times are coming.

  10. America is the home of super rich institutions that rely on this nations social and economic fabric to maintain their wealth. America a third world nation in two months? I’ve live and worked in many and we’re not even close. Nothing short of an all out civil war (and a lasting one at that) could give rise to what your’re claiming.

  11. Instead of moving forward into a new and very challenged century w/esteemable hope, we are being dragged down into a dark, draconian hole w/out a flashlight.

  12. Joey Ford, I don’t know where you come from but I have noticed that all of the English speaking countries of the world are falling as fast as or faster than we here in the US. You sound like a bitter, jealous son of a bitch to me so how about, ‘PISS ON YOU’!?
    I have grown tired of you foreign shits waiting for us to lead you out of your own downfall. We didn’t sogn on to be your savior asshole.

  13. It’s not that Joey is not right, he just hasn’t earned the right to criticize us until he takes a look at his own and enters his own fight before condemning us.

  14. Thanks, nice article. I think it explains the situation we are in, and have been in, quite well. I would like to add a couple of points I didn’t see mentioned, and flesh out some that I did:

    1. We know history is full of examples of empire collapse. We can look back and clearly see why. This one is harder to call because we’re inside it. We all see our leaders working against the longterm interests of we the people for their own short term gain. We know our situation of massive debt, massive military stretch, and massive environmental impact can’t be sustained. It has to collapse.

    It could collapse fast, just as you describe, or it could crash achingly slow, and we see much long term evidence that all the above is now happening, and has been happening, but in slow motion. The society we have now sure isn’t the same one we had in the 50’s, or the 30’s. It is far more crass, far more corrupt, desperate and inhumane, even though some try to say we’ve “progressed”.

    But if we face a collapse as you describe, we still have a say in how it will fall, and our intentions decide whether it’s horribly bad, or a big step forward in our evolution as humans.

    I mean our real intentions, not the ones we pay lip service toward. Nor do I mean our shadow intentions that we see writ across intense suffering in the world. Americans in general live in extreme delusion. We talk of freedom and honor while we do dishonorable actions installing police states we try to call democracy. We’ve even allowed own own land to morph into this. We tell ourselves we can have endless GDP growth on a finite planet. We tell ourselves we can hog a majority of the worlds resources, seizing them by military force and yet somehow be loved by the people we trample. We violate every natural law pretending we’ll be untouched by any of the consequences.

    Until we break these intense delusions, we can never really grow and move forward. I’d suggest Tom Wessels and Derrick Jensen would be great authors to start with in breaking our delusions and planning better ways forward.

    2. Yes, change could come suddenly as you describe. Each one of us faces our own death, alone, yet the rest of the world continues, and I think with the proper intentions, serious planning, and hard work, we could face society’s “death” in dignity, grace, and in the long run, a far more sustainable future. It may be tough if the economy collapses fast. Many are totally unprepared. But buying land, gold and guns isn’t enough. Without the proper intentions it would be just an extension of the delusion and be doomed to fail as well.

    The practical way I’ve found in my own life, presents a far better lifestyle, regardless if a collapse comes or not. If one simplifies everything. Quiets the mind, stops the rabid consumption, slows to a stop their energy misuse, grows as much food of their own as they can, gets as close to woods, soil and reality as possible, gets off the power grid as far as possible, expands their mind more than their bank account of useless money, loves and nurtures their own families more than the brainwashing TV and celebrities, this can all lead to a far happier life, not just for you and your loved ones, but also the world in general.

    It could possibly create a softer collapse. Refuse to play the large economies games. It’s not going to be sustainable. It’s not going to work for you and even if you think you’re rich, it’s not going to be possible longterm. But the above I describe leads to a much happier life regardless whether a collapse comes or not. With the proper presence, attitude and fortitude, one may not even notice a collapse when it happens. Suddenly the bad folks will just have left, and you just have another seasons garden to sow. That would be the world your children have a future in, not our present one. Good luck.

  15. As one who recently left the US State department, seeing the depravity of those who lead it, your future synopsis is right on… We will see this scenario pan out sooner than later – seek God and you’ll find Him…

  16. Hi Charles and all,

    The story is meant to make people think. AS Charles stated history is full of examples of the collapse of empires, usually for economic reasons. While a little bit of the story consists of possible projections, much of it came from the history of other fiat collapses.

    No fiat currency has ever avoided collapse. The US Dollar has beat the odds and run longer than the average lifespan for fiat. Yet, even the cheerleading economists on TV are telling you that it is going to continue to drop and, in fact, it must drop in value.

    There are lots of examples in these comments of preparations made by those who see what is going on. Everyone should prepare accordingly.


    I don’t own any gold and am not an investor. I watch the markets for telling symtoms of the collapse that has always followed such fiat manipulations. That is all the market is good for right now.


  17. Americans do not even know what a 3rd world looks like. They might see a glimpse on TV, but they have no concept of true poverty. Having one garment, a few mouthfuls of food maybe once a day, living 10 to a tent amongst hundreds of thousands, carrying water shared by those thousands from one pipe, your children covered in sores and crying constantly from the pain of hunger and you so thin and weak you cannot even stand up. Americans are FAR from this kind of reality. They live in their own reality. They cannot even imagine any other kind of reality. They will never stand up against their masters, especially when they have so much to lose (their two cars, their homes, their constant purchases at Walmart and their 3 or 4 full meals a day at the endless Macdonalds on every block). They have no idea. They will always continue to follow their leaders because they believe that this is true patriotic behaviour. They will continue to pay for and support the police state and their tazers and they will continue to support their lunatic troops who can barely read or write yet carry guns and go on “live video game” raids upon innocent civilians. They are loving it over there. They know it and the American tax payers who fund the carnage are enjoying the big circus.

  18. Our saviour!? We had to kick your ass out of my country 6times in the last 250 years. I’m a Canadian. And your own history proves your government and it’s corporate-military complexe is no friend of Canada and anybody else who doesn’t bow to your sacred governments demands. Your fascist system is the greatest threat to this planet then every AL-Ciaduh, patsy ,black-ops, mossad outfit combined. Yes, Muslim nations can be deadly, even my own country is headed in a direction I find worrisome and perplexing. But we don’t push around and frighten weaker nations or kill their people then like a fucking low life child killing butcher, blame the victim while we steal from them. What kinda fucking maggot sucking asshole goes around and does that?!! The two greatest assholes in the world to have the longest history of attacking Iraq? Britain and America. Limey Land is already under total control of Big Brother, but most of the people living there couldn’t give a shit because their beer god keeps them busy kicking the shit out of each other during soccer games.

    911 (building 7) your airforce on stand-down , all the hints from the fake commission to the gift of “another Pearl Harbor”, all those obvious in your face lies and Bush is still laughing at you. You people are about to get drafted into one big fucking mass of death and your still letting them get away with it all. Why is that? Simple, your passive. So don’t you be fucking pointing your finger at the Iraqi people, mother fucker!! Your just another stupid crazy fucking poor little innocent German under Neo-Nazi control that today’s modern world is gonnna half to deal with in the near future. Saudi royals provided the patsy performers for 911 which is why you didn’t invade Saudi Arabi. Your proxy nazi’s won’t go near or even mention North Korea because they have nothing of interest to you, yet Korea’s nuke setup is now a greater threat to your military system then any Middle-Eastern nation. Your going to kill hundreds of thousands, even millions om Muslim civillians just so you can have cheap fuel.

    IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY before they send your ass to die just so their daughters can keep on drinking themselves stupid, like Pappy used to and probably still does.

  19. That’s funny joey, you’re canadian. Well soon when the North American Union rises out of the demise of the US fall, we’ll be fellow citizens.

  20. It’s not too late, Ron Paul in 2008.

    If there is any chance at all to save this once great Republic, it rests with Ron Paul and those who will cast off their bought-and-sold status and join him in restoring Constitutional government to America.

    Tired of holding your nose to go and vote for your own destruction?? Don’t want a police state for your children and grandchildren?? Tired of an oil-agarchy and plutocracy?? How do you feel about your sons and daughters marching off to fight wars the politicians have lied us into???

    Democrats are not going to impeah Bush or otherwise save out freedom or even get us out of Iraq or keep the neocon cabal from bombing Iran and Syria and who knows how many more countries in the Middle East and elsewhere (Somalia).

    Ron Paul is our last and best chance to keep this country from going to hell in a handbasket, if it hasn’t already happened before the 2008 elections.

    Stand up and be counted. It’s now or never, folks.

  21. There was an alledged time travelor named John Titor who arrived here in 2001 and left shortly thereafter. He predicted several things before he went backto his own year. He said that there would be a civil war erupt between the blue and red states and that something would happen to the economy so that we would be eating food grown nearby,etc.No more imports. He said “Spanish would become popular” and half of Florida would be under water! So apparently, we will be developing some spine to get rid of our official ‘swine’ in Washington! This can’t go on!

  22. Joey: as a felo Canadian peeze lern to spel. you r and imbarassment. SOme points r wel maid. fluoride in wahter makes peeple passive. Fluoride is chemically similar to Prozac. ever wonder why Americah is about the only cuntry to put a known rat poison in it’s water? Think about it.

  23. Very probable scenario, but me also thinks that our ‘friends’ in other parts of the planet earth just might come over to a weakened America to extract something.
    A big population reduction would be part of the plan in view of resource scarcity.

  24. “peeze”, what the fuck is that?
    Holy shit, Lisa Simpsom’s got nothing on you bitch!
    A walking, talking dictionary are you?
    Well, you pull out your Web-Deluxe Edition at a party and it wouldn’t be long till somebody be slap’n you across the fuck’n forehead with it!

  25. Study Germany’s economic collapse in the 20’s.. there’s a lot of inertia in the system. The unknown is the govt response.. and how long its agents will remain loyal.

    Contact Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!

  26. “Strange how we allowed a few…to destroy so much”
    Comment by wayne | January 13, 2007

    Strange how we allowed the Jew to destroy so much, more like.

  27. “Strange how we allowed a few…to destroy so much”
    Comment by wayne | January 13, 2007

    Strange how we allowed the Jew to destroy so much, more like.

  28. I wont defend what this country is doing around the world. I wouldnt dare. I’ve followed all the events that have transpired since 2001 and I understand the anti-American sentiment. Although its rather mis-guided. All of you that have something to say… What do u do in your day? Do you look upon world events and then have to put it out of mind for a time to go to work and feed the kids and pay the bills. I would love to have the time to rant and march and just make someone listen to me about the things i’ve seen and the trouble i see coming for our sleeping populace here in the states and the unbelievable atrocities ALL OVER THE WORLD, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that when the neo-cons started all this trouble without asking me what I thought, they didnt give me a holiday from the things the state says i must do by law to keep my kids and a roof over their heads while waiting for the bottom to fall out. I cant imagine that too many of you are living in a refugee camp or fighting soldiers busting down your doors since you seem to have the time to get online. As I said no one asked me what i thought of this war on “terra” and as Canada and other countries joined the “Coalition of the Willing”, how many of you were consulted by your perspective governments? Its a tragedy on a worldwide scale as we have all been duped. There are hidden agendas and we are all screwed. There was a documentary series on PBS years ago that really opened my eyes. It was called “The People’s Century” (not to be confused with Century by peter jennings). It showed the tragedies of WW1 and WW2 on everyday citizens of each country that was involved. Whether their country was the aggressor or the transgressed, the results were the same and i learned that tragedy, devastation and great loss is a universal language. So while you point your fingers this way (and rightly so) and shout “death to America”, know that it is coming and we’re all, including you whomever and wherever you may be, going down with it.

  29. And if I was an America, I’d be more worried about them Mexicans during the next big crash that’s due to come down right after Iran and Iraq eats you up and spits you out. Then, or just before the next worldwide cataclysmic event, which is one of the reasons America is trying to get a grip on all the main oil producing nations, “The devil” who “ in the details” will be cutting up the Christians like Ted Bundy on a fem bender.

    The Fix will be timed so that when enough well trained mercenary Mexicans are running around “the land of the free”, they’ll be given I.D. badges and heavy ammo and will begin rounding up every American citizen by name and number that has a even the slightest hint of being possible civil disobedients that are now on government files in every corner of the globe. Mexican lawyers have proof you’re on their land that your ancestors stole from them. And like it or not, they will lay claim to what is rightfully theirs.

    You can’t even bust the drug mules coming into the States anymore.
    They are beyond untouchable. [another subtle hint gone out the window]

    “Fellow Citizens.” Sure, written on paper, but not in most Canucks hearts. But by time America finishes nuking it out with Russia and China and after all that fallout gets dumped on top of us because my beloved country will be caught in the middle, there won’t be much of a Canada worth living in anyway. Of course, the so called FreeTrade pact will give America first pick on Canada’s resources, so our lumber and fresh water will belong to the good’ol US of A-holes.

    It’ll be THX-1138 and Arnold’s Terminator combined. [hint: putting Arnie in there was another sick joke of the elite]
    But we’re talking people who put child molesters in charge of writing laws to protect children and hire male “..prostitutes of rich men” , to pose as journalists in the White House.

    But according to Native Indians, it’s a time in the entire history of humanity that those living during the day’s of the “Great Purification” ,we should be proud to be witness to. I myself, feel sorry for all the children who are totally innocent to the whole thing.

    But the world is going down the hole when what would once be considered whores, like Paris Hilton, are now role models.

    And God don’t play second fiddle to no slut.

  30. Sheryl,
    You didn’t steal my thunder. I couldn’t have thundered so well.

    Joey, get over your anger and get used to the fact that Canadians are as culpable in the coalition of the destroyers as anyone else. you’re starting to sound like a spoiled, ignorant brat.

  31. LETS TALK REALITY. WE ARE AT WAR NOW, NOW!!! “The North American Union”, Canada, USA and Mexico are being combined by the globalists now as one borderless gulag (prison) by 2010, That has long been the goal of the elite and they are dumping billions into quitely laying down the groundwork. The death of the dollar and the new “AMERO DOLLAR,” is currently being openly discussed by the corporate controlled media. We will be told that we must unify to compete with China and India. It will be a slower decline into a “Tech-no Fuedal Fascism”, than what is presented here. However, if we go to war with Iran it will grow to include the entire middle east and that will create rapid chaos and massive unrest globally, in a heartbeat. Fuel prices will skyrocket overnight and our already worthless economy will stagnate then collapse. It won’t require much to put most Americans out on the streets in a few weeks.

    For those of you brainless sheep who still think “it will never happen here in America”,you are blind and ignorant fools and you will pay dearly for your supidity and may your childern spit on your grave . Just go to our southern border for awhile-that is our future, people! That is our new society and reality. Tens of millions of illegals swarming north like locusts! It is destroying my state of Colorado as I type this.

    They don’t have to destroy the USA or Canada to build a total police-state nightmare…just Mexico and drive them north. Job done. Backed-up by many thousands of Mexican troops in addition to countless Chinese military from Panama. (To protect their investments, of course)

    Now Bush and his nazi cabal of treasonous whores want to give social security benefits to illegals! Oh, yeah. Fence, what fence? That was just another lie from this criminally demonic government. They have no intention of keeping the illegals out. We can debate all day. The point is…WE ARE AT WAR NOW.

    Beware, criminal government (both parties). You have a bulls eye on your back and we patriots out-number you lying bastards, millions-to-one. You globalist bootlicking traitors will get some of us but, we freedom loving patriots will get all of you. We will gladly die protecting our homes, nation and loved ones from tyranny.

    You will die protecting your illusion of power, greed and lies. Who do you think will win in the end? Your “New World Order”, is doomed because, it is built by “Illusionists” and cowards. In a few years, many of you global elite will be hanging from trees. We will get you on your golf courses, coming out of your fancy restaurants and in your driveways. You want war? We will give you war.

    To all the corrupt judges, lawyers and politcal creatures…Be afraid, be very afraid. Somewhere, sometime you will be held accountable for your treasonous crimes against our once great nation. Those patriots left standing will have long memories.

    To the corrupt traitors in law enforcement: Ask yourself these questions; Do you want to have your childern and grandchildern, grow-up in a totalitarian nazi death cult society?

    Do you really think that you are “connected” to the global elite enough to be protected?

    Do you think that “I was just doing my job”, will save you when you are brought before a jury of patriots?

    Will you be willing to start killing your own countrymen if ordered by your controllers just, to keep your job?

    What do you think will happen to you if you do start killing unarmed anti-war protestors or patriots speaking-out to save our nation?

    What will you do when you are finally confronted by patriots for your actions?

    Study history. Read what happened to the French traitors that gave support to “their” nazi overlords during WWII.

    Finally, are you willing to pay this price for selling-out your loved ones, your nation and your own soul?

    If the answer is “No” join us and wake-up those around you.

    Make no mistake, this evil element that has control of our nation and destroying our world will pay.

  32. Sniff.
    OK, you got me. But I’m no fool.
    I may play the part.
    Little lewd words and angry hewing might quickly burn up the frontal-lobe for some. Makes for sharper observations for others. I know American’s aren’t stupid enough to let go of their freedoms, but cult leaders have written books dating back to the 1960’s, that seemed to bramble on about America being seduced using “Passive Persuasive” mind control programs that are now in fact shaping the world as we see it.

    I’ve been to countries that would even sell sex to minors using glitter toothpaste commercials and chicks sqeezing the tubes with their thighs. Places like Germany and Holland are havens for people with loose or no moral values at all. Even the morals of my own country are now in question, but America, the land that I still carry some of the most fondest memories of my entire life while vacationing there in my kid and teen years , the land that I held in the most highest regard no longer inspires hope. The answer to who is to blame for that is within myself. Taken down like The Old Man of The Mountain in New Hampshire.

    A penPal who lived in Florida that I kept in touch with for over 5 years, she once described how “nature is a cruel universe to some or perhaps some kind of cruel joke to others”? It was the last letter I recieved from Kelly, she was killed by a drunk driver.

  33. Dave, I’m proud to know ya. For some reason I’ve been thinking I was the only one preparing. If I hadn’t stepped in here this short moment I would have been one lonely old patriot. I didn’t realize good, hardcore patriots really existed. I’ve been spending too much time reading the wrong sites.
    Apparently the NWO actually thinks that we cannot see.
    Worse, they think we are psychologically defeated already and that we won’t fight.
    As far as the currency issues are concerned all we already have is useless paper. When the rest of the sheeple realize that for real then its all over.
    Joey hates Americans so badly that he is only afraid that we will steal his precious lumber and water. Whatta fucking rube. When the NAU is completed he and we will be the same. He needs to take another look at America without all of the hate. We can match Canadas resources. We don’t need theirs. Point is he is blaming us and his leaders are just as in cahoots.
    Rather than hating us for some unknown ‘Socialist Joey’ reason he better be preparing and spending more time looking at the shenanigans of Canada.

  34. Dear “Oldranger” I was born and raised in the high mountains of Colorado, USA. I can tell you mate that you aren’t alone as a patriot. We old cowboys hate big government and lying political snakes. Regardless, of country we who love freedom must stand togather. By the way, GOD BLESS MEL GIBSON!

  35. Hello Dave-Excellent commentary above, yes I agree with it EXCEPT where you go off on the Nazis so much. See here now, the Zionist Jews/Communist Jews are the ones(with their shabbos goyim) who got us into this mess. I ask you, as a fellow American PATRIOT, to investigate further into what the founding fathers had to say concerning Jews aka “The Chosen”. Anyhow, despite this little detail, when the SHTF I plan on racking up a body count equal to or greater than yours, yes I AM PISSED! Anyhow, good website here, I already bookmarked it. I like people who aren’t afraid to say what they think! Said my piece, thanks…

  36. Hi American Nazi, yes I’m fully ware of the Zionist/Jesuit/Vatican connection. Bush’s Skull and Bones is the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati/Thule/Vril combine that’s one reason why I focus on the word “Nazi”. Also there’s the House of Orange/Stewart bloodline that goes deep into the pan-germanic dynastic families of the “Black Nobility”.

    I’m also writing a book about the “Nephilim” and the Khazar bloodline in connection with the “Mark Of Cain”. I over simplify in posts for those just becoming aware.

  37. I think this is really interesting.

    Things could get real bad and this could happen quickly, too.

    I once worked as stock crew in a grocery store, and we were moving about 4 semi trailers of groceries through the store per week. This was just stuff from our distributors warehouse. It did not include fresh bread, dairy, meat, produce, frozen foods, non-foods (soap, catfood, etc.), or those items stocked directly by the vendors.

    This store was one of four supermarkets in one square mile area (Milpitas, CA). So if you think about how much goods were moved into that square mile by the four super markets, all of the 7-11’s and convenience/liquor stores, drug stores, restaurants, etc., that is quite a huge amount of stuff. This was before walmart was a household name.

    If any thing ever disrupts that flow, imagine the results.

    Food riots, water riots. What else?

    It will be a bit scary when Harry the Accountant finds he has no skills suitable to surviving in a third world economy, let alone a scenario such as this.

    Heck, even a doctor will be at a loss to work without his drugs and fancy equipment. If you’re sick, the only one to help you might be a nurse or EMT.

    On the other hand, the knowledge of entrepreneurship is out there, and you will be amazed at how quickly people will have steam-driven trucks, or alcohol driven scooters. I think that if this did happen this quickly, we’d see a collapsed Gov’t, and a return to a viable free market locally based community within a surprisingly short period of time.

    Definitely want to stay away from the cities, though.

  38. Many of the comments on this piece of fiction are very sad. I often worry that the spark of enlightenment, which the founding fathers (many freemasons) implanted into a political system is being killed by unnatural aristocrats(see Thomas Jefferson letters for understanding on this)

    I look around my neighborhood and observe the bankruptcies, failed marriages, foreclosures, I see much of the above beginning to solidify. Very sad. All these people work hard yet have nothing to show for it. Jobs that allow you to survive in this country have disappeared to go overseas never to return. The Yale boys that run this country are running it into the ground. Their inbred stupidly is this countries undoing.

  39. For those of you not fully familiar with who or what is the “New World Order”. This is a very brief overview:

    There’s a strong belief among historians and the occult that there’s two very opposing bloodlines on our planet. BLOODINE #1 Adam (Man or Men) and Eve(Woman or Women)= Seth or Son of Seth.
    BLOODLINE #2 Eve and Satan and or Lucifer = Cain or Sons of Cain.

    In the many years of research into this subject I, have come to believe that it goes far deeper than we may ever truly discover. Without going into hours of detailed information, suffice to say: These two bloodlines are going to fight soon and we are choosing sides for a global battle that has been raging since the dawn of time.

    The NWO, is a convoluted globalist agenda that is “Collectivist” in nature to it’s core. The “Hive” or “Group think” paradigm.

    Sacrifice the rights of the one, for the good of the many, = “Collectivism”.

    Patriots or “Republicism” = “Indivilualism”. The rights of the individual is more important than the rights of the group. Because, only indiviluals have rights not, collective groups. The reasoning is that, there aren’t any groups, just individuals.

    “Forest” is an abstact word for “Trees”. A forest doesn’t exist however, trees do.

    A group also doesn’t exist but, the indivilual does.

    “Elite Collectivism” or NWO = We have the power and the guns and we know what’s best for you = Democracy or majority/power structure rules.

    Power + Action through deeds, not through faith = Logic and reason based humanism/Fabinism/Utopianism/Relativism = NWO.
    One world,one paradigm,one government,one religion,one corporation = globalism

    Hope that helps. Again, just an overview.

  40. The chaos effect of fiat money,corrupt politicians bought out by the corporations and military adventurism to secure the avenus of oil[pipelines] with production facilities is now. The time clock always runs slower than you think. The chaos process is much more complex and not uniform in its affect. The gangs of the rural areas will be real. The meth-heads in the rural areas will find solace in the smell of earth as they breath there last with wheezing lungs perforated by 2nd amendment punctuations. Believe me the rural myth of being outside the affect of chaos is not real.
    I live in a rural area on five acres and there are people here to fear. In rural areas some places will be controled by religious folks that just might want to organize and create their own kind of heaven. To include confiscation of weapons and everybody getting together in community and grow some corn or such. And give away what you have to those unfortunates “over there”….? The least prepared for what is described are the state level emergency planning agencies. They first and foremost believe in COG.. Continuance Of Government.
    This in the first thing they will do. Attempt to establish the power structure they know so well. So much for those who are looking for revenge to hand’em high to the lamppost. In a chaos collapse in 5 days you will be spending all your time looking for heat, water to drink and food to eat. In 10 days you will trade anything you have for food and clean water or you will steal it from someone else. If you have not prepared to be somewhat self sufficent you will become part of the chaos.
    I have lived in West Africa in the Peace Corps. Lived in South America in Ecuador and in Egypt. I have seen the people who live without..and I know what it takes to survive when you do not have electricity, running water and a grocery store and a vehicle to drive. Under chaos you are soon spending your whole energy each day just staying alive.
    Most of the posts I have seen here are part day dream and part wet dream. The reality of it is that we all are just one shower away from being unclean and one meal away from being hungry. You can never schedule an emergency. Being paranoid is not bad if what you believe is in effect true in the end …and its manifestations could be lethal to you and your family. When lethal force is focused on you unleash the Mozambique drill…two in the chest and one in the head.. in the game of life there are no second place winners in potentially lethal confrontations.
    When someone shows up after months and months of chaos and says “Richard Starkey is president and they have moved the center of government to the football stadium in Minneapolis”, you tell them that you saw that movie. Tie their hands to the steering wheel and began to cut off the fingers one by one to get the real answers just like Denzel Washington did to find the little girl…
    Get tough or die……and get real about just what the future could be like…
    Think Katrina in a blizzard during a two week artic cold event…..

  41. Dave-Yes once again you present me with something I understand on a very, very deep level. Bloodlines.
    Do you publish your findings anywhere? I am learning as much as I can as fast as I can, and this thread has been most informative!
    Thanks also to the other posters, JW Cullen, Old ranger, Paul etc…good to know there are more of us than I thought.
    See you on the battlefield USA, one flaming Kosovo from shore to shore!

  42. American Nazi, I will be developing a webcast and screenplays soon. I’ve spent many years in film and TV production/promotion in Hollywood and New York City. There’s a large and growing market now to support bigger budget films on the Illuminati and my screenplay on “The Nephilim” and mark of Cain.
    I’ve been preparing for years knowing that there would be a mass awakening soon. The Sheeple will want answers and it’s up to each of us to help guide them out of fear into spiritual empowerment. 2007 will be the fulcrum year that tips us into global maddness. Yet, we will see amazing changes spiritually as well.
    These will be the most ominous times in human history leading to a paradigm shift by 2012-2020. I’ve spent alot of my life as an explorer in the Amazon, Venezuela, Alaska and other remote areas of the planet learning from native Shaman and their visions of our future.
    All of the medicine men from Lakota,Hopi and Pema of the Amazon see the same vision. A great cleansing of the planet is coming and it will be by fire. A tidal wave of fire will move from west to east across the upper half of the globe. But, there will be “Protected Pockets” that will be islands in the firestorm.

    Remember, this is a spiritual battle and our 3rd dimensional reality is an illusion. Light and frequencey.
    It’s all a game to learn by and the entire thing is a set-up. You must have polarity or Ying and Yang to grow by spiritually.

  43. I forgot to add this. An Apache medicine man said this after having a vision quest;

    We was shown in a vision, that only those who turn totally away from materialism and 3rd dimensional illusory structure will survive what is coming. Faith in our creator and in the spiritual world will protect and guide us. We are spiritual beings and what is coming is all about spiritual faith. Not about trying to survive.

    Give-up the world and its grand illusion and you will recieve the world.

    Everyone, if you are in a large city, I strongly suggest that you leave within a year. By 2010, few will be left that can’t see what is coming. However, more importantly go inside your heart and soul for direction. Be silent and still yourself then, ask for answers.

    Remember, this is just a test. Love over fear, sharing over holding on, spirit over material.

  44. YES. and in the midst of this chaos, a new order is forged, and a strong leader rises to power. and in that day all the scum who enabled this collapsed, who collaborated with our enemies to make it possible, from the ny times to the aclu will be called to account for their crimes. in that day none shall be safe from my wroth.

  45. hiya everyone, greetings from the uk….

    very interested to read all your comments, it was an interesting and entirely plausible piece of writing, yes it could all happen that quick.. there again, maybe over a longer period.. my guess is, something along these lines is due at some point. (2012???)
    The sheeple here in England are no better than in the US, it`s sadly true, most of them just want to get home have a beer or two and watch the football/soaps, and stagger into work in the morning to pay for the next round.
    Then there`s the religious ones who feel they`re above all that, some genuinely good people of course, but all the time we have covertly become the most surveilled, controlled, manipulated society there has ever been.
    every day there are new laws being passed, more restrictions on our freedoms, and yet most people are not even aware of it, thank god for the alex jones and jeff rense`s etc of this world, unfortunately, most people are not interested in learning and finding out what is really going on, and I`m afraid most of them won`t realise until its too late…
    Me, I`ve got a few acres of woodland with good springwater, excellent soil, and building a treehouse.. oh, and me and my boys are learning to shoot, always useful!
    Best wishes from hamshire, uk… good luck to you all!

  46. YES. and in the midst of this chaos, a new order is forged, and a strong leader rises to power. and in that day all the scum who enabled this collapse, those who collaborated with our enemies to make it possible, all of them from the hollywood trash to the ny times to the aclu will be called to account for their crimes. in that day none shall be safe from my wroth.

  47. YES. and in the midst of this chaos, a new order is forged, and a strong leader rises to power. and in that day all the scum who enabled this collapse, those who collaborated with our enemies to make it possible, all of them from the hollywood trash to the ny times to the aclu will be called to account for their crimes. in that day none shall be safe from my wroth. all hail dominus, lord of the earth!

  48. YES.and in the midst of this chaos, a new order is forged, and a strong leader rises to power. and in that day all the scum who enabled this collapse, those who collaborated with our enemies to make it possible, all of them from the hollywood trash to the ny times to the aclu will be called to account for their crimes. in that day none shall be safe from my wroth. all hail hadrian augustus draconious dominus lord of the earth!

  49. I too Dave, find ancient sites are way over looked by most people, and have provided enough clues so we don’t have to repeat the past in the future. Titicaca [Stone of the Jaguar], the ancient rocks of Peru, some with etchings of people riding dinosaurs. The great walls of Tiahuanaco, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, the Andean walls and Cuzco, free thinkers point out how most, if not all of these walls seem to have been formed from a molten state then poured into place. Their own conclusions are from close examinations of the walls, how earthquakes over the years have dislodged some of the larger and rounder stones, that show thin ridges and outline the rocks. These raised lines would mke it seem as if they were indeed molded into place. Some of the bigger and more squared walls, architect’s will describe as having a weight beyond what any modern equipment in our own time could possibly move.

    I have tapes, “In Search Of”, that provide hard evidence of ancient sites that all inhabitants from different tribes had been collective snake worshippers and regarded the sun as a god force. The sun was their source of energy that brought a once great land to it’s demise.

    The one tape shows ancient sites in Bolivia , and I was amazed to see long, very thin zig-zag lines that run 2 to 3 feet deep in solid rock beds and in places where rocks were sliced out of the side of mountain cliffs , look as if a knife was cutting through butter. The gate of the sun and moon, all these places seemed to be constructed around the same time and are high above sea level, because according to people like Edgar Cayce, they were forced to leave home during the great floods. Many were slaves. I guess the Mayan called December of 2012 the end times or the new beginning? But for whom?

    I myself have had visions since I was a kid. Just thinking about it makes my ear ring. My own near death experiences prove that no matter how angry we are or lewd and juvenile, God loves us and can help and heal us if we ask. With all humility, because the ego will only Edge God Out.
    If one has heard of questionable figures, [like David Icke], who often speaks of shapeshifters? They exist.
    UFO’s too, [Quantum Disrupters], but they are mostly a diversion and punch in and out between the lines to take a peak at man’s progress. And the poles are shifting, slowly this time, which is why summer and winter are all mixed up.

  50. Each one of us who is awake must count for 1000 blind and cowardly sheep. Don’t wait for a leader, become a leader. To all of my brave brothers and sisters around the globe that hate evil and tranny. God be with you all. I wish I could meet everyone of you!

    It’s all going to start coming down this year. Expect the US Dollar to die in November. Bush and the zionist pig demons are bound to start a war with Iran sooner than later. Death to the New World Order and its satanic whores. We in America have become the new 4th Reich Nazi swine.

    To you mindless ignorant cowards who are too afraid to face this horrible fact and fight this treasonous government-may you forever lick the back of your master’s hand and as countrymen we patriots will know you not.


  51. I live in the United States >>> of America.

    The United States >>> IS NOT AMERICA.

    Canada is of America >>> but is not America.

    Until the United States “OF AMERICA” takes over the entire
    continents of NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, you clowns have no exclusive right to call yourself “America” or “Americans”
    any more than Mexicans, Canadians, or the multiple other countries in NORTH AMERICA and SOUTH AMERICA.




  52. Dear Joey Ford, you are dead on my friend. David Icke is totally correct about the Reptilians. The Nephilim, The Rephaim and all of the “Sons Of God,” are always symbolized by the serpent or a lion with wings and the head of an eagle with scales of a snake. Pick any ancient culture and follow it far enough back and they all worshipped some super advanced race of beings that were reptilian.

    Are these beings what we call Satan/Lucifer, “The Fallen Angels” or Nephilim really a highly advanced alien race? I think so.

    I’m writing a book about my expeditions into the deepest jungles of the Amazon and the high plateaus of southern Venezuela. The things I’ve seen are beyond belief.

    There are ruins of a very advanced race hidden deep in the jungle of Southern Venezuela and the culture was Nordic. How much of this information may be hidden in the Vatican or controlled by the Illuminati?

    People have no clue what’s really going on now on this planet and solar sytem. I won’t say much at this point but, watch Venezuela very closely because, it will soon become the main enemy of the Illuminat but, for reasons the public will never learn about. I will be exposing it all in my book.

  53. Chavez really is a special person. Although I sometimes come across information about him that would seem to fit him as runner for the title of Anti-Christ, he passes the tests. Chavez always comes through for the people when most leaders are bilderberger approved role players for the NWO. If the very elite are fooled, Chavez may well be the kiss of death for the illuminati.

    But there are those who fit the Paradox Prostitute mold and are now working harder than ever, making it so obvious that most of us can easily recognize them. Former, CIA, KGB, and recently some M15 agent who claims to want to get the truth out and does so by touching on every latest conspiracy theory and then tries to bring them all down as a house of cards with a big finish. Like, ..”the towers were hit by electro-harmonic light projections”? I tried finding a Tesla patent on that one, no luck.

    I just wish people like Mr.Chavez, would point to the real culprit behind the whole reason for war. Dick Cheney. He has been the guy pulling the strings under his masters the Dwight D Eisenhower warned everbody to kep an EYE on. From the early stages of privatizing the US military under Halliburton to what we now see happening in the Middle-East today, Dick is their man. Bush has a part as well, but he’s mainly a role player , the diversion for his neo-con overlords. “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME, THE CLASS CLOWN! HOW LONGER PAPPY?”

    The neo’s have got America’s politicians hooked on a combo of celebrity and Power which in itself is a mighty aphrodisiac. Dick got the job because he’s one sadistic SOB and would give Lyndon B Johnson a run for the money in the killing field department.

    My friends and I put a little movie together and should be out shortly over the “internets”, just as soon as we work out them nasty gremlins [little buggers]. It’s short, sweet and crude and deals with a character who has a fetish with an oil rig where his manhood would be. A true parody. We will open with, OilFinger…

    Has a plan, the plan makes his bosses gush
    A black gold rush
    Such an old finger
    Reckon’s you won’t chant for his head or chin
    But don’t look glim

    Grubby nerds he has orderd to shear
    Drilling fields rising up from their rears
    Farting old men twirl, holes self-inflicted
    Sear the slick of theft

    Flung pistol, OilFinger
    Pecker knurled, beware of his heart of stone
    His heart is sold

    Grubby nerds he has orderd to shear
    Drilling fields coming up from the rear
    Farting old men twirl, holes self-inflicted
    Sear the slick of theft

    Flung pistol, OilFinger
    Pecker knurled, beware of his heart of stone
    His heart is sold
    lucifer owns his soul
    Oily hold
    His pumps loll
    He loves oil and rolls
    with ass-holes
    On the DOE pay rollllllll!

  54. And about the Nephilim, it might be possible they were around long before the mammal known as man, even long before this planet captured the moon and slowed down the rotation,which is why everything was so big all those hundreds of millions of years ago, so as to to overcome the relentless heavier gravitational field. The Lemuria were the reptillian by-product of the dinosaurs that were destroyed diectly by the hand of God, which is probably why they hate us so much. The Lemuria will forever lay claim to be the original keepers of this planet. The bible doesn’t dispute this fact, but the Lemuria messed up when they went haywire with “dark force” and started twisting the DNA (tree of life) into gross, out of control combinations of early mammals and their own reptile DNA that they brought with them from where ever they came from. The giants from heaven, (Nephilim) who arrived later on to take a shot at project earth, came here with their own symbol [the sperm cell with wings splitting down the middle of a DNA strand.] Flying rods. But then some of these “divine beings” who possessed the bodies of earthly creatures for their own self aggrandizement, (The son’s of Belial) and those who abstained (The sons of the Law of 1), started to clash with one another over God’s laws.

    The leader known as lucifer, was a former Lemuria who’s spirit took the form of a Nephilim, was because he was a shapeshifting reptillian (snake) and stole the DNA of the benevolent Nephilim’s located in the garden of Eden (Iraq) (who still worked under God’s holy laws) the original creation of mankind, just so he and his own reptile kind could move freely amongst men and make them pay for God not approving his ways. (The serpent of BlackWater has come full circle in the Garden of Eden, but it would appear to be swallowing it’s own tail.)

    The manish looking and much larger Nephilim had left for a couple hundred years then some came back to check on their project, but found the women desirable and being so large and strong, took whatever women they wanted. It didn’t take lucifer long to get them to take his side. Now when the other Nephilim came around to see why their brothers hadn’t returned , those who stood by the moral laws of Law 1 avoided divine judgment and went back with them from where they came, as they still kept with the spiritual divine and moral laws that rule supreme.

    But lucifer destroyed himself by tuning the power sources too high and Atlantis fell to the laws of nature taking him and his fallen angels with him into the triangular vortex. Nothing gets by God and those who work for the betterment of the laws of the Universal mind, may soon day return and punish the law breakers and take with them those who are truly worthy of the splendor of the stars of the universe and be relocated to a new earth and heavenly star filled sky.

  55. JOEY FORD you are awesome! Wonderful post. I think you should write a screenplay also. Very well stated.

    It’s a fun subject to explore.

    I wanted to address the issue of Hugo Chavez. He is truly a paradox until, you get past the media spin. I have had the good fortune to spend time with his V.P. Jose Rangel. I can assure you that he (Chavez) does feel contempt for the NWO. Chavez expelled the IMF and the World Bank from Venezuela. Chavez has overtly stated in public his desire to expose the global bankers.

    My one concern however, is his connection to the Vatican. How deep and how close is he to the Jesuits? This I’m still trying to determine. Jose Rangel, is very aware of the NWO and has met with American patriots in private regarding 9/11.

    I have yet to personally meet Hugo Chavez but, I know some of his close friends in the military at the highest levels of government. These are highly educated and intellectual people. Many of them were educated in the USA and by the CIA so, they have a clear picture of the NWO.

    The people around Chavez are not treasonous whores like our so-called leaders. They’re staunch patriots and love their nation and people. The old ruling elite hate Chavez and have tried many times to kill him. Just this last week he moved to nationalize the opposing media and oil companies that are controlled by the NWO.

    Chavez is no fool. Even if he were killed, Jose Rangel would step in and carry on. Chavez is going to become a major world player soon and in total opposition to the NWO.

    Venezuela could be the richest and most powerful nation on earth with no close second. The amount of natural resources is mind-blowing in scope. They have it all and the NWO knows it.

    I love the people of Venezuela they, have an energy and love of life and living that we don’t have here in the USA. (And some of the most beautiful women in the world. I really like that part)

    Israel will remain the source of conflict in the middle east however, Venezuela will begin to get more and more global attention as things heat-up.

    When it becomes too oppressive here in the USA, I and a small group will be moving to the highlands of Southern Venezuela.

  56. Anyone who has ever visited my site knows I hold no truck with any God or Gods.
    I have to say that I get a kick out of Zechariah Sitchin and his Cunneiform science fiction just as much as I get a kick out of Ezekial and his Hebrew science fiction.
    However, it needs to be said that no other translator of the Sumerian tablets reads into them the same things Sitchen does.
    For example:
    Guys, I share your basic value and beliefs except for the religious/quasi religious/mythological. My hope is that when this is all over we all understand that freedom demands each is allowed his view and should not be required to believe in this stuff or not believe it as we choose.
    Sadly, in the rush to answer the question of where we came from I was left in the dust. While everyone else is trying to answer it I just really don’t care. It won’t change a damned thing, I don’t believe it can ever truly be known as, in my opinion, man has risen and fallen on the earth countless times and, as the poles shift every few hundred thousand years or whatever, will either continue to survive, rise and fall or, finally, become extinct and be replaced by the cockroach. Regardless, knowledge of each rising is finally recycled through the earth and is lost to the new man emerging from each holocaust.
    Point is, what is happening now will require our full attention and that includes Joey too. Personally, I like having Canada as a sovereign neighbor but, not liking socialism, do not choose to become a part of it.
    We have a fight on our hands and all of the worlds damned religions don’t appear able to prevent it. They appear to be the primary reason for it. Consider that the Illuminati is Luciferian. All Goddamned religions!

  57. Hey Ratboi, happy to help out. I’m sure you are aware of the Illuminati and it’s connecting groups.

    The Bible makes it very clear who will be in power on a global level in these times. “The Seven Hills of Rome”. “The Curia”, “Papa Nero” or “The Black Pope” of the Jesuit Order.

    If you really want to get to the heart of who is in control, you must study the occult and the bloodlines of the “Black Nobility”. The same power has been in control forever. Pasted down through the ages and always in the the deepest of shadows. These people are rich beyond our wildest dreams and only the highest levels of the occult have an audience with them.

    Pure blood or DNA is everything to the ruling occult. The “NAJA” or “URAEUS” is the status of dual office “Priestcraft” and “Statecraft”. These are the rulers over the Illuminati and even deeper societies, these are the Pharos that bear the symbol of the serpent and the “Mark Of Cain”.

    Study the connection to “The Khazars” or “False Jew” and the “Black Nobility” that created global banking and the creation of Israel and the oppression of the bloodline of Seth.

    Then, follow the bloodlines to the Pan-Germanic/Nordic ruling elite. This will lead you to the ancient power center of the occult. The Teutonic Knights, The Tula, The Vril. The most secretive connections to the NWO is the Nordic/Far Eastern secret societies of Tibet/Agartha, Men of the Green Hand, Society of the Green Dragon.

    Study “The Cross of Hendaye” and it’s connection to 2012 and the solar cross.

    Study the Hermitic mystic “Fulcanelli” and his connection to Nikola Tesla and “The Hidden City” of Cerro Duida in Southern Venezuela. This knowledge will lead you to the paradigm shift and the coming battle between the two opposing bloodlines and control of the universe and our central sun “The Seven Sisters”.

    These are just a few places to begin the search for the holy grail of mystic knowledge and understanding that everything you see is an illusion. Mystery hidden in mystery. The truth is far more mysterious and beyond this dimension of time and space.

    The average person is in a deep sleep and is aware only of the illusion. The spiritual mystic is able to see behind “The Veil”. This requires years of travel and exploration as I’ve done to even begin to unravel the truth from illusion.

    To those of you who wish to see beyond “The Veil” go to the most remote places on the planet as I have and live there. Then “Vision Quest” and let go of the 3rd dimensional deilusional control grid of the material.

    Christ said: “Seek first the kingdom within” and “My kingdom is not of this world”. To the Sons of Seth and the bloodline of Christ neither is yours.

    Study the “Naassenes” and the mystic true teachings of Christ. Everything Christ taught was cryptic and esoteric.

    Study the visions of the native Americans: “The visions of Sweet Medicine and White Buffalo Calf Women”. The Hopi, The Unuit and others.

    Read: “The very old book” or the “Book of Dzan”. Believed to be the oldest book in the world.

    To those of you that seek truth: Find your sacred path and follow it. (Seek first the kingdom within)

    God Bless the Sons and Daughters of Seth.

  58. The Goddamned Indians, after chewing on psychedelic mushrooms were apt to see anything.

    The Bible is a holyshit fairy tale.

    I was wrong again.

    After the initial rebellion it will be necessary to kill off a lot more idiots before we are killed off.

    Visited the wrong site again.

  59. I’m amazed how this thread was constructive then turned to complete and utter crap. Maybe some of you work for the elite… (dave?) I have read much on the illuminati and I understand that they would love for us to see them as larger than life, some highlander thing going on and we, the ants, are just collateral damage. Fact of the matter is they are no different than you or me they just found themselves with all the right factors in place to start taking over the finances of the world thereby the world about 300 years ago. Its been a long road and not everything they did produced good results. It took them until 1913 to finally get a stronghold in the United States after many attempts and FAILURES to establish a central bank controlled by them. Isreal is a perfect example of what I mean. Create your own national crisis and set it up the solution to create the perception of a nigh-invulnerable state while making “the bad guys” look like monsters. This is definitely a favorite move by Zionists or w/e you would like to call them. Last post on this thread for me and thanks all who participated in taking this thread to a grade school level and thanks for sharing the unbelievable stupidity of which didnt really suprise me any. What does make me shake my head and roll my eyes is that some of you have really spent way to much time to learn all this crap. What a shame to see so much mis-guided zeal.
    “I see multitudes and multitudes in the valley of decision”…

  60. But seriously, I feel sorry for, whatever your name is, oldranger. I’ve met enough people like you to know once your back is turned one could easily find a knife stuck in it. You sound like an angry Elton John.
    People like oldranger think they don’t need help but have to deal with more demons in their head than Hades can supply. You feel you have the answers , good for you. If you have to have oneup the other person to sustain your self-image and keep yourself from going insane and fill in the illusional gap of a cracked ego, enjoy. I myself, have found time provides the best.

    To make that clear, a buddy of mine once told his brother Ted about UFO experinces I claimed to have experienced. So for the next few months, every time I saw Ted, he would laugh, make the usual, “Drop any bad acid lately”? and go on his merry way. That is until one day, he invited me over for an outdoor B.B.Q. I was inside his house putting the beer in the fridge when he yelled for me to come out side. He was pointing up and there was the exact same triangular UFO that I and another person with me, had seen on 3 seperate occasions. This time, 4 orange – football shaped spheres that looked like molten metal, came out from the craft (Ted saw them come out from the craft, I caught the ending show) and they zigged and zagged in and out of each other like fish in water. I didn’t say anything to him as he looked at me with his mouth hanging down. Most people go nuts after one sighting and start hitting the UFO conferences. I couldn’t care less about UFO’s. I even shot the finger at one (triangle shaped) as it came in low and silently passed over me and another person I was with at the time. According to military people who claim to have seen reptile aliens, the triangle shaped craft are the ones they move around in.

  61. Last post.

    Joey boy, you have issues. You really do need help. Enjoy your reptilian gods or whatever. You guys got way to freaky for me.

    Like the man says, ‘brass tacks’. Its real. God, Gods etc haven’t done anything to help anyone no matter how much you prayed.

    I guess I really am just a lonesome oldranger. I want the real America without the religious hoopla.

  62. World-wide grain shortage…

    “When this year’s grain harvest begins in May, world grain stocks will be down to 59 days of consumption—the lowest level in 30 years, writes Lester R. Brown in the following article.

    The last time stocks were this low, in 1972-74, wheat and rice prices doubled. Now, a generation later, a similar scenario is unfolding. After nearly tripling from 1950 to 1996, growth in the world grain harvest came to a halt. In each of the last four years world grain production has fallen short of consumption, forcing a drawdown of stocks.”

  63. 2007 is the year that will usher in a (staged)financial crisis most likely. Gold and Silver prices are being controlled by the central banks like never before. Only 1 out of every 68 dollars of corporate dollars is going into the stock market by large investors. I think it’s safe to say that they know what’s coming.

    If you can, purchase silver coins pre-1932, for higher silver content. You can buy junk coins by the pound from coin dealers.

    2007 will prove to those that are just waking-up that we are headed toward a Fascist police-state.

    Do everything you can to increase your spiritual insight and survival knowledge.

    The global elite are going to use 2007 as the year they platform for WWIII.

    The USA will dive head-long into receivership to trans-national bankers. Highways, natural resources and the coming “North American Union”.

    By 2009 you will be wise to leave the USA. The globalists must destroy our nation to bring in world government.

    Very few will listen or be aware enough to make correct and informed choices and will be cannon fodder or be contained in private work camps.

    Those who ignore the spiritual (not religion)will be hopelessly derailed and subjugated to their global masters.

    Only those who respond to these types of warnings are “called” to awaken. Those meant to fall under the overlords of the 4th Reich will hear these warnings and call them lies and the information will burn their ears and make them angry.

    For those of you not willing to think out-side of the cage…you are doomed.

  64. American Silver Eagles are a better bet than junk silver.

    Food and ammunition good barter items.

    YO OLDRANGER >>> if you really want to be a good athiest >>>> STOP PUTTING CAPS ON THE NAME OF GOD !!!



  65. Well this article and (euro displaces dollar int’l bond markets) has finally convinced my partner to dump all the stock and buy metal(whew!). Also, 80% lower receivers and a baxter jig seems to be in order. 9mm, .45, 5.56(.223) and .308(7.62mm) in bulk also a good idea. I really like the new 6.8mm version of the AR-15 now though! Yo I wanna bust some caps on them damned space aliens!!! You can recognize them by the mark of Cain…big hook nose, sickly sweet bad smell, arms and legs shorter in relation to torso,semi-asiatic almond shaped eyes, sometimes curly hair….how do you know a space alien is lying? when it opens its mouth. They also seem to be involved with the crucifixion of Christ. Now they claim to have him in Hell, boiling in excrement. Google up the Talmud…you’ll see what I mean. Christ himself said that their father is the devil!

  66. Archimedes—nope cannot fake it! mass=specific weight. displacement of water=volume=you can know for sure if it’s a gold brick.
    BTW I’m in the NSM and all of a sudden I’m getting slammed with new members…sheeple are waking up!

  67. I suggest buying small gold coins 1/10 ounce. If gold skyrockets and you are living in a blackmarket – large coins may be too high a value. Silver is your better value because it’s “The poor man’s gold” and there’s less of it.

    Consider, ammo as currency such as .22 shells and so forth. If you are forced to flee – have an escape route pre-planned and have a stash of what you will need if you must just run out the back door.

    When the “Hate Bill” is finally passed…watch out! That is when many of us will start getting picked-up. The FEMA camps are now all up to speed here in the west and waiting.
    People are already in these camps.

    Even the neo-pagans, have stated that we are just one event away from Marshal law.

    Those of you just becoming aware – get up to speed NOW! The last thing you want is to end-up in a FEMA camp because you may never come out again.

  68. httThe psychology of silver vs gold.

    For barter purposes the silver one ounce coin has great advantages over the partial ounce gold coin.

    When you feel in your hand the large and hefty SILVER AMERICAN EAGLE, psychologically it “carries more value and weight” than the tiny partial ounce gold coin.

    It is easier to buy small value items , such as the $37 hamburger , with a single silver coin vs a tiny partial ounce gold coin and then try to figure out HOW TO MAKE CHANGE.

    Gold is good to hold as reserve value “ground bank” hidden assets, but does not make for hamburger level barter ( common level consumables).

    A good balance of GOLD and SILVER seems to be a good bet.

    If you have large amounts of cash in the bank >>> convert a part of it to stash bullion.

  69. You people are amazing in the ingenuity department.
    The cults of death want to bring the population on the planet down to about half of what it is now. Not because they believe we are destroying the planets enviroment, but becuase too many people are catching on to the corruption, thanks to the internet.

    Like the character in Mel Gibsons Apocalypto, tells his on before the Mayan cyts his throat, “Donot be afraid” , we should never be afraid of the evil forces within our governments. They need the fear to feed their masters plans.

    Death to the illumintati.

  70. I realize that some of my earlier posts may seem to be way-out-there. However, let me state that I’m a researcher and explorer. I’ve devoted my life to exposing the NWO and the coming world government. I have chartered very expensive Helicopter flights into many areas to research and explore these mysteries and myths around the world.

    This occult information is vital to understanding the mindset of these globalists. They aren’t like us and they don’t think like us. You must get this point!

    Would you worship a forty foot stone Owl? Would you consider wearing a Maltese Cross because it protects you as a charm?

    The Satori or Cainite bloodline takes this with deadly seriousness.

    I’ve spent a fortune traveling the world to prove to myself that this occult maddness was just over-blown hype and some is. To my horror,I discovered that most is not hype but, based in fact.

    The world and reality that you see around you has been created in large part by the occult power structure. The world most of you feel is real is… a Masonic/esoteric directed construct and a false paradigm based in black magic or as I refer to it as “Luciferian Technology”.

    They are in control of the power structure of our planet and it doesn’t matter if we think it’s insane.


    To ignore these strange occult concepts is to not understand your enemy and what motivates this dark power that rules our world.

    Do I believe in it? No, it’s an illusion of power. That’s the key to black magic. Fear is their most powerful weapon.

    How do we defeat the NWO? Simple, have total faith in our creator and you will control your fear. What ever you fear will manifest in your life until you realize that it’s an illusion. This is the most powerful information you will ever learn. Divine love is the only reality. Darkness is a tool to teach you this lesson. It’s all about duality and the illusion of separation from our divine source.

    All the dark force has to do is create “DOUBT” in your life and you are separated from the divine source and your empowerment.

    Is there a real and true force of darkness? You bet there is and it is brilliant and omni-present.

    The greatest tool that the occult has is to make you think it’s a joke. Would government create vast cities based on Hermetic symbols like the pentagram if they thought it was a joke?

    Do your own research and take a look behind the curtain. You’ll be amazed at what you will see.

  71. Good explanation there Dave.
    Yeah the Hate Bill is going to be a major thing. The jews got away with killing millions in Russia, Ukraine etc. Nobody resisted. I hope we all shoot back when they come to round us up. Also one should learn where the camps are in your state for the purpose of liberating the occupants. I’m sure after that experience they’d be much more ready and willing to take things seriously.
    So right now, I’m concentrating on 1. getting a network of people together(NSM unit—a “cell”) 2 weaponization(most of us are vets) 3. Silver/gold 4. beans, bullets and benzine(logistics, food, fuel and ammo). My woman thinks I’m obsessed with this, well, yeah I am now, actually I thought there was more time but now I’m seeing events accelerate. How long do you think we have Dave?

  72. I can’t believe things have gone this far and we’re now honestly discussing this doomsday topic. I grew up in the 80’s during the Cold War, and I think I always knew there was a chance that one day life as we know it could end. The very first time I saw George W. Bush on tv, I KNEW he was inbread to death and not up to the task of being President. Hey, if we just look at his I.Q., it’s obvious he’s REALLY not up to the job. But the point is that I just felt it. I knew viscerally that if something bad happened on his watch he would fuck it all up. Well, the fucker even got a 2nd term and now we’re starting to feel it where we live. Every nation out there HATES the US, even former allies. There are stories of concentration camps being build in some American states, there is the North American Union being organized behind all of our collective backs. Nice democracy…I don’t recall anyone having the opportunity to fucking VOTE for that bullshit, and yet it’s seemingly being done without our say-so. It’s known all over the world that Bush and Cheney are war criminals, liars and thieves, yet no one has done anything about it. I mean, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT! So what’s the damn problem??! Let us put an end to these human failures we’ve propped up as leaders, and let’s refuse to play their game. But everyone is just hoping they can wait the Bushies out, praying that the next 2 years will pass quickly and that somehow, Bush and Cheney will get tired of doing this shit. People, I’m not sure we have the luxury of waiting anymore. If things come apart, I think big cities will become like prisons. Cops will only hold authority there, so most of us city-dwellers might start thinking about leaving the big ships when they start to sink. It will be a question of survival.

    Whatever happens, I hope people will help each other. I hope we’ll learn to stand together and oppose this madness once and for all. Like Muslims, we will learn to fight once we have lost everything. And all of you will understand: if you’re fighting and you have nothing left to lose, you will be the most formidable opponent any government or military can ever face. They won’t even know HOW to fight that kind of ennemy, as we are seeing on CNN every night.

  73. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”
    — Alexander Tyler

  74. I have read every post on this blog and am more enlightened and emboldened. Thank you all for your convictions and for your knowledge. I know we face many hard times to come. My family may be too brainwashed to be reasoned with but my friends and I know that dislocation of the financial markets, and all the corresponding effects, are imminent. I wish I was in a position where I had some monetary flexibility but I have put the money I have into silver. The southern hemisphere or a former Soviet Sattelite awaits my friends and I. Venezuela sounds nice and I always loved their culture. Good fortune to everyone.

  75. Honestly i would create vast cities based on the things that the common man fear. I’d allow stories to be spread about me if I wanted to create a larger than life persona. I’d certainly feed (albeit secretly) anybody that came along any old crap they would accept to fuel the delusion and publicly be so aloof that people would wonder if what they heard was true and laugh at their fear. It’s not hard to think like that actually at all. Gave any one of us what we consider to be endless wealth and power and the vanity would quickly over take us. Now remove shame and humility and there you have it. So Dave while spending your vast fortunes, you spread the “larger than life mystique”. If I were one of “them” i’d make sure (albeit secretly) that you kept it up and the more people that believe that i dont bleed the same the better.

  76. Dave,

    I always enjoy reading scary scenarios concerning doom day panics and mushroom clouds twinkling in a night sky.At least I wouldn’t have to worry about making that mortgage payment. Just happened across your site Dave, found your writing very good and your premises plausible, as well as some of the comments.
    I believe you might have a point that it could go down that fast, but before it did I would suggest that the powers that be would again (as they did in the 1930s) confiscate all US possession of gold and silver-payable in fiat dollars (at ridiculous rates of course), to circumvent or appease a run on the dollar by other nationals. It always amuses me to have Gold/Silver sellers shouting doomsday when the very doomsday they perceive to happen would likely entail a promise of confiscation.
    Just my two cents mind you, might never happen, and the end of the US Dollar has been talked about since the 70’s when Nixon took us unilaterally off the gold standard. Now, where did that gold all go?
    I sense that you are right that some weird high shit is going to come down in the next few years, and cutting a hole in your roof in hopes of a rescue by FEMA might not be good..

  77. Yep Sheryl you make sense. However, knowing about these reptilians and how they think helps a lot for me anyway, and really it helps me see their weaknesses.
    If you want a good read, look up “The Turner Diaries” should be available online…I think you all may find it useful. It’s the kind of book that you read the first page and can’t stop reading until you finish.

  78. I see many of you posting comments here, saying that this story isn’t possible and
    yet you read it!!! GIVE ME A BREAK stupid. Why read it and comment? You think this scenario isn’t possible? Look what happened when Germany’s economy went. MILLIONS died world wide. We obviously have problems in the States as of this moment. Anyone denying this is brainwashed and idiotic and should be dismissed and I might just go through the list of morons in this posting and name names. Frankly your dangerous and disgusting.
    Most of you ignorant loud mouths probably haven’t left the country to see what the status is out there. You drive around in your gas guzzling Fords with your cowboy hats shopping at walmart and you type out a few keys and you think you’re special and informed. “F” you. You’re the most dangerous type of degenerate. A passionate dillusional brainwashed sister-chasing hick who can get on the internet and bang out a few words like a Gorilla. Well let me inform you ignorant a-holes of some facts. First off I served in the US Navy and I’m decorated (desert storm) so F-OFF to all of you who would call me unpatriotic. Patriotism is to your family
    and neighbors, not to some retarded nationalistic FLAG crap. China has already
    begun to diversify its reserve currency, its called the EURO you pathetic ignorant
    dangerous dillusional retards.
    I live in Europe now, I left the USA 2 years ago after Bush was re-elected. You think moving was easy?? Im still moving. Why would I do it. I moved because a disaster is in the makings. Your too blind to see this, or you’re in denial. The world hates America right now. Some of you retarded walmart fat-ass morons need to visit Europe and other Nations and talk to people. IF they are friendly, its only because of the dollar, and they smile for your money in fear of a bully. Dig under the surface, put on beggars clothes and walk amongst the people. Get some REAL feedback and quit wasting our time with your vomitus comments here. This FICTIONAL posting/story is what keeps humanity going. It’s
    called a SCENARIO. You dont dismiss it like some toothless redneck piece of shit,
    you analyze it and take heed. DO YOU F-KING UNDERSTAND THIS!!! GET IT INTO YOUR
    HEADS. I am exhausted of patience with you hillbilly retards. I have no patience
    anymore. I’ve been run out of my home and country because of F-CKS like you. I HATE YOU more than you can understand. YOU are the ones driving this country into the ground. DO SOMETHING. change things. I am. I can’t stand to read another word of your ignorance. Do you
    people SERIOUSLY think the USA can unilaterally declare WAR on innocent nations to

    steal their oil and this will last??? Dictator OIL MAN Bush can tell Congress he

    doesn’t care what they think and this will last??? You are all liars. You lie to

    yourself and to humanity. Humanity needs compassion and guidance. Not warmongers who turn a blind eye to what is happening. YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR THIS. You think you can sit in front of your TV, drinking your beer, driving your SUV, laughing at war. A Super Power Nation who betrays humanity and kills the innocent is the worst offense and it will not last. I assure you of this from the HIGHEST level. Deny and laugh it up rednecks. Let me tell you the REAL STATUS. People smile and

    welcome Americans because it is a HUGE BULLY with power. Behind closed doors,

    people are SICK of cowering to the USA. They are beginning to look elsewhere.

    Things are happening behind the scenes. Nobody likes a bully. The dollar will

    fall. It already has. The EURO is way ahead of the dollar and climbing. I cant

    sell my shit fast enough, my assets here are shrinking. So you go on drinking yor

    beer and f-king your sister and see what happens. I hope for the best because

    people are people everywhere and I have family and friends here. But America is

    bringing on its own collapse and thats pure physics. I dont want it, but at the same time I’m so sick of you smug murderous f-cks.

  79. AJ,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    The story I wrote is one of a thousand ways the end of the dollar may happen. Confiscation and banning of private ownership of gold/silver could be a part of may of the other scenarios that could play out. However, as far as the confiscation and banning of gold in the 1930’s goes, it is estimated that less than 25% of the people’s gold was turned in. The rest was either hid in the US or shipped overseas for use elsewhere or conversion to other currency, with less loss (remember, everybody holding gold after Roosevelt’s devaluation automatically lost 69% of their value). I suspect even less “participation” this time around. 😉

    Ordering it confiscated and actually accomplishing that task are two very different things. I suspect that everyone holding gold/silver for the reasons discussed above, are well aware of the possibility of it becoming illegal. But I suspect that they also are not just going to go down to the corenr bank and turn it in. The government does not have the manpower to come and get it, especially while trying to fight failing wars. I think everybody would be pretty safe just hanging on and waiting for the collapse to take the government and federal law out of the picture.

    Confiscating silver would be a nightmare all on its own, since it is used in everything from mirrors to ball bearings to electronics to x-rays imaging.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  80. Well Dave, I guess that about sums it up! I take comfort in knowing that millions of fat, lazy degenerate Uhmerikwanz are going to die miserably in the coming disaster. You know I was stationed in Germany for awhile, I was a tank gunner. Unlike the barracks rats, who remained on base and drank Budweiser and smoked Marlboros, I got out whenever I could. I learned German. I also speak Spanish, that’s another story. Anyhow, I’m disgusted with my own country and wish I could get the hell out(I could, still married to a German woman, but kids and I are here). Looks like I’m stuck here for the duration though. Besides, I think it’ll be interesting so witness this event firsthand. Just to let you know, I see your scenario as accurate. To further back it up, the international bond market just dumped the dollar in favor of the Euro. Yay! So don’t worry dude, when the SHTF I’ll burn down every Walmart I can find hehehehe!

  81. Well dave of comment 107, I will go back to callin’ myself “ratboi” , as I am
    now ashamed of the name “dave”.

    Read your own comments and how you cut yourself.

    Have a nice FOREVER.


  82. Too many Daves and David. I don’t know what your problem is Sheryl, but I recommend you spend alot more time doing research (like actually going there).

    While you were reading about the Illuminati I was in their halls of banking in London City and the IMF. I delt with these people on a daily basis in the gold and diamond business on a global level for 15 years.

    You are clueless as to what and who these people are.

    I also recommend you shut-up and listen to someone who has lived it, as opposed to reading it.

    I’m one of the people who actually does and lives the research that you read.

    I’m a loner and I don’t care about “creating mystique” or a following. What I am trying to do is give you information that you may never hear again.

  83. Dave Iles, I hear you. I’ve read what you said and have seen it before. Its not new. These are ruthless and shrewd people. If you posed any real threat to these people you would not be around and of course the same can be said for me.

  84. Hay Sheryl >>> any restrictions to USA refugees migrating into Australia ???

    (me guess if you have money and a technickel skill they mights let u in )

    (plus bribe money and a herd of goats) :’>


  85. Moron to English translation follows :

    What palnet/country/state r u n Sheryl ??? >>> (What is your general location?)

    ( I am in the state of confusion >>> Flawda, US of A . :’> ) >>> (I live in Florida.)

    ratboi (dave)

    Comment by Ratboi — January 16, 2007 @ 12:35 am (tag from previous comment)

    ratboi :’> ( r u n >>> are you in ) (palnet = misspilled PLANET ) :’>

  86. “Bush the idiot”, “Bush the moron”. More like, Bush the diversionary cheerleader, as more and more people fall for this simple scheme and direct way too much focus on Bush’s scripted rollercoaster ride through finely tweeked emotional timing of the masses.

    While billions are stuck in tunnelvision Bush bashland, the real snickering culprits [mainly Cheney and the Nero-con’s] prepare for more attacks just so they can put more taxpayers bucks in the back of their trucks. Bush can’t move without Cheney around to guide him as the goatbook incident modestly proves.

    I’ve said it many times before, those who are put into power think nothing wrong of what they do and treat people as children with a deathly charm that would even make a Ted Bundy admire their work. Cheney had contracted Halliburton to privatize America’s armies right before he left the WhitewashHouse and was given the job of CEO. Only to return later as Vice-P to implement the plan.

    America is given a shot at world conquest by Wolfowitze’s banking buddies and your satanic leaders want to prove to their lord that they can make the world in their own image. The real GoodFella’s are giving you one last try. And because you are so deep in debt, the only thing keeping you from turning into a 3rd world nation and holding off the collectors[that would be quickly swallowed by the EU], would be an oil monopoly.

    Of course, I could be wrong and all this death and destruction is nothing but a blood sacrifice as America intends to join anyway. Pappy Bush called Iraq the “..crucible of the New World Order”. That either means it’s demise or it’s ressurection?

  87. Here’s a wild theory. The book of Daniel tells of a vision that Daniel had regarding the 4 greatest kingdoms of the world. Three of these kingdoms have passed and the fourth is what we are looking at today. It’s been a mystery as to the 4th kingdom. The 4th kingdom had parts of the other 3 kingdoms in the vision. The 4th kingdom is nothing like the previous 3. The 4th kingdom isnt one of territory and conquering through warfare like the previous 3 and yet through manipulation and sometimes creation of events throughout history they have managed to accomplish what their predessors couldn’t. This kingdom understood that the way to accomplish world domination was to establish and control the money. They have systematically taken over the wannabe kingdoms of the world through the establishment and control of the money. They have secretly funded thereby controlled almost every leader in every conflict since napoleon at least. They funded the losers and they funded the winners creating large amounts of debt which meant large amounts of profits in the end and the ability to tighten and make sure the control they had over those that incurred the debt. All that is left now is to remove any remaining threats to the kingdom. Any vast amounts of wealth not under their control is the target. Any group of people who vainly think they can oppose this kingdom is now involved in the conflicts. I don’t think that the puppets in the white house had much choice in the course they were to take this war. I don’t think it was a mistake but a carefully orchestrated plan to bring the 2 wild cards of the world down from their lofty heights. They pitted the arrogance of the people of the United States and the zealousness of the people of the arab world against each other. Its not a pretty picture. The scenario that started this thread is quite possible and maybe wont happen that fast but it will in some form or another. The demise of the delusion, that keep the people of the United States sleeping, is done. Its just a matter of the realization of it which will sooner or later lead to the enactment of martial law and probably (no doubt) alot of bloodshed. The zealous fervor of the arab nation means alot of bloodshed and it appears to be a genocide already in the middle east. That’s not to mention what is going on all over Africa. Now, how you fight this kingdom in its present state is way beyond me but I’m sure I’ll die by not conforming and I’ll be praising God all the way.

  88. “I don’t think it was a mistake but a carefully orchestrated plan.

    My sentiments exactly Sheryl. The reality that we are dealing with individuals with enormous amounts of cash (to be subtle),and resources at their disposal- notwithstanding their ruthlessness to achieve their agenda does not mean they are exempt from the chaos/karmatic flow of the universe (i.e. a bullet in the head). They are not stupid people in these hidden high places, as our host will tell, but they are still human, with human weaknesses and can fear swift justice as we fear the blue/red lights appearing in our rear view mirror. I admire your faith in God, I wish I had more of it.
    I differ my opinion to David who has more experience with commodities than I, but it is my belief that the falling out of the dollar will not happen unless THEY let it happen. Aside from the unseen elements in anything relegated to millions of people with millions of different agendas, a monumental divergence from what we have been used to for decades will not become ‘an accident’ by a run on the dollar, but diligently chartered. The proof seems to be in the pudding as it were-we all are aware of the Bush’s purchase of a modest ranch down in South America. I wonder if that is where we might find Ken Lay; touching up on his Spanish while sipping on a Pina Collada.

  89. btw – Before you take to dancing in the streets over the demise of the United States there is one little known fact that needs mentioned. The people of the United States are the major consumers of the world’s resources and also the worlds useless crap. We buy the ceramic ducks, the cars, the electronic goodies, the jewelry, the clothes, the shoes, the exotic furniture for our over priced homes. Most of the things that i buy besides food are made in another country. When we fall, who’s gonna buy all that stuff. Who’s gonna buy the products that your factories produce and what will happen to economies dependent on us buying the useless non-edible crap. There is almost a whole chapter in revelations about this. I’d say do your dancing now because when it happens and it will… the “tsunami” that will swell from our fall will be like nothing the world has ever seen.

  90. reply to 127

    As the dollar value cannot be trusted to hold, the prudent person should continue to acquire items that WILL

    I advise continuous collection of not only gold and silver BULLION (in the form of AMERICAN SILVER AND GOLD
    COINS), but also the purchase and stockpiling of common use items that you use DAILY such as toilet paper, soap, and shampoo as well as survival long term storage food such as canned salmon, beans, rice, etc.
    (imagine having a period Sheryl with no feminine products on hand).


  91. TRAUMATISED Eastern Cape police officers are becoming too scared to go out onto the streets following a spate of cop-killings by brazen criminals plundering police-issued firearms.

    “Our stress is no longer about being underpaid, it’s about praying for a safe return home to your family,” said one emotional Port Elizabeth policeman.

    “In my seven years as a police officer, I‘ve never been this scared. Things are changing for the worse, because we are all starting to panic – morale is definitely reaching low levels.”

    Some officers admitted they no longer rushed out to the scene of a shoot-out, but instead waited a while in the hope the shooting would be over by the time they got there.

    Inspector Winston Vencencie died after he was shot six times last Sunday, after attending to an accident scene near Njoli Square.

    In November, Constable Nkosinathi Ndolomane, 32, of the Bethelsdorp police station, was killed in a hail of bullets during an attack by three armed men in Zwide.

    Although police protocol bans officers from speaking to the media, several policeman spoke to Weekend Post this week on condition of anonymity.

    An officer from KwaZakhele police station said he had seriously considered quitting his job, as it placed his life, and the lives of his family, at risk. He said criminals were becoming “very brutal” and were no longer “easily scared off by a police presence”.

    HAHAHAHAHA! CHOCOLATE CITY! The above-Amerikwa’s future! Just keep celebrating diversity people….you know the above story is true, because examples already exist in the world today. Not only will the dollar collapse with all of its consequences, but the USA will BALKANIZE. South Africa and Zimbabwe are really good examples of what to expect. Also, cities like Detroit and New Orleans make really good demographic studies as relative to crime and violence.

  92. Relocation.

    I would not like to be trying to defend my home from desparate people in the event of an economic collapse.
    Anywhere near urban AND suburban areas of even moderate population (such as your next door neighbor) are a thereat to your safety and your stash of goodies that they will be after.

    The problem is where to TRY to establish a BUG OUT RETREAT or a new move entirely IN THESE UNITED STATES ???

    My thought are some place like Arkansas or some semi arid western state.

    Any suggestions or am I a too far gone survivalist ?

  93. Hey Ratboi-
    Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington.
    Join a militia or White Nationalist group. Form a network of friends. Obtain SEEDS which aren’t GM. You’ll want to be prepared to cut down trees over the roads leading into your area, or otherwise prevent masses of people from getting from the city to you. Scout out an area where you can camp out for awhile, stash your goodies in a seperate location.
    We WN’s have known what’s coming for a long, long time. The endgame is the genocide of Adamite man. Bloodlines remember? The satanic/cain seedline is mongrelist. Genocide happens in the bed as well as by bullets!

  94. #1 ratboi-WATER! Where can you get it? I live in the Cascades, no problem with that issue for me, I’d avoid the arid regions like the plague.

  95. THE LIE: “Diversity is our greatest strength.”
    THE TRUTH: “Diversity” is our greatest WEAKNESS.
    “Diversity” is a code word for White genocide. It is a nice way of saying ethnic cleansing. “Celebrate Diversity” means “Wage War on Whites,” a policy that has been adopted by EVERY major institution in the Western world.
    Under the guise of “celebrating diversity,” those in power have flooded our lands with non-Whites. They have demonized our people and have endlessly promoted race-mixing. Under the “diversity” disguise, these tactics are used by the government to acheive White extinction.
    Nature indicates that birds of a feather flock together. The only time the races mingle is when governments FORCE them to do so. As a result, multiracial societies have ALWAYS been unstable. North America is an ethnic powder keg just waiting to explode . . .

  96. Kamikazi there you may purchase the lower receiver 80%. Read the website well. The rest of the weapon will cost about $500 from any kit supplier…
    Or you buy from a private individual…I know other means but you’ll have to figure that one out yourself. Basically, if you have the $$$ then you can arm yourself. If that’s too risky, get a compound bow and a big knife.

  97. Also, stock up on .22 cal, 5.56, 7.62 9mm and .45 also 30.06…even if you have no firearm, you’ll have serious barter material.


    I would rather own 5 weapons of the same manufacture model which use interchangeable parts and ammo, rather than a large mix.

    ( one rifle type 5 units, one handgun type 5 units , 20K rounds of ammo each. )

    Plus you could always barter from this large stock for food and a wife. :’>

    :’> :’> :’>

  99. Several wives lol. The LDS has been very successful due to their ability to mass produce themselves. The low white birth rate can be compensated for through polygamy. Also, when the collapse occurs, all the feminist BS will go out the window. IMO dysfunctional, unstable females are worthless, and much like drones are expelled from the beehive as winter comes, so shall they be also.

  100. Me thinks some fathers would be willing to unload their daughters to wife and throw in the herd of goats and an AK and 20K rounds, to be rid of her.


  101. Honestly, I love and respect women.

    After GOD made them (HIS highest and best creation) HE was plum tuckered out and had to take a huge rest from figuring out the emotional matrix algorithm.

    :’> :*> :^)

  102. You may wish to see some female psychology I highly recommend it! You’ll have hours of fun there…
    Anyhow the Japanese have invented the artificial uterus, thus making the female obsolete except as a source of genetic material. “emotional matrix algorith” HAHAHAHAHA love it! I’m not young but still….let’s just say I’ve given up even trying to understand!

  103. WOW !!!!

    Thanks. I am over there filling up me hard drive with goodies like >>>

    Foreword to All About Women

    Little did I think that my work would be first published like this. I was in Amsterdam, was just about to publish two novel medical scientific papers and had already done enough experiments to know that I was onto something big. When these papers appeared – the equivalent of two Ph.D’s, independently undertaken – I thought that doors would open, opportunities would present themselves and my new system of Procedural Analysis, by which human behaviour can be completely understood, would be a Big Thing. I hadn’t arrived at the notion of Big Sister yet.

    This booklet is designed to present the maximum information in the minimum space, and some omissions will be inevitable. It is a collection of conclusions, not a documentary of how they were arrived upon. My findings, obtained by logical deduction, came as quite a surprise. If anyone is still under the illusion that males and females are the same except for a few superficial differences, as I once was, read Brainsex by Moir and Jessel. This is a good, informal summary of my university course on Sex Differences.

    A common reaction to my attitude now is to think that I don’t like women. This is not true at all, indeed I have loved several of the fairer sex to bits. But it is not sane to hold in high esteem someone – or some group – that is bleeding you dry. One does not respect the burglar who carries away your valuables, the invader who kills your family or the con-man who swindles your inheritance. It’s not a question of liking: the burglar might be a lovable rogue, the invader could be your brother in a civil war, the con-man might be so skilled as to inspire admiration. Emotions don’t come into it. The reality, I contend, is that we, men – particularly Occidental males – are being taken to the cleaners. It is time for this to stop, for when it does it will be to the ultimate benefit of everyone, including our women.

    HULL, JANUARY 1998

    :”0 “^) $+)

  104. That is not to say that I agree with everthing said there.

    Women cannot help themselves in their fallen state (somewhere in California :’> )

    Women tend to creat nest for their children and seduce men to provide for thir kneeds. (kneads) (needs) :’>

    They cannot help themselves.


  105. uh, ok. you know, mosquitos cannot help themselves….they just need to suck blood. Also, the nest created for the children is not of the woman’s creation. How many woman do you see building houses? How many woman ran the bear out of the cave so it could be inhabited?
    Continue you education….soon enough you’ll be a dedicated wife beater!
    Basically men go forth and conquer…men clear the land and build a house…women then proceed to fill that house with BS from walmart and call it their nest.
    Anyhow, all should be clear. I hereby pronounce you WHIPPED! It’s not your fault that the flouride in your water eliminated your will to resist…

  106. -just for you ratboi. Welcome to psychotronic warfare. Ate any acid lately?

    by Constantin von Hoffmeister

    Racialists are liars. They refuse to beat their wives. True understanding of the feminine nature of the universe can only be acquired by walking the path of relentless racism. Racists have a healthy hate. Love is respect, and respect is weakness. Weakness spells oblivion. The history of the world is the history of race struggle. Dog eats dog, and race eats race. Racialists succumb to the need to be exploited. They want to be conquered. Their respect for the other spells doom for their own. Their notion of equal worth is a grand illusion – really a delusion exonerating pillage and rape, all the while hiding its true nature behind a cloak of forgiveness and other coded traits of meek monstrosities. William Shakespeare wrote for all the peasants in all the villages. The ones given up to the invaders have been betrayed by the racialists and their anti-racist brothers-in-arms.

    The life of our own is the life of solarity. Not for nothing have the lovers of yore sung the song of lucid magnanimity: “In my arms locked are you, my sweet delight, flesh of my flesh.” The Nordic Legion of Shakespeare follows the literary principles of the Bard: They know they are because the question has been forever answered by the glorious nature of nature itself. Or as Popeye the Sailor Man would say: “I yam what I yam.” If one takes spinach or steroids, this harmonizing truth remains forever the same.

    One is what one is, and the other is what the other is. To assert our North as a whole, we must recognize the lower value of the lesser other. The higher other can be a friend but not a lover.

  107. Well AN I can understand your fallen state.

    Some how you feel better than others.

    I am set free from feeling that I must either prove myself, dominate others, or abuse women.

    SINCE we all are the offspring of one man and one woman we all share common blood.

    We all were created equally because there was ONLY ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.

    I love women and have no desire to dominate, abuse , or spank them. :’>

    A woman to me is an equal partner in marriage.








  108. Hi Dave…
    So what if she wants to be spanked?
    You know that there’s somebody for everybody…and in fact I have chained up in my dungeon right now, and I can hear her moaning softly through the trapdoor…another victim.
    As far as your rather perverted interpretation of the bible goes, you make the common error of thinking that we are all of the same blood and we are all equal. Nothing could be further from the truth.Adam was the first white man….others are beasts of the field. But let’s assume this…the descendants of Cain, the Satanic seedline….whose lies you have fallen for hook, line and sinker.
    Why the flood? And why Noah and his family spared? Because he was pure in his generations…His DNA wasn’t contaminated.
    It’s ok Dave, in the end, many will be deceived. I’ll pray that you find the truth and free yourself from the subtle deception of the antichrist.
    May the REAL Christ bless you and free your soul from eternal damnation and torment.

  109. Also Dave, lying is evil. No matter what the reason….
    You will someday be called to judgement before God for not having the courage to learn the truth, and standing idly accepting the genocide of Adamite man, God’s finest creation. This was a test Dave, and you have failed miserably! REPENT!

  110. And with regards to Sheryl’s 12:29 | I’m sure the 8-year-old is almost as grateful that your buying those pair of shoes she glued together for her 5 cents an hour wage as much as you are for the hard effort she put into making those 50 dollar shoes. And when she leaves her American owned factory to share her one room tin shack with her brothers and sisters and eat their bowl of rice that you so kindly payed for, she can go to bed happy knowing that fat, spoiled American kids can stay up all night playing on the video games her family put together for 2 dollars a week.

    All of us end up buying a product that was made by those who can’t even afford toilet paper, but if American’s [and sweet tee-hee caring girls like Sheylanne] still believe the world rotates around your bank accounts, then honey, you are in for a big’un.

    When the lightning strikes, China will swallow you up and spit you out alive. I know, I know.. Canada will be taken down with you, but we’ll only bump our knee’s on the trip down. The money you owe is so above everybody else, it’s just way beyond oxygen levels. And when Sheryl tells God how worthy you are of his kingdom, God will ask why you did nothing when your government sold tanks and guns and rockets to the governments leaders it had installed with their stamp of approval? [By the way, are at this very second, shooting kids who want to be free of American oil monopolies.] I’m sure Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson and Bush, these false prophets of profits all believe they will stand before Jesus and tell him how they cast out the evil demons in his holy name. Is it a sin to be well off? No. But when Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of needle, he knew why. Simply because power and wealth corrupts the soul.

    America’s most profitable export is war. You broke every commandment when you hit Iraq and countless other countries that are victim of your liberation practices. I’m sure the American Christian see’s no problem with slaughtering children in Jesus’s name just so long as Christ shows up to tell them what a great job they’ve done. And as your false christians try to force God’s hand, as begin your kick-off for WWIII, ask yourself if God will return his son to pick you up and take you to heaven before you start the war or after? I predict God’s son will tell you to your face that did not live by his teachings so much as you talked the talk.

    Can’t you hear the thunder.

  111. A ton of interesting comments since I last looked, but some very bad ones too. The pending crisis will be an economic one, at first, engineered by haves to eliminate, or control, the have nots. But long run, it will be a spiritual crisis which more than likely will rid the world of the non-spiritual, materialist types that put us in this mess to begin with.

    There is a multi-level battle ahead and it matters little who, or what bloodline you think you are, and what odd philosophy one wraps oneself in. It isn’t about the past anymore, that’s about to become dead to us; this is about the future. If there is to be one even worth having.

    This crisis will demand new ways of learning and of living, the old ways will not fair very well, not for long. We are finite temporal bodies and cannot live forever, much less live well by stashing gold, weapons, food or anything else. Sure, I’ll do that, but it’s a short term preparation, much like making sure my spare tire is ready on a road trip, but the trip is not about the spare tire, the trip is about who we really are, and where we’re actually going. It is a short sighted view to say “I’ll stash items and myself, and fight it out alone, or in my pack”. That’s a ticket to the extinction of humans. Even if some bodies are left alive, where’s the humanity?

    No amount of hoarding will do the trick this time. Old tired ways of war and ethnic cleansing have to fall by the wayside, and will, even if it takes a period of bloody battles. I have to say this, it’s not going to profit anyone for long to take American Nazis advice. It will not fair well in the coming crisis. He forgets that whites are an outsider race in this land as well as other parts of the world. They took the USA by force but won’t be able to keep it by force. They took the land through hate, but have no love of the land and cannot keep it by hate. Only their own circular logic says the white race is the superior race. What are they superior in? Simply being able to wreck in 200 years what other people protected for 10’s of thousands?

    If you ever want to study a truly sustainable way of living on this continent study the ones who lived here long before us. We see traces of their villages going back nearly 40 thousand years, yet are cities and economies are already crumbling. It’s that easy to see. Whatever wrecks us is leaving, whatever it was they did will be a good future template.

    As far as other races here in America go, there are criminals of every color, and there are great folks too. I have relatives who are thieving murderous trash, and their are people of other races who are near saints in their character and being. To define it by race alone is ignorant. To define any race by what a tiny subgroup of its people does is short sighted. Self defense sure, but co-operation, faith, and awareness at all levels will be our only way.

    Perhaps a crisis like this one will finally end mans dominion of this planet, it hasn’t been pretty for sure, but a crisis like this could also elevate us to a whole new level of human, where we see other races, other animals, other ideas, religions, as an addition, not a threat. Almost everything “great” by the white race was appropriated from another people. Why deny it? No one will be fooled long term. When our world finally includes others we could create an actually sustainable world.

    If that’s too utopia sounding, one thing I know for certain, the old hater ways are doomed. They put us in this crisis to begin with. Perhaps one can hoard for a little while, but hoarding and fear of others is the wrong direction. It’s the same old same old, and we can see the same old is dying. It needs to. It has to. It’s up to us to see if we have better ideas. Otherwise we;ll be just another quiet spot in infinite space.

  112. Ever heard of sarcasm?
    No I don’t belong to any church. Everything I say is meant to be crap.
    Who said “All power stems from the barrel of a gun”?
    All races are not equal, but all races are equally free.
    “Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level then beat you with experience.”

    “THE LIE: “Diversity is our greatest strength.” THE TRUTH: “Diversity” is our greatest WEAKNESS. “Diversity” is a code word for White genocide. It is a nice way of saying ethnic cleansing. “Celebrate Diversity” means “Wage War on Whites,” a policy that has been adopted by EVERY major institution in the Western world. Under the guise of “celebrating diversity,” those in power have flooded our lands with non-Whites. They have demonized our people and have endlessly promoted race-mixing. Under the “diversity” disguise, these tactics are used by the government to acheive White extinction. Nature indicates that birds of a feather flock together. The only time the races mingle is when governments FORCE them to do so. As a result, multiracial societies have ALWAYS been unstable. North America is an ethnic powder keg just waiting to explode . . . ”

    In politics, nothing happens by accident.

    obsessive-compulsive behavior

    personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts

    slavish conformance to old ways of doing things

    ceremonial re-enactments

    obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters

    responding to partial representations (coloration, “strangeness,” etc.), whether alive or inanimate

    and all manner of deception

    (The aim of the Illuminati-reptilians(euphimism-jews) has been to disconnect as much as possible the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being conscious of the left. They plant thoughts, responses, and images through the right brain (the dream-state, the non-conscious, through symbolism and subliminal imagery) while imprisoning the human conscious level in the left brain – the world of can I touch it, smell it, taste it, see it, hear it, OK it must exist. This is why the “education” system, and “science” is designed to talk to the left brain. This way, the Illuminati(jews) can enter the human brain through the right side, undetected, and these images and subliminals then enter the left brain as conscious, this world, thoughts and reactions, which people take to be their own.

    This is why if you look you will find so many words like imagination, imagine, dream, and so on used in advertising of all kinds. They know if they can get you in that right brain non-conscious, day-dream state, they can enter your mind with imagery and then tell your left brain how to decode it into conscious language. i.e. “I want to buy that car”, “I think we need to give the police more power to stop crime” , “I need to take Viagra so I can be a proper man”, “a world government is what we need.” This is why most television programmes are about a fantasy world of make-believe in endless forms. It is to open up the unconscious right brain and allow the reptilian brain access through that to the conscious mind.

    Music is used in the same way. Nothing wrong with music in itself, of course. As with everything, it is the way it is manipulated that I am talking about. And who controls the music industry? The same people who control Hollywood and the global media in general – the Illuminati. The biggest music operation in the world, for instance, is Universal Music, owned by the Bronfman(jews) family of Canada, a major Illuminati family, who are mentioned widely on this site and in my books

  114. The Chicago Jewish Sentinel published an article by Julia Steiner about the ‘Commission on the Prevention of Intermarriage’ reporting that, “In the Torah, Jews are repeatedly warned that intermarriage endangers the survival of the Jewish people.” The news release goes on to say that, “Those who work with our youth must make an active effort to inhibit intermarriage both by speaking out against it and giving our youngsters positive reasons to remain Jewish.” And yet, on the other hand, Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg has stated, “Until we learn to fight our ingrown fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problem will not be in sight…Such a change will involve an inside-out remodeling of the white psyche… the deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten the process… we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races.”

    And then to put frosting on their Kosher cake, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis said in 1952:

    “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples.”

  115. Race mixing is not Christian. God prohibits miscegenation. Jews are history’s foremost race mixer, hypocrites and promoters of mongrelization. Racial tension can best be understood through jewish incitement and social engineering. Ultimately, the jewish machinations for breeding out pure races, not just Whites, and ushering in an era of one homogenized breed is nothing less than genocide.

    95% of world jewry is eastern European Ashkenazi, a racial stock comprised of Khazar-Edomite blood. The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, page 41, states, “Edom is in modern Jewry.” Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (Israel) for some “Red pottage… therefore was his name called Edom” (Gen. 25:30). Edom means ‘red’.

    It is impossible for Edomite jews to call themselves Israelites. Jacob remained racially pure, while his brother Esau took alien wives. Therefore, a great controversy emerges from ancient times to the present manifestation of ‘red’ communism (created by jews) between those who have maintained their racial integrity from God and those who have not.

    The fury of Red Terror and racial chaos can be explained only as a manifestation of jewish hatred against White Christian civilization. The”civil rights” movement was instigated at the behest of jewish money and brains. The NAACP, CORE and SNCC were founded and controlled by jews. The White churches of America were dealt a near deadly blow when the jews (with their media and money power) selected Billy Graham as their star preacher to promote race mixing. In a published article Graham said, “There admittedly may be practical problems in some cases because of cultural differences or because of social prejudice which have to be considered, but as a general principle, the Bible doesn’t prohibit interracial marriage or say that a person must only marry from his or her own racial or ethnic group.” Some research indicates that Graham’s real name is Franks and that his ancestry is jewish.

    Since the redemption of Adam/Israel by the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the indwelling of the Spirit in the White race has been accomplished. However, what if there were no White people left on earth in which God’s Spirit could dwell? God would have no place to dwell. It is quite conceivable then, for the enemies of God, the jews, to destroy the ability of our race to propagate and the surest way to do that, short of killing us outright, is to mix our racial stock producing what the Bible calls ‘bastards’ or mongrels (Deut. 23:2). The end product is a mixed breed empty of an undefiled body tainted with hybrid genetics, void of a Spirit/temple in which God can dwell. This breed of jews, as well as all other mixed breeds, have violated God’s biological Creation of ‘kind after kind’ and therefore cannot worship the God/Creator of pure undefiled races. They have defiled God’s original intent and sponsor the proliferation of more ungodly defiance.

  116. I’ve been speaking about the events to any one that wont listen anyway. I’ve been awake the whole time watching and speaking. I’ve been written off as bonkers long ago lol. I’ve been doing my part. I’m not wealthy by any means and i’m not good either. I’m just awake. I see clearly the writing on the wall, I’m just saying that without the belly of the beast the rest of the body starves to death. While you’re attacking me as if i were anything at all like your perception of an “American” just means to me that you didn’t read what I said and thats ok too. I wanted to shed some light on the whole game not just pieces that lead to the wrong perceptions of just what kind of dilemma we, each one of us (together or fighting), are in.
    Relegion isn’t the answer for sure. Its all about giving false hope and pointing people in the wrong direction to find it. Its about setting up toll booths on a road that is free through Jesus Christ. No that isnt the answer either, but it would be nice to see each one of us even if it means only one at time, stop attacking each other and see the fireball headed our way. If we’re fighting and insulting one another i’m sure we wont be looking for it lol. Its already consuming other parts of the world as we banter here and with our good or bad points or misleading statements or discussions of the fairer sex and how low your opinions of us are we do nothing to help those being consumed. What are you doing Joey? How are you making a difference? Telling me off? Insulting other fodder of the world because they got stripes on a their flag and you got a maple leaf? If I’m respondsible for the choices this government (by the way bush was installed by the supreme court not by vote)has made than arent you respondsible for yours?

  117. American nazi, Love is the fulfilling of the law. Love. There is no rightous hate when it comes to people. Jesus made no exceptions for race. Love thy enemies except for that colored guy was never uttered. Inter-racial marriages are trouble for sure but only because of people who share your views. Of course this is coming from a woman, what do we know lol.

  118. Sheryl you are a jewel.

    (whoops if I use the word “Jewel” AN will attack me for being a “JEW BOY” !!! ) :’>

    Are you married Sheryl ?

    (you don’t happen to live in Arkansas or Idaho do you ?!? :’>


  119. Uh, I’m not your enemy goyz. Hey giggle up “secret space” and American antigravity “lifter”….
    I suppose it’s just yer reptile brain doing the us/them thing again. More crotchthink yay!

  120. answer to 173

    This does not answer the question of >>> are you married ?

    There was an oldie song, something like >>>> “I think I love you, but what am I so afraid of? I think
    that I am afraid of, a LOVE there is no cure for”


    dave :’>

  121. I have established a temp relay email address.

    It is >>>

    It will expire in one month or at the touch of a button.

    It is only a temp relay address and not my real email address.

    Send me a note. Not tryung is the deepest regret.

    No obligations.

    You can set your own temp relay address at >>>>

    That is >>>

    That way I will not even know your real name or real email address.

    Give me a shout. You can instantly disable your temp email relay address.

    dave :’>

  122. Run Sheryl, and don’t look back.
    I think a few of the guys [recently mentioned above] here might be somewhat uh, on the practicing distorted can’t pick up chicks in the real world creepy side.

  123. American Naz, seriously, not talking down to you or insulting you, but don’t do the “lizards” work by hating and spreading hate. Peddling tired old race theories won’t deliver you, or any of us, past the coming changes. Repeating warped theories ad nauseam doesn’t make them any less a lie. Our culture’s been tossed on a sea of divide and conquer too long.

    I’m not trying to insult you, but let your mind be quieter, and once quiet, ask yourself, do you really want the Earth to survive, and do you want yourself to survive in it? Only you can answer your actual intentions. It’s a test no one can fake. We see our leaders talk freedom and democracy yet they practice war and atrocities. Our shadows act out our actual intentions no matter how we deny them. Why let fear rule you and decide your (probable lack of) future?

    The answer doesn’t concern me in public, but it is critical to you. Maybe you’re simply trying to rile people up, maybe you’ve been wounded by some other race, but think also of your injuries from your own race, because behind the facade of denial they are many. Your future was sold out by your own people who traded you worthless race hate in return.

    The old hate ways have led us to this present crisis and they are NOT the way out. War doesn’t cure war unless the only peace you’re want is the din in our ears alone on this rock. Answer in your heart (we all have to) your true intentions and recognize the shadow self trying to undo you, if you are to have a future. Don’t be a channel for hate and discredited ideas. It’s only leads to death and that’s too easy a way out. Twisted minds die but twisted souls lives on. There are far better ways. Good luck.

  124. Reply to 178

    Good for you Sheryl.

    It is no wonder that you present yourself as a living testimony of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.


    (believe in THE LORD JESUS)


    dave :’>

  125. Well said Charles, and just so you know, I’ve already processed all those thoughts. Nothing new to me.
    However, you are way off-base as to what motivates me, and what I have experienced. By what you write though, I know all about your way of thinking, a “snapshot” into you mind, if you will. I “know” your “virus”…and I am immune. I am fearless.
    We have found a solution for all this, and it cannot be stopped. Not to worry though, it’s a win/win all around, even for the lizards hehehe. We all know that you cannot wash off blood with blood. Acceptance will be painful for you though, I can tell.
    I ask you to critically question all that you believe to be true, and especially what you believe to be false. Face your fears…it wasn’t easy for me either. I used to believe that man walked on the moon…I used to believe a lot of things. It’s amazing what people will accept at face value without thinking critically about it. So there you have it…you may now take your pound of flesh, but not one drop of blood….And remember, I say this to you in love, not hate, although hate also has its place, I reserve it for those who deserve it.

    Race mixing is not Christian. God prohibits miscegenation. Jews are history’s foremost race mixer, hypocrites and promoters of mongrelization. Racial tension can best be understood through jewish incitement and social engineering. Ultimately, the jewish machinations for breeding out pure races, not just Whites, and ushering in an era of one homogenized breed is nothing less than genocide.

    95% of world jewry is eastern European Ashkenazi, a racial stock comprised of Khazar-Edomite blood. The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, page 41, states, “Edom is in modern Jewry.” Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (Israel) for some “Red pottage… therefore was his name called Edom” (Gen. 25:30). Edom means ‘red’.

    It is impossible for Edomite jews to call themselves Israelites. Jacob remained racially pure, while his brother Esau took alien wives. Therefore, a great controversy emerges from ancient times to the present manifestation of ‘red’ communism (created by jews) between those who have maintained their racial integrity from God and those who have not.

    The fury of Red Terror and racial chaos can be explained only as a manifestation of jewish hatred against White Christian civilization. The”civil rights” movement was instigated at the behest of jewish money and brains. The NAACP, CORE and SNCC were founded and controlled by jews. The White churches of America were dealt a near deadly blow when the jews (with their media and money power) selected Billy Graham as their star preacher to promote race mixing. In a published article Graham said, “There admittedly may be practical problems in some cases because of cultural differences or because of social prejudice which have to be considered, but as a general principle, the Bible doesn’t prohibit interracial marriage or say that a person must only marry from his or her own racial or ethnic group.” Some research indicates that Graham’s real name is Franks and that his ancestry is jewish.

    Since the redemption of Adam/Israel by the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the indwelling of the Spirit in the White race has been accomplished. However, what if there were no White people left on earth in which God’s Spirit could dwell? God would have no place to dwell. It is quite conceivable then, for the enemies of God, the jews, to destroy the ability of our race to propagate and the surest way to do that, short of killing us outright, is to mix our racial stock producing what the Bible calls ‘bastards’ or mongrels (Deut. 23:2). The end product is a mixed breed empty of an undefiled body tainted with hybrid genetics, void of a Spirit/temple in which God can dwell. This breed of jews, as well as all other mixed breeds, have violated God’s biological Creation of ‘kind after kind’ and therefore cannot worship the God/Creator of pure undefiled races. They have defiled God’s original intent and sponsor the proliferation of more ungodly defiance.

    The world sinks back into decadence and degeneracy with antichrist jews in control. Unfortunately, too many of God’s Israelite people have been seduced by profiting from their cooperation with jews to promote interracial fornication. These race traitors may enjoy their bank accounts momentarily, but God is not mocked. Wherever you see a multicultural society, you will see God’s wrath and judgment. There are no blessings from race mixing. The concept of ‘the brotherhood of man’ is as satanic as the Tower of Babel. The curse upon our land for believing the mongrel jew is that we shall become the tail and they shall become the head.

    Our people have forsaken God’s Law to wit: “Thou may not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother” (Deut. 17:15). The jew and non-Whites are not our brethren; they are the spiritless alien stranger. They have mixed blood and mixed up mentalities. They know that it has always been White Christian nations that have proclaimed liberty and protected our rights. It is the same race mixers and race traitors who promulgate the draconian laws of the mislabeled Patriot Act and conspire for an international ‘hate crime’ law to protect jews from “antisemitism” in a New World Order, a police state under martial law run by jews and their two-legged mixed breed monsters of the future. Their opposition to the divine plan is clearly laid out in the scheming tactics of Marxist dialectics.

    The Chicago Jewish Sentinel published an article by Julia Steiner about the ‘Commission on the Prevention of Intermarriage’ reporting that, “In the Torah, Jews are repeatedly warned that intermarriage endangers the survival of the Jewish people.” The news release goes on to say that, “Those who work with our youth must make an active effort to inhibit intermarriage both by speaking out against it and giving our youngsters positive reasons to remain Jewish.” And yet, on the other hand, Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg has stated, “Until we learn to fight our ingrown fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problem will not be in sight…Such a change will involve an inside-out remodeling of the white psyche… the deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten the process… we will never completely eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races.”

    And then to put frosting on their Kosher cake, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis said in 1952:

    “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples.”

    Is it any wonder then, that jews fueled the passage of the Supreme Court decision, in 1954, to desegregate the schools? The ‘Civil Rights’ movement has come a long way baby, thanks to the unfolding fulfillment of the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, a pack of cunning and conniving judeo-masonic wolves, who whisper grandiloquent platitudes while inflicting untold injury. Their banner cry of ‘freedom’ and equality of rights on an international scale of brotherhood brings the mindless mob to do its bidding, both in the thinking that they can do whatever it wishes against every kind of authority, including God and the laws of nature. After all, it takes an African village to raise your White children up in the ways of the jewish pawnbrokers and carpetbaggers, according to jewish media-generated presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton.

    As Protocol No. 9 boasts, “We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated.” We can now witness the edjewcation in the public fool system of a mere half century, whereby White children become the victims of an assassinated degenerate deity’s dream (Martin Lucifer King).

    The reason most people get upset over these kinds of messages about race and jewish duplicity, is because they have been mentally conditioned like clay in the hands of a jewish potter and believe that all races are equal and equally loved by God. If that’s true, then the messengers of equality and redistribution of wealth should have their obscene assets divided amongst the poor races of the third world. They know that their ‘golden rule’ (he who has the most gold… rules!) prevents them from surrendering their bottom line of profits. It is not love of their fellow humans that motivates them; it is rather the love of mammon.

    Race mixing has become a top selling product complete with consumer dedication and an unparalleled advertising blitz. However, if one is to believe the Bible, this multicultural phenomenon is nearing the end of its shelf-life. “I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam [to corrupt our people by tempting them to marry alien races], who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel… to commit fornication (miscegenation)” Rev. 2:14.

    And in Jude 11 we read, “Woe unto them! [the filthy dreamers of verse 8 who defile the flesh; i.e. the race and despise dominion and speak evil of dignities; i.e. racial purity] for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam (race mixing) for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah.” Jews really do hate White Christian civilization, and want to destroy us down to the last man. Race mixing is just one avenue in which to accomplish that goal. This series of articles will continue to expose those jewish elements determined to destroy us.

    To be continued …

  126. First rule of mentally ill goo: repeating it all (with extra hate and sickness) doesn’t make it NOT mentally ill goo. The virus I have is sanity. You’d be lucky to catch some of that. Sadly, all those warped ideas are a weight around your psyche. For all you know, whites are the result of race mixing.

    Name one thing, besides feeling superior, that they are superior at. I rest my case. And sadly, you take this thread with a lot of important timely knowledge and render it nearly useless. Enjoy. Maybe the other intelligent posters will post again, but life moves on. Note it pass you and the old hater ways behind.

  127. Well now Charles, the old “hate” and “hater” labels again.
    Interesting, debate with a jew…that’s what you are, aren’t you?
    Your desperation is evident.
    You fear love, you fear hate. You fear. All of nature frightens you. You resist. Know you that I, were you to know me, you would know love. Come with love, and you will know something beautiful. Come with hate, and I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
    Superiority? We are the lowest common denominator. We are the weak, the humble, the downtrodden, the victims of your ideological dialectic.
    I saw once, a thing, not an hallucinacion, I fixed my gaze upon it, and not a hand’s breadth before my face, there it was! The most beautiful thing! Alive! Moving! It remained, and remains, a gift of God. It never wavers nor falters, eternal. I am nothing before it!
    We shall live, we are. Created in the image of God, the merciful, the compassionate.
    All sin and impurity washed away, selfless being, aware and alive.
    Intelligent? That which you agree and say is true…feeble human!
    Now throw the first stone, as you always do.

  128. Malt doch nicht immer
    Den teufel an die wand
    Euer ewiges gewimmer
    Kostet den verstand

    Krempelt hoch die ärmel und
    Atmet tief durch
    Wir werden es schon schaffen
    Trotzet eurer furcht

    An deck jetzt alle
    Drauf und dran
    Spuckt in die hände
    Packen wir’s an

    Hau ruck
    Ruck zuck

    Macht gute meine
    Zum bitterbösen spiel
    Ihr habt nichts zu verlieren doch
    Gewinnen könnt ihr viel

    Schnallt den gürtel enger
    Nähret euren zorn
    Den letzten kriegen die hunde
    Schaut entschlossen nur nach vorn

    Zusammen jetzt alle
    Zieht den karren aus dem dreck
    Unsere rücken unsere fäuste nur das
    Mittel zum zweck

  129. Petit, petit, petit
    Tout est mini dans notre vie
    Mini-moke et mini-jupe
    Mini-moche et lilliput
    Il est mini Docteur Schweitzer
    Mini mini ça manque d’air
    Mini-jupe et mini-moque
    Miniature de quoi j’me moque
    Ministère et terminus
    Minimum et minibus

    Petit, petit, petit
    Tout est mini dans notre vie
    Mini-moke et mini-jupe
    Mini-moche et lilliput
    Il est mini Docteur Schweitzer
    Mini mini ça manque d’air
    Mini, mini, mini
    Mini, mini, mini, mini

    Moi je préfère les maxis
    Maxi-moke et maxi-jupe
    Maxi-moche et maxi-pute
    Il est maxi Docteur Schweitzer
    Maxi maxi ça respire l’air
    Maxitère et termaxus
    Maximum et maxibus
    Maxistère et termaxus
    Maximum et maxibus
    Maxistère et termaxus

  130. Conquer your world
    Study you quietly
    Count the ways
    I’ll do anything you say
    There will be no holding back
    Legions of me

    So cruel
    Longing eternally
    Bitter sweet possibilities
    A tiger on the attack
    Ready to bleed

    Tragically yours
    Obey and submit to me
    I will find you
    Wherever you hide
    Got a thrill for the hunt
    A skilled criminal mind

    So calm
    Tracking your every move
    Unrelenting my conscious clear
    Beyond a shadow of doubt
    A force to be feared

    Wretched and pure
    Tricky and dangerous
    Do not question
    Or challenge your fate
    A promise written in blood
    Take life for pay

    Yours is not to ask why
    Yours is to do and die
    Professional killer

  131. Silence is golden
    Ingorance bliss
    Better off not asking
    What you’d rather forget

    And as the vice grip choke holds
    All of our freedoms are meeting their end
    And for the wars they wage
    Numberless troops lie wounded or dead

    The beatings will continue
    Until morale improves

    Free your hate
    Crusade in the days of rage
    Perilous folly
    Rise up against your fate
    Free your hate
    Crusade in the days of rage
    Tireless cunning
    Stampede and break your chains

    Terror at gunpoint
    Torture at large
    Enemy combatant
    Labeled a threat
    Without trial or charge

    Repetition of history
    Messenger, prophet, martyr for god
    All for once and for all
    Reclaim your power
    The tyrant must fall

    The beatings will continue
    Until morale improves

  132. Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt
    Vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt
    Ich werf ein Licht in mein Gesicht
    Mein heißer Schrei
    Feuer frei!

    Bäng bäng

    Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt
    Vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt
    Ein Funkenstoß in ihren Schoß
    Mein heißer Schrei
    Feuer frei!

    Bäng bäng
    Feuer frei!

    Gefährlich ist wer Schmerzen kennt
    Vom Feuer das den Geist verbrennt
    Bäng bäng
    Gefährlich das gebrannte Kind
    Mit Feuer das vom Leben trennt
    Ein heißer Schrei
    Bäng bäng
    Feuer frei!

    Dein Glück
    Ist nicht mein Glück
    Ist mein Unglück

    Bäng bäng
    Feuer frei!

  133. Ein kleiner Mensch stirbt – nur zum Schein
    Wollte ganz alleine sein
    Das kleine Herz stand still für Stunden
    So hat man es für tot befunden
    Es wird verscharrt in nassem Sand
    Mit einer Spieluhr in der Hand

    Der erste Schnee das Grab bedeckt
    Hat ganz sanft das Kind geweckt
    In einer kalten Winternacht
    Ist das kleine Herz erwacht

    Als der Frost ins Kind geflogen
    Hat es die Spieluhr aufgezogen
    Eine Melodie im Wind
    Und aus der Erde singt das Kind

    Hoppe hoppe Reiter
    Und kein Engel steigt herab
    Mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter
    Nur der Regen weint am Grab
    Hoppe hoppe Reiter
    Eine Melodie im Wind
    Mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter
    Und aus der Erde singt das Kind

    Der kalte Mond in voller Pracht
    Hört die Schreie in der Nacht
    Und kein Engel steigt herab
    Nur der Regen weint am Grab

    Zwischen harten Eichendielen
    Wird es mit der Spieluhr spielen
    Eine Melodie im Wind
    Und aus der Erde singt das Kind

    Hoppe hoppe Reiter
    Und kein Engel steigt herab
    Mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter
    Nur der Regen weint am Grab
    Hoppe hoppe Reiter
    Eine Melodie im Wind
    Mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter
    Und aus der Erde singt das Kind

  134. Hey amigos . . .
    Adelante amigos . . .
    Vamos vamos mi amor
    Me gusta mucho tu sabor
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  135. Ich will

    Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut
    Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt
    Ich will eure Blicke spüren
    Ich will jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren

    Ich will eure Stimmen hören
    Ich will die Ruhe stören
    Ich will dass ihr mich gut seht
    Ich will dass ihr mich versteht

    Ich will eure Fantasie
    Ich will eure Energie
    Ich will eure Hände sehen
    Ich will in Beifall untergehen

    Seht ihr mich?
    Versteht ihr mich?
    Fühlt ihr mich?
    Hört ihr mich?

    Könnt ihr mich hören?
    Könnt ihr mich sehen?
    Könnt ihr mich fühlen?
    Ich versteh euch nicht

    Ich will

    Wir wollen dass ihr uns vertraut
    Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt
    Wir wollen eure Hände sehen
    Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen – ja

  136. GENETIC OMNI-DOMINANCE: THE GOD HYPOTHESIS By James A. Bowery Version 06/08/2003 Copyright James A. Bowery 06/08/2003 The author grants the right to copy without modification. FOREWORD INTRODUCTION “As a rule, hybrids do not represent the form exactly intermediate between the parental strains…Those traits that pass into hybrid association entirely or almost entirely unchanged, thus themselves representing the traits of the hybrid, are termed dominating, and those that become latent in the association, recessive.” – Gregor Mendel (1865) “…mutations are most frequently in the direction of inactivation and that for physiological reasons inactivation should generally behave as recessive.” – Sewall Wright (1929) “If two beavers working on the same dam have different genes for dam height, the resulting extended phenotype will reflect the interaction between genes, in the same way as bodies reflect the gene interactions. There could be extended genetic analogues of epistasis, of modifier genes, even of dominance and recessiveness.” – Richard Dawkins (1982) Freedom is the ability to express self-interest. Oppression is the inability to express self-interest. Slavery is the compulsion to express other-interest. Dominance acquires freedom by taking it from others, resulting in oppression if not slavery. To the extent that phenotypes extend outside the bodies within which their genes reside (as described by Dawkins) genetic dominance (as described by Mendel) has social implications. To the extent that mutations tend to be recessive (as described by Wright) those social implications are the oppression and slavery of recently evolved populations by older populations when they come into intimate contact through ecological mixing. This is the essence of hypothesis of genetic omnidominance; The GOD Hypothesis. GENETIC OMNI-DOMINANCE: THE GOD HYPOTHESIS The conventional concepts of the evolution of Mendelian dominance, epistasis (influence over remote parts of the same genome) and extended phenotypics (influence over parts of remote genomes), can be usefully unified to form a new concept called herein “genetic omni-dominance” (GOD) as the joint product of ecological annealing. The bold acronym of GOD matches the boldness of the genetic omni-dominance hypothesis. GOD is the generalized result of sustained competition for phenotypic expression among self-interested complexes of DNA with intersecting ecological ranges. As the outgrowth of the struggle for genetic expression, GOD is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the Darwinian struggle for existence. For a genetic system to influence its own destiny, it must be capable of expression. The less capable of expression, the less influence it has over its own destiny. Within an individual species, or within a co-evolved system of species, a gradient of GOD may exist from the interior to the periphery of its ecological range due to ecological annealing. An otherwise viable system of recessive mutations, typically co-evolved at a newly colonized periphery of the ecological range, may become incapable of co-expression with the introduction of systems with greater GOD and therefore become deleterious due to incoherent expression. Having been rendered deleterious by incoherent expression, said recessive system would, in general, be gradually selected out of existence. This is particularly relevant under environmental modifications such as those that occur due to natural climate shifts or synthetic conditions such as those that occur with human transportation and habitation technologies. In sexual species, the male determinant (for example, the Y chromosome in humans) will be a primary locus of intraspecific GOD due to the fact that intraspecific competition is primarily carried out between males. This has important implications for the relationship between the Major Histocompatibility Group genes and sexual attraction and would predict greater signaling/manipulation of MHC disease presence/resistance by males. The center of the ecological range will also tend to have more genetic diversity per capita (with consequent heterozygosity) but express it less due to dominance whereas the periphery of the ecological range will have less genetic diversity percapita (with consequent homozygosity) but will tend to express that diversity despite recessiveness. PARASITISM VS MUTUALISM The GOD Hypothesis predicts that mutualistic (mutually beneficial symbiotic) relationships at the center of the ecological range may, as one progresses toward the periphery, become parasitic due to inadequate ecological annealing at the periphery. The dispersion of a sub species outward, away from the center of the ecological range via environmental compensation for its weaknesses in these marginal habitats will, therefore, tend to displace indigenous members of that species by introducing greater parasite loading on the indigenous members of that species and healthier non-indigenous competitors for that portion of the range. The human situation is particularly interesting due to the fact that a species coevolved with a human subspecies may be memetic in nature and therefore be transmitted entirely via verbal and/or visual forms of communication. For instance, a population that has coevolved with a variety of religious forms may disperse into a population that has not so coevolved and reduce the fitness of the indigenous population if religions promoting universal altruism are the only religions promoted among the indigenous population (religions promoting reciprocal, or even kin, altruism remaining within the dispersing population). This appears to have happened when the technical infrastructure of the Roman Empire compensated for the naturally harsh conditions at the frontiers of that Empire creating an environment within which the universal altruism of Christianity was promoted among Europeans by Paul and the other early Christian Proselytes who were Jews. Jewish religious belief, however, retained its tribal character, expressing both reciprocal and kin altruism. The result was an extended period of Jewish success in diaspora among Europeans in competition with holders of indigenous niches involving religious beliefs and inter-tribal trade. This successful displacement of indigenous religions and trade niches has continued till this day (including recent innovations in religion such as Marxist economics, Rosenbaumian philosophy aka “Objectivism”, Boasian anthropology/sociology, Freudian psychology, etc.). Jews have typically led political movements to liberalize immigration laws for a variety of reasons. Interestingly, however, anti-immigrationism among Jews has recently arisen. This appears due to a profound change in Western Civilization resulting from their very success and is largely the result of advancing technologies of the empires of the modern era as they result in integration of immigrants to the West from ecologies closer to human origins than those in which Jews evolved. Just as religions and peoples coevolved in locations closer to human origins than Europe once displaced indigenous European religions and trade niches, so now cultures from even closer to human origin than the Levant are starting to displace those from the Levant in its niches in the West. It appears that William H. McNeill was aware of some of these anthro-centric phenomena within his book “Plagues and Peoples” where he discusses the degree to which various populations are “diseased experienced” and even allows that certain memetic forms can act as parasites. A more general case is made by Alfred W. Crosby in “Ecological Imperialism”. It is significant that both McNeill and Crosby are focused primarily on the most politically fashionable topic of their time (circa 1975-1985) which was the evil of European Imperialism — most specifically the evil of north and western European (Protestant) Imperialism — and seem unable to deal with the fact that sub-Saharan Africa is the source of highly sophisticated and ancient human-borne ecosystems capable of subverting urbane “disease experience” outside of Africa. The fact that this political fashion corresponded with the time during which Jews were overthrowing “white anglo-saxon protestant” power in the United States (and the peak of the predominantly-Protestant female fertility) via their political movements (as thoroughly documented by Kevin MacDonald in “The Culture of Critique”) adds general credence to the above thesis. This incursion of coevolved species displacing indigenous species is a form of extended genetic dominance in the sense that the co-evolved species is suppressing the expression of the phenotypes of the indigenous subspecies and allowing the phenotypes of the nonindigenous sub/species to dominate. THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE The aspect of the genetic omni-dominance hypothesis that is most difficult to accept is based on a new and revolutionary way of viewing the relationship between genes and phenotypes within ecological systems christened by Richard Dawkins “the extended phenotype”. Here is a brief introduction to the concept from the book “The Extended Phenotype” by Richard Dawkins (of which he says “It doesn’t matter if you never read anything else of mine, please at least read this.”): ——– BEGIN QUOTE OF DAWKINS FROM “THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE” ——– Let us briefly take stock of where we have reached in our outward march. The phenotypic expression of a gene can extend outside the cell in which the genes exert their immediate biochemical influence, to affect gross features of a whole multicellular body. This is commonplace, and we are conventionally used to the idea of a gene’s phenotypic expression being extended this far. In the previous chapter we took the small further step of extending the phenotype to artifacts, built by individual behavior which is subject to genetic variation, for instance caddis houses. Next we saw that an extended phenotype can be built under the joint influence of genes in more than one individual body. Beaver dams and termite mounds are collectively built by the behavioral efforts of more than one individual. A genetic mutation in one individual beaver could show itself in phenotypic change in the shared success of replication of the new gene, natural selection would act, positively or negatively, to change the probability of similar artifacts existing in the future. The gene’s extended phenotypic effect, say an increase in the height of the dam, affects its chances of survival in precisely the same sense as in the case of a gene with normal phenotypic effect, such as an increase in the length of the tail. The fact that the dam is the shared product of the building behavior of several beavers does not alter the principle: genes that tend to make beavers build high dams will themselves, on average, tend to reap the benefits (or costs) of high dams, even though every dam may be jointly built by several beavers. If two beavers working on the same dam have different genes for dam height, the resulting extended phenotype will reflect the interaction between the genes, in the same way as bodies reflect the gene interactions. There could be extended genetic analogues of epistasis, of modifier genes, even of dominance and recessiveness. ——– END QUOTE OF DAWKINS FROM “THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE” ——– And thus we see Dawkins, himself, anticipated one of the two key concepts that under-gird the hypothesis of genetic omni-dominance, unifying Mendelian dominance, epistasis and extended phenotypics, just as I have already outlined in The GOD Hypothesis above. The key concept that he misses is actually relatively straightforward once one understands the fundamental role the competition for expression plays in evolution: A gradient of decreasing dominance from the interior to the periphery of the ecological range, giving rise to greater GOD in the interior than toward the periphery. THE EVOLUTION OF OMNI-DOMINANCE As the outgrowth of the struggle for genetic expression, genetic omni-dominance is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the Darwinian struggle for existence. For a genetic system to influence its own destiny, it must be capable of expression. The less capable of expression, the less influence it has over its own destiny. DNA patterns that are incapable of expression continue to exist only so long as they are not in competition with other genetic systems. Even in such unrealistically-benign circumstances they will gradually mutate — or drift — into nonexistence. Within an individual species, or within a co-evolved system of species, a gradient of GOD may exist from the interior to the periphery of its ecological range due to ecological annealing. “Ecological annealing” is the phrase used rather than mere “adaptation” or “co-adaptation” since we are addressing a large-number effect of genes and their adaptations in an ecosystem, similar to the way statistical mechanics can be applied to the Newtonian mechanics of a large number of “billiard ball” molecules to yield thermodynamics. Ecological annealing has its analogue in thermal annealing: a substance can be made stronger by heating it up and then slowly cooling it over a long period of time. The ecological analogy to heating a substance is ecological instability. This can happen in a number of ways, but the most common ecological instabilities arise at the boundary of the ecological range where the carrying capacity of old adaptations can be far lower than new adaptations. Beneficial mutations at the periphery of an ecological range can enjoy dramatic success by expanding the ecological range. When that happens, a number of other mutations may become beneficial as well and a subspecies emerge. The struggle for expression, however, continues over time scales longer than the initial struggle for existence. Why this is so becomes clear when one considers how genes resolve their conflicts with each other that arise, not just between subspecies, but within a subspecies. If a beneficial trait appears due to a mutation, but that mutation interferes with the expression of another beneficial trait, the individuals carrying the new mutation may survive despite losing the benefit of the old trait. Furthermore, the selective pressures that gave rise to the original beneficial trait still exist. Thus additional mutations will tend to re-expresses the original trait. This process can go one for quite some time before an accomodation is reached between various mutations and the older genes about exactly how they are all to get along and express the best traits. When they do come to such an accomodation, it is usually because there are multiple ways of expressing the essential aspects of the most important traits so that those traits are stablized in the population. In the special case of Mendellian dominance, what can happen is that a gene for a critical trait may produce an enzyme or catalyst, so that even in the heterozygous state there is enough of the critical substance to result in the expression of the critical trait. However the accomodation is reached, the point is that it takes many more generations to evolve dominance than it does to evolve new beneficial traits. In this sense, “ecological annealing” is the processes by which the self-interested complexes of DNA in the ecosystem arrive at greater levels of stability in their co-evolutionary states. This ever-greater stability results in higher degrees of robustness against perturbations of all kinds, environmental as well as genetic. This is a principle defining characteristic of genetic dominance extended to the level of ecosystems — of genetic omni-dominance. Y CHROMOSOMES The GOD Hypothesis predicts that the Y chromosome will be a primary locus of intraspecific Genetic Omni-Dominance due to the fact that intraspecific competition is primarily carried out between males. From “The History and Geography of Human Genes” 2.4.c “The Y Chromosome”: “The following notes on the Y chromosome are from an unpublished review by A. S. Santachiara-Benerecetti. Among the numerous sequences isolated from the Y chromosome, only a few have Y-specific polymorphisms… The molecular basis of the variation is not clearly understood, but the system is powerful in distinguishing ethnic origins… “In studies on Mediterranean populations (Torroni et al. 1990; A. S. Santachiara-Benerecetti, unpubl.), several haplotypes showed unusually large variations in frequency among neighboring populations (Algerians, Tunisians, northern Italians, southern Italians and Sardinians). I belabor this point on how “powerful in distinguishing ethnic origins” the Y chromosome is because evolutionary ethnology simply cannot advance beyond its present primitive state if its scholars fail to bear in mind the primary place of male-male competition in intraspecific evolution — and it is all too obvious that such failure of intellect is tragically endemic to the discipline. The GOD hypothesis predicts that when ethnicities disperse further from human origin, their cultural norms will tend to take the offensive at a genetic level. The GOD hypothesis also predicts that when ethnicities disperse closer to human origin, their cultural norms will tend to take the defensive or to die out. “further” and “closer” are in ecological distance which merely correlates with geographic distance. This is exactly what we observe in the case of the Jewish diaspora, one of the more extreme and well-studied cases of such migrations. In the case of European Jewery, the dispersion was to further from human origin and we see, except for the core population of Cohanim, Jewish identity is matrilineal with no formal prohabilition against more recessive males marrying into Jewish identity. The recessive Y chromosome lineages that marry into the Jewish religion do not seem to have had a substantial impact on the long-term dominance of the Cohanim Y chromosome. This is exactly the opposite of what we observe in the case of the Lemba — the Jews who long ago dispersed to Zimbabwe, closer to human origin. Among the Lemba Jews, who share Y chromosome markers with European Cohanim, external Y chromosomes are excluded by the patrilineal tribal law of Lemba Judaism, but females from outside are not formally prohibited from marrying into Jewish identity. As mentioned in the introduction to the GOD hypothesis above “This has important implications for the relationship between the Major Histocompatibility Group genes and sexual attraction – and would predict greater signaling/manipulation of MHC disease presence/resistance by males.” The GOD hypothesis predicts that the Y chromosome will be a very good candidate for epistatic or modifier genes that switch on MHC signaling to females — signaling that enhances sexual attractiveness of foreign males. This sexual attractiveness is multifaceted from an evolutionary point of view: Since the male with the foreign Y chromosome has survived invasion of the deme (a subregion of the ecological range of the species, environmentally isolated from others within which a subspecies breeds) of which the female is a member, it is likely the foreign male is competitive. Since the foreign male’s arrival is likely not an isolated incident, the diseases brought by the foreign male’s deme are likely to show up in the female’s deme soon — and the female urgently needs to acquire the immunities of the foreign deme for her children — immunities mediated by the MHC group of genes. For demes that have undergone greater ecological annealing, there is generally a greater likelihood that they have adapted to a wider variety of pathogens, thereby multiplying the urgency that would accompany a typical incursion of a foreign deme’s males. Although only point 2 above has been reported as a hypothetical explanation for the observed increases of sexual attractiveness of foreign males, points 1 and 3 are readily surmised. In the case of 3, the widely accepted practical reality of sexual selection during ecological mixing is that more genetically dominant males are generally more sexually attractive to more recessive females, and that the reciprocal sexual attractions, of recessive males to more genetically dominant females, are less common. Marriage statistics between American blacks and whites reflect this bias in sexual selection, as marriages in which a black male marries a white female are 3 times more common than the reverse. While there are many alternative explanations offered for this phenomenon, the history of white male violence against black males who have sex with white females is clear evidence that sexual jealousy, a primary motivator of male on male violence, is at play in interracial relations, exactly as is expected from traditional views of racial differences. The practical reality of this sort of sexual attraction is so well accepted that it forms a common theme in popular culture. For example, from “Jews don’t hitch”: Northern Exposure’s depiction of a Jew’s assimilation to the American Religion by David Porush: “The most common sign of the Jew’s choice to assimilate is in the automatic pairing of clearly – almost stereotypically Jewish men to non-Jewish women. Under Jewish law, a Jewish man must choose a Jewish woman to remain Jewish and, more importantly, to keep his children Jewish. Yet just the shows in the last few seasons illustrating this transgression presents a stunning list: Friends, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Murphy Brown, Beverly Hills, 90210. In persistently showing the Jew in the last stages of divesting himself of his Jewish religion, television has taken over the theme from popular films like Abie’s Irish Rose, The Jazz Singer, Diner, Crossing Delancey, A Gentleman’s Agreement, Annie Hall, and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.” Of course, this whole issue of “Jewish identity” ignores the flow of Y chromosomes into the surrounding, relatively recessive, population and the potential for Y resident (as well as other — autosomal — nuclear DNA) GOD to cause a shift in expressed characteristics. Something else Mr. Porush fails to mention about this most interesting series (the exposure of a GOD genotype to a gene pool far from human origin) is an episode in which the most desirable female of this female-starved frontier town has an emotional attachment to a relatively recessive male at the same time that she has unemotional sex with the GOD genotype male. In the final scene of the episode, she confronts them both with the female’s confused state when presented with a choice between the sexual attraction to the genetic omni-dominance, and correlated resistance to disease etc. now arriving from cosmopolitan centers, of the Jewish male and her emotional attachment to the idealistic environmentalist recessive male. An implied answer is, of course, obvious: Domestic life with the idealistic recessive male caring for children sired by the Jewish male, because one of the chief laws of “The American Religion” discussed by Mr. Porush is that “genes don’t matter” — something else that Mr. Porush fails to expound upon in his essay on said religion. MONOGAMY Harem size will tend to increase with GOD. The relatively obvious reasons for this are two fold: It is lower status males that tend to be driven to the periphery of the ecological range. The periphery of the ecological range has a lower carrying capacity and therefore requires greater paternal investment for child rearing. If sexual subspecies can maintain themselves for enough generations, genetic predispositions toward decreasing harem size with decreasing GOD should arise. In extreme cases, this may exhibit itself as monogamy. For the purposes of this article, I’ll call such monogamy Ecologically Imposed Monogamy (EIM) to distinguish it from the Socially Imposed Monogamy (SIM) exhibited in human societies that is a popular topic of study among sociologists. During periods of environmental change, such as that which occurs in human ecologies during the advance of technologies for trade, transport and habitat construction, we should expect to see ethnic conflict centered on the Y chromosome crossing GOD clines, including parasitic castration of indigenous males by males of greater GOD. A primary failing of the literature on SIM is its lack of attention to: The underlying genetic predisposition for EIM of populations at the periphery of human ecological ranges The disruption of EIM by the introduction of technologies that cause gene-flow to cross GOD clines (such as the Viking traders) and The resulting need for SIM to preserve populations that, in their natural state exhibit EIM (see Tacitus’s Germania for his comment on the manifest EIM of Germanic tribes where the only exceptions are occasional polygynous marriages of alliance among the nobles) during periods of such disruption. Christianity may, therefore, be seen as a SIM necessitated by the increasing traffic between the northern frontiers of the Roman Empire and the middle East. PARASITIC CASTRATION A genetic omni-dominant phenotype that appears frequently throughout nearly all ecosystems is called “parasitic castration” by ethologists. In parasitic castration, the parasite diverts resources, closely linked to the host’s reproductive behavior, to the general propagation of the parasite’s genes. In the most primitive cases, this starts with the parasite actually eating the gonads of the host male — mechanical castration via tissue consumption. This is quite common as these tissues are not vital for the survival of the individual host and provide a meal for the parasite. But the resources offered by the meal are trivial compared to what comes long after the gonads have been consumed — in the form of resources that would otherwise go to mating investments and nurturing of the host’s offspring that would result from such mating investments. Despite the rather obvious and overwhelming long-term benefits of host castration to parasites, parasitologists have historically been reluctant to face, squarely, the rather disturbing, from a host’s perspective, idea that there may be more to parasitic castration than a single meal. From Richard Dawkins’ “The Extended Phenotype” chapter “Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes”: “For instance, an important review of parasitic castration in Crustacea (Reinhard 1956) is packed with detailed information and speculation on the precise physiological routes by which parasites castrate their hosts, but is almost devoid of discussion on why they might have been selected to do so, or whether, instead, castration is simply a fortuitous byproduct of parasitization.” However, direct gonadal consumption is not even necessary for the achievement of the big long term payoff resulting from diversion of reproductive resources. The “chemical castration” that is used as criminal punishment for rapists is far more direct even though it does not require mechanical excision of gonads — and ethologists such as Baudoin have pointed to cases in which parasites achieve host castration by synthesis of host hormones — not even bothering to consume the gonadal tissues. (With such overwhelming evidence that parasitic castration is a highly specific adaptation, not dependent on the immediate nutritional value of the gonads, one can only speculate on the possibilty that the thesis presented in “Mind Control and The GOD Hypothesis” may be operative among ethologists described by Dawkins in the preceding passage.) TESTOSTERONE AND PARASITIC CASTRATION Testosterone is a primary hormone produced by male reproductive systems and is an obvious point of attack. The fascinating thing about testosterone is the variety of ways its levels can be altered without directly removing the testes (male gonads or reproductive glands that produce most testosterone). For example, diet can profoundly affect testosterone levels. For 3/4 of the United States population, who are genetically ill-adapted to post-neolithic-revolution dietary patterns, starch (the cheapest source of calories) is at dangerously high levels in their diet (“The Zone”, by Barry Sears, p. 31) . For males this can directly suppress testosterone levels as well as having a variety of side effects. For those “Paleolithic” males the author’s advice is “Eat less starch and more protein until you feel better.” Some minimum level of moderate exercise (at least 20 minutes walking at a moderately fast pace at least every other or third day) is also crucial. THE AMYGDALA AND PARASITIC CASTRATION A key structure in human fertility, particularly male fertility, is the amygdala, which dramatically reduces in size upon castration. According to Malsbury and McKay, the amygdala shrinkage can be about 25% within 8 weeks of castration. (Malsbury, C.W. and K. McKay. Neurotrophic effects of testosterone on the medial nucleus of the amygdala in adult male rats. J. Neuroendocrinology, 1994, 6:57-69.) Although reduction in size is not the only way this brain-structure may be reprogrammed to effect parasitic castration, it is a possible observable. Furthermore, since large changes in human migration patterns have occurred in living memory, there should be plenty of intact amygdala specimens that can be correlated with their genotype as well as changes in the environmental genotypes that may impose extended phenotypic parasitic castration. During the period of greatest environmental influx of more dominant genes into the environments traditionally reserved for more recessive males in the United States, autism rates have increased four-fold, from 1 in 2000 before 1970 to 1 in 500 in 2000. Furthermore, although reporting is always problematic, the increases are most apparent in peripheral geographic regions associated with more recessive traits that have experienced some of the greatest rates of change in geneflow as measured by dominant:recessive ratio — regions such as the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, as reported in The Geek Syndrome: In the past decade, there has been a significant surge in the number of kids diagnosed with autism throughout California… Through the ’90s, cases tripled in California. “Anyone who says this is due to better diagnostics has his head in the sand.” California is not alone. Rates of both classic autism and Asperger’s syndrome are going up all over the world, which is certainly cause for alarm and for the urgent mobilization of research. Autism was once considered a very rare disorder, occurring in one out of every 10,000 births. Now it’s understood to be much more common – perhaps 20 times more. But according to local authorities, the picture in California is particularly bleak in Santa Clara County. What genetic change has occurred in Santa Clara more than in California, in California more than in the rest of the world, and in the rest of the world over the last decade, more than other times in history ? Immigration and high degrees of integration among populations that have undergone very little coevolution. Furthermore, according to Dr. Jeff Bradstreet a little-mentioned fact is that over 90% of autistics are blood type A. If true, that would be better than twice the expected frequency for American “whites” and so close to 100% that the probability of it being due to chance is disappearingly small. Add to that the fact that the only type A blood common among “whites” is called ABO*A2, and that this blood type is centered in northern Scandinavia, according to the gene map on page 3 of the world gene maps in “The History and Geography of Human Genes” (unabridged), and you have a very strong set of cross-checked evidence that what we are witnessing is a syndrome that preferentially attacks people indigenous to the periphery of humanity’s ecological range. Might we then suspect that autism is an extended phenotype of GOD populations enjoying greater integration and interpenetration of traditionally recessive preserves — indeed, parasitic castration involving the human amygdala just discussed? The clincher seems to appear in the fact that the amygdala, the brain structure most subject to alteration by castration in males is also the brain structure observably modified in cases of autism. Furthermore the preponderance of autistic children are males — a feature that would be predicted by the emphasis placed on territorial competition among Y chromosomes by the GOD hypothesis (territorial competition, itself, being most closely associated with the R complex and, even more specifically, the amygdala). While this sub-hypothesis of autism as amygdala-involved parasitic castration is speculative, the confluence of evidence suggests that genetic omnidominance is at the root of the profound increase in cases of reported autism, and that this class of hypotheses should be investigated by ethical researchers. Among the biological pathogens that are candidates are viruses which are found with increasing frequency and diversity as human diversity is enforced at every opportunity by governments over recessive demographies. Not only should retroviruses (related to HIV which is known to damage the amygdala and surrounding tissues) be looked into but also the more mundane neural pathogens such as Human Herpes Virus which has also been linked to amygdala damage. Toward the identification of a specific pathogen whether memetic or genetic, research into the epidemiology of autism can yield clues as to their origin(s). Such research has proceeded since the development, and under the guidance of the GOD hypothesis. The results are supportive of the GOD hypothesis via the subhypothesis of autism’s etiology. The research supports the specific hypothesis that the susceptibility to autism’s recent profound increase is found in the HLA A3 gene, appearing among populations descended from the extreme northern reaches of Europe, and that this susceptibility is somehow potentiated by coming into close environmental contact with recent immigrants from India — thereby resulting in the primary demographic correlate of autism. EMOTIVE MEMES AS HUMAN PHEROMONES As discussed above, it is plausible that territorial competition between males has resulted in a variety of mechanisms for manipulating the amygdalae of rivals via extended phenotypics. The amygdala is a key structure in the processes of smell. One of the more plausible neurochemical routes for such genetic omnidominant expression would be the emission of olfactory signals. Pheromones are among the more evolutionarily sophisticated mechanisms by which such extended phenotypic manipulation might occur. In humans, smell has been shown to play some role in sexual attractiveness, with some studies indicating a feminine ability to discriminate between MHC genotypes with consequences for sexual attractiveness. It is natural to presume, therefore, that pheromones play a similar role in humans. However, Jacobson’s organ, and the associated structures for the neurochemical pathways involving pheromones are, in humans, atrophied compared to their counterparts in other animals. This leads one to suspect that a new mechanism has arisen with humans that largely displaces the role played by pheromones in other animals. A clue as to what this new mechanism might be can be found in the other, primary, function of the amygdala — and that is in the storage of emotive memory. In human evolution, memes — replicators that rely on human memory as their raw material — are transmitted between humans with sophistication that rivals and indeed, in many areas, easily surpasses the sophistication of pheromones. Furthermore, such enormous reliance on memes for intraspecific communication seems as unique to humans as is the vestigial nature of structures for pheromones. It is plausible, therefore, that with the development of neurochemical pathways for memes — particularly memes associated with intense emotions — humans lost many of the evolutionary pressures that maintain the pheromone-specific neurochemical pathways in other animals. Spatial structure in populations has been shown by Oliphant (Oliphant, M. (1994). Evolving cooperation in the non-iterated prisoner’s dilemma: The importance of spatial organization. In Brooks, R. and Maes, P. (Eds.) Proceedings of the fourth artificial life workshop, pp. 349-352 MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.) to be sufficient to evolve memetic capability in kin-based societies. However, in non-kin environments, such as those predicted by the genetic omnidominance hypothesis to produce intraspecific parasitic castration, one should expect to find Saussurean communication progressively degenerating as evolutionary pressure drives the expression of increasingly sophisticated means of transmitting emotive memes that take up residence as emotive memories in the amygdala of rivals thereby reducing their reproductive competence. INDIRECT CASTRATION Castration can also be quite indirect. For example, isolating a male from females could qualify as a kind of indirect and temporary “castration”. Indeed, some forms of male-male competition, particularly within species whose male reproductive behavior involves nurturing of young, can be viewed as indirect parasitic castration — especially if the males so castrated end up with enhanced contributions to the reproductive viability of the castrating males. The GOD Hypothesis predicts that males will be parasitically castrated by other relatively GOD males in a variety of ways. In “Y Chromosomes and The GOD Hypothesis” the importance of male-male competition to intraspecific evolution was emphasized (primarily human evolutionary ethnology), particularly with reference to male fertility rates as they vary with relative genetic omni-dominance within the same community. Because the word “parasite” usually applies to inter-species competition, the intra-species usage of “parasitic castration” may cause some cognitive dissonance. However, it is easy to see how parasitism applies: Brood parasites secretly leave their offspring with other species to nurture. The classic example is the “cuckoo” who secretly lays its eggs in the nests of other species of birds. If the host species is monogamous, the female is rendered less sexually receptive to the male by the presence of an additional gaping mouth to feed and the male can be viewed as having been reproductively isolated from his female and therefore parasitically castrated. “cuckold”, which derives from the word “cuckoo”, is a folk term used to describe intraspecific brood parasitism in humans. In “cuckoldry”, a human male secretly copulates with a human female who is in a pair-bond with another human male, leaving the pair-bond to dutifully raise the cuckolder’s offspring to maturity. In extreme cases, the cuckolded male may find himself divorced from his wife to raise the child on his own — although this is rare. Despite appearing to have grown in recent decades, cuckoldry is receiving a good deal of competition from another form of parasitic castration in the rising numbers of childless males since the 1970s in the West — males who nevertheless pay a disproportionate amount of the taxes that provide for the general welfare of children sired by other males. The data on cuckoldry in urban environments, where we would see greatest GOD differentials, is sketchy, but what we see is what would be predicted by the GOD hypothesis: Rising cuckoldry rates followed by rising divorce rates followed by rising direct access to income by females (avoiding dependency on males) coupled with single motherhood and male isolation from fertile sexuality which is compensated for by direct access to non-fertile sex by males, such as pornography, older women, homosexuality and unstable sexual relationships with single mothers followed by a general societal increase in childless bachelorhood. There is strong circumstantial evidence that the principles outlined in “Mind Control and The GOD Hypothesis” are in operation here: There is an utter absence of published ethnospecific data on cuckoldry. This may be the real reason for the generally obscure nature of data on cuckoldry despite, for example, blood banks and divorce courts having collected large volumes of such data. It is virtually taboo to even hypothesize the causes and effects of feminism and the sexual revolution in terms that derive from ethnic biases in cuckoldry subsequent to urbanization of historically rural populations. As an example of this bias in thinking and its consequences, the feminist book, “Women of Tomorrow” written by Yvonne Baskin for Bob Guccione’s wife, Kathy Keeton (a former stripper from South Africa who helped with Guccione’s sexual revolutionary Penthouse magazine and founded the science and technology oriented OMNI magazine), was published in the mid 1980s. In it, Baskin takes a surprisingly conciliatory tone given the intensely hostile attitudes toward men by feminists during that period (the peak of boomer female fertility). However, Baskin blames feminism on a generalized male propensity to break their marriage vows and initiate divorce — however 2 out of 3 divorces are initiated by women. Perhaps men are philandering within marriage more and this violation of marriage vow is the predominant cause of the increase in women filing for divorce? If so the subject is never broached let alone investigated in such a way as to lighten the darkness of clandestine sexual affairs and how they distribute among men of various backgrounds Feminist accusations of this nature in mass media publications impact all male-female relationships, but the GOD hypothesis predicts the impact on actual fertile couplings will be greatest on couplings involving males of lowest status, greatest predisposition toward monogamy and lesser GOD — resulting in a form of parasitic castration for those males. Guccione, a mass media publisher widely reputed to be connected with Mediterranean mafias, is reasonably seen as being of greater GOD than the males likely to be most impacted by Baskin’s accusations, which were read by a good many technically oriented males under the influence of Keeton’s OMNI magazine — accusations which were made and published with Guccione’s resources. Further, both Baskin and Guccionne’s wife were of lesser GOD and therefore predicted by the GOD hypothesis to express Guccione’s extended phenotypes and therefore the interests of his Y Chromosome over the interests of Y Chromosomes with which they may be more closely related. The purpose of this illustration is not to rile up anger against Guccione, nor even the Mediterranean mafias. I seriously doubt Guccione or his associates that met with him occasionally at the Isle of Malta would have been thinking about their feminist extended phenotypics anymore consciously than an occasional ethnic joke such as about how German women prefer Italian men to possessive German men. But reality is not so kind as to allow us full access to all of our unconscious motives, let alone automatic biophysical effects on the world. It is instructive that Baskin went on to write a book titled “The Gene Doctors” and has most recently authored a book “The Work of Nature: How the Diversity of Life Sustains Us” with a foreword written by Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich, a Stanford University professor of Jewish heritage, had a profoundly negative impact on male-female relationships among the leadership of the rural Midwest via his Zero Population Growth movement. It is significant that much of this indoctrination occurred from the pulpits of their liberal Protestant churches, calling on their moral capacity to voluntarily cease reproduction for the good of the planet while he, himself, sired 4 children. Guccione had 5 children, although he never advocated population or fertility reduction among Baskin’s coethnics as did Ehrlich. Yvonne Baskin, to the best of my knowledge, had no children with her husband of lesser GOD. Like all case histories, this is merely illustrative of a more general hypothetical condition under which we all operate, but we don’t need to look very far to find plenty of support: PRISONER RAPE “The first night I was approached by three men. Two of them were about my size and the third was about 9 kilos and 15cms smaller. They asked who I was and what I was in for. I told them and then one of them asked if I had ever been fucked. I said, “no, and I wasn’t planning on it”. He said, “we’re going to fuck you”. “I was filled with fear like I had never felt before. I swung at him with a left hook and as he blocked it his partner swung and hit me in the face knocking me to the floor. One of them grabbed me by the hair and slammed my face into the concrete, knocking me out. “When I woke I was on my stomach. My pants had been pulled off; my legs were spread wide apart, with one guy sitting on each leg and the other guy laying on my back. The guy on top was slapping me awake and said “I want you to feel this.” Example of imprinting an emotive memory on the amygdala of a young man, excerpted from “Fear or favour: sexual assault of young prisoners”, by David Heilpern Guccione’s own Penthouse magazine carried an article in its August 1995 issue titled “Prisoner Rape: Every Man’s Greatest Fear” which documents the pervasive terror of the government experienced by the very men who pay the most taxes. Being brutally feminized by the government that has taken on the role of protector and provider for much of the female population is a fundamental shift in gender relations, but like virtually all intraspecific parasitic castration, it has hit males with the least genetic omni-dominance hardest. According to a quote of a black prisoner in the book No Escape: Male Rape in US Prisons by Joanne Mariner of the Human Rights Watch: “The belief that all or most white men are effete or gay is very prevalent…” According to Jim Hogshire, author of “You Are Going to Prison”: “Prisoner Rape, especially gang rape, is almost exclusively a black on white occurrence. More than 90% of prison rapists are black and the instance of a white raping a black is rarest of all… Most victims are young and white.” What Hogshire fails to mention, but which is often mentioned in the literature, is that the market for sex slaves in the prison system, like the market for Russian sex slaves in Israel, targets young blond and red haired people most heavily, in this case males, for adopting the feminine sexual role. Documents from Stop Prisoner Rape discuss the distinction between non-Mediterranean European cultures and Mediterranean European cultures when it comes to retaining or abrogating male sexual identity in prisoner rape — with Mediterranean males more likely to retain their male sexual identity and non-Mediterranean European males more likely to “go punk”, ie: take on a feminine identity. Although the Home Box Office network has carried a fictional series called “Oz” which attempts to portray this differently — that Jews and Italians are targeted more than are Protestant heritage males — one must recall that the motion picture industry continues to be dominated by people of Mediterranean extraction. The fact that many recessive males turn to gang formation should be no surprise since much of the immunity to prisoner gang rape enjoyed by Mediterranean and black males derives from their criminal gang organizations whose reach extends into the prison system. However, the recessive male gangs are under the additional burden of being uniquely demonized by the government and political hierarchy as “Nazi”. Therefore, any attempts to form effective self-protection groups are more vigorously attacked by prison officials than are similar attempts by other ethnicities. It should be no surprise that black men are killed by these would be “Nazis” at a higher frequency than are the “Nazis” killed by black men, despite the fact that it results in life imprisonment for the “Nazi” whereas prisoner gang rape results in far lesser punishments in those exceedingly rare cases where it is reported, assuming prosecution is successful. This situation — in which the government selectively targets recessive males for parasitic castration via prisoner gang rape and high rates of taxation in support of women’s material and physical security (including their children who are sired by more genetically dominant men) — is a relatively recent innovation outside of societies with much greater harem sizes and corresponding genetic omni-dominance. It may well reflect extended phenotypic omni-dominance at the level of the overall culture and its governance as it has become infused with individuals of said omni-dominance. Finally, a casual walk through any video store, counting the phenotypes, demonstrates that Hollywood, where the decision makers are more GOD than the population among whom they have traditionally operated, generally portrays recessive phenotypes as secondary sexual characteristics of females. While some have argued that within a given demography, females have somewhat less pigmentation than males the extremes to which this has been exaggerated in media may be the most intensive form of parasitic castration manifest in the daily life of the West. THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH QUESTION Much has been made of the role of Jews in Western Civilization. Most of the debate can be compressed in the following perspective derived directly from the GOD Hypothesis: Think variance, not mean. For example, the important figure in a highly centralized and specialized civilization isn’t so much the average IQ of a genetic group but how many of its members are geniuses rare enough in the overall population that they can occupy those central points of control? Once those control points are occupied, ethnic nepotism can do the rest. The way you accomplish this is through a combination of heterozygosity (which results in higher variance in characteristics) and intense selection pressure, which assures variance in the desired dimension(s). This pattern is known to hold to a significant degree in European nations. Source: Buj, V., 1981, Average IQ values in various European countries, Personality and Individual Differences, 2, 168-169 Source: Greek IQ by Dienekes Pontikos Any relatively dominant genetic group will have more heterozygosity. All they need to replicate the phenomenon of takeover of central points of control is a diaspora into a relatively recessive population that has undergone “civilizing”. Make no mistake: Blacks are on their way. Higher-than mean IQ with low variance characterizes northern Europeans and is almost certainly due to their relative homozygosity, recessivity and need for self-reliance/individualism as opposed to specialization. Thus we should expect Jews, a group with one of the longest histories of successful dispersion into more recessive demes as those recessive demes have become more civilized, to dominate positions of influence and to exhibit ethnic nepotism within those positions of influence. This of course results in a profound tension between the recessive demes and the Jewish deme with the long history of “anti-Semitism” the result. Indeed, there is evidence that among Ashkenazi Jews, who represent Jewish group with the most influence and greatest number of geniuses per capita of any ethnic group, there are multiple recessive homozygous diseases such as Tay-Sachs, affecting the central nervous system that are a direct result of genes that increase intelligence in the heterozygous state. The real “final solution” to this “Jewish question” is not to exterminate Jews or even eliminate the genes for their genetic diseases, but to: Terminate their positions of trust and authority over other peoples where conflicts of ethnic interest are a fundamentally flawed ethical foundation for society, and Preserve their genetic heritage for the benefit of all humanity, but in their own society where their ethnic nepotism will have the least conflict of interest with others. Continue and increase the already wide-spread practice among some Rabbis of putting Jewish couples through genetic testing to warn them of any potential match-ups between these potentially deliterious recessive genes. This implies a kind of preservationist, as opposed to supremacist, Zionism. The Oslo Accords are a good, and politically acceptable, start, but the idea of preventing ethnic conflicts of interest by separating ethnic groups is so vigorously opposed — particularly by those groups benefitting from such conflicts of interest — that it is nearly impossible to accomplish without violence. Let us hope for some sort of new Enlightenment that will remove the recent dark ages of ignorance about human biodiversity and ethnic nepotism, and also hope that the religious wars that so characterized the Protestant reformation’s prelude to the Enlightenment are somehow rendered an unnecessary concomitant. MIND CONTROL When mental processes — particularly those concerning the genetics of kin identification and reproduction — are up for grabs, the GOD hypothesis predicts genetic omni-dominance will override the mental processes of individuals of lesser GOD producing behavior that seems bizarre if one does not consider the externality of the genes being served by said behavior. For example, arguing in good faith about genetics with those subject to the “logical fallacies” of “political correctness” is frequently akin to arguing with the bee in the following passage from “The Extended Phenotype” by Richard Dawkins chapter titled “Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes”: “Many fascinating examples of parasites manipulating the behavior of their hosts can be given. For nematomorph larvae, who need to break out of their insect hosts and get into water where they live as adults, ‘…a major difficulty in the parasite’s life is the return to water. It is, therefore, of particular interest that the parasite appears to affect the behavior of its host, and “encourages” it to return to water. The mechanism by which this is achieved is obscure, but there are sufficient isolated reports to certify that the parasite does influence its host, and often suicidally for the host… One of the more dramatic reports describes an infected bee flying over a pool and, when about six feet over it, diving straight into the water. Immediately on impact the gordian worm burst out and swam into the water, the maimed bee being left to die’ (Croll 1966).” We can rest assured the bee was not thinking “I must atone for the abuses to which my species’ immune system has put the poor little nematomorph larvae throughout our history of coevolution together. Therefore, with full knowledge and forethought, I now die for my little friend inside, and it I feel _so good about myself_!” despite how impressive our little parable of “the politically correct bee” is. However, when the mental processes are as complex as those supported by human nervous systems, the GOD influences of parasite genes may be masked in entire academic and theological disciplines with libraries filled with the scholarly works of the generations. The fact that such genetically suicidal behavior is almost entirely on behalf of more GOD gene pools — with the most extremes of “political correctness” exhibited by the most recessive gene pools ecologically furthest from human origin, in places like Stockholm, Sweden (one of the last benefactors of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe regime to withhold its enormous monetary gifts during Zimbabwe’s extended low level war against white farmers) or Seattle, Washington (the Gates Foundation gives more to benefit sub-Saharan African populations than any other) expressing altruism toward places closest to human origin — is something directly predicted by the GOD hypothesis. Likewise it is unsurprising when populations not so far from human origins are less charitable toward those populations even nearer to human origins. Take, for example, this quote: “Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.” — Mahatma Ghandi Collected Works II p. 74 Lest the dramatic example of the _internal_ parasite leave some wondering how genes _external_ to a body might lead to the control of that body’s nervous system, I’ll further transcribe from the introduction of the chapter “Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes”: “This chapter will develop two further ideas. One is that phenotypes that extend outside the body do not have to be inanimate artefacts: they can themselves be built of living tissue. The other idea is that whenever there are ‘shared’ genetic influences on an extended phenotype, the shared influences may be in conflict with each other rather than cooperative. The relationships we shall be concerned with are those of parasites and their hosts. I shall show that it is logically sensible to regard parasite genes as having phenotypic expression in host bodies and behavior.” And now the closing of that chapter: “But we have not yet reached the end of our continuum of proximity. Not all parasites live physically inside their hosts. They may even seldom come into contact with their hosts. A cuckoo is a parasite in very much the same way as a fluke. Both are whole-organism parasites rather than tissue parasites or cell parasites. If fluke genes can be said to have phenotypic expression in a snail’s body, there is no sensible reason why cuckoo genes should not be said to have phenotypic expression in a reed warbler’s body. The difference is a practical one, and a rather smaller one than the difference between, say, a cellular parasite and a tissue parasite. The practical difference is that the cuckoo does not live inside the reed warbler’s body, so has less opportunity for manipulating the host’s internal biochemistry. It has to rely on other media for its manipulation, for instance sound waves and light waves. As discussed in Chapter 4, it uses a supernormally bright gape to inject its control into the reed warbler’s nervous system via the eyes. It uses an especially loud begging cry to control the reed warbler’s nervous system via the ears. Cuckoo genes, in exerting their developmental power over host phenotypes, have to rely on action at a distance.” And finally, scholars of revolutions may find the following passage from chapter 4, “Arms Races and Manipulation” particularly interesting: “Several species of ant have no workers of their own. The queens invade nests of other species, dispose of the host queen, and use the host workers to bring up their own reproductive young. The method of disposing of the queen varies. In some species, such as the descriptively named Bothriomyrmex regicidus and B. decapitans, the parasite queen rides about on the back of the host queen and then, in Wilson’s (1971) delightful description, ‘begins the one act for which she is uniquely specialized: slowly cutting off the head of her victim’ (p. 363).” “Monomorium santschii achieves the same result by more subtle means. The host workers have weapons wielded by strong muscles, and nerves attached to the muscles; why should the parasite queen exert her own jaws if she can subvert the nervous systems controlling the numerous jaws of the host workers? It does not seem to be known how she achieves it, but she does: the host workers kill their own mother and adopt the usurper. A chemical secreted by the parasite queen seems the likely weapon, in which case it might be labeled a pheromone, but it is probably more illuminating to think of it as a formidably powerful drug. In line with this interpretation, Wilson (1971, p 413) writes of symphylic substances as being ‘more than just elementary nutritive substances or even analogues of the natural host pheromones. Several authors have spoken of a narcotizing effect of symphylic substances.’ Wilson also uses the word ‘intoxicant’ and quotes a case in which worker ants under the influence of such a substance become temporarily disoriented and less sure of their footing.” “Those who have never been brainwashed or addicted to a drug find it hard to understand their fellow men who are driven by such compulsions. In the same naive way we cannot understand a host bird’s being compelled to feed an absurdly oversized cuckoo, or worker ants wantonly murdering the only being in the whole world that is vital to their genetic success. But such subjective feelings are misleading, even where the relatively crude achievements of human pharmacology are concerned. With natural selection working on the problem, who would be so presumptuous as to guess what feats of mind control might not be achieved?” When we see words such as “prejudice” and “discrimination” used in morally perjorative and even medically diagnostic ways that are otherwise indistinguishable from “knowledge”, “wisdom” and “discernment” — particularly in the areas of thought about “genes” — who would be so presumptuous as to assert no genetic interests are at work generating emotional confusion of clear headedness? Finally, Dawkins completes this paragraph on mind control with a warning: “Do not expect to see animals always behaving in such a way as to maximize their own inclusive fitness. Losers in an arms race [genetic omni-recessives — jab] may behave in some very odd ways indeed. If they appear disoriented and unsure of their footing, this may be only the beginning.”
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  138. Several species of ant have no workers of their own. The queens invade nests of other species, dispose of the host queen, and use the host workers to bring up their own reproductive young. The method of disposing of the queen varies. In some species, such as the descriptively named Bothriomyrmex regicidus and B. decapitans, the parasite queen rides about on the back of the host queen and then, in Wilson’s (1971) delightful description, ‘begins the one act for which she is uniquely specialized: slowly cutting off the head of her victim’ (p. 363).”

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  141. No, I’m not a Jew, and you’re not sane. Not at all. Looks like I pin pricked your giant Hindenburg of Germanic vile there. Pour out your inner fuhrer as it’s bunker time in the old ego, and son, I so look forward to the day you join your 1000 year reich gott mit uns in your inevitably lost fate.

    First rule of mentally ill goo: repeating it all (with extra hate and sickness) doesn’t make it NOT mentally ill goo. You can wreck this thread and you pretty much have, but you can never make yourself sound sane. Ever. More endless posts of nonsense will only be, now and forever, simply nonsense.

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    American’s really fall for and then get pumped up by that simple minded kind of crap?
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    Hm, America really is past the point of no return.

    Your finished America.

    But don’t take my word for it.

  144. How old are you Ratboi, 11, 12? I see you didn’t pass the testing of the false spirits.

    Whatever freedoms you had left my little failing student, that satanic 13 strip flag of yours and everything America stands for, is not only an insult to the creator, but flies as a dedication to the mountains of lies that the brain dead (most of America) pole worshipper stands by. That no longer matters anyway since America and it’s false representation of freedom has gone down the brown hole. So you know where you can stick your pole.

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  146. i really do not like getting involved with discussions where i flows from theology to why a gun is better than woman. here goes- if america where a christian land wouldnt they respect the land of their prophets (including that nice jewish boy they think is the creator)
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    It was July 17, 1918, at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where five drunk Jewish executioners took the Royal Family to the basement. Czar Nichola, Czarina Alexandra, and the heir Alexei, stood, while the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia were seated. Jakob Yurovsky, the Jewish Chekna leader pulled his pistol and shot the Czar in the head. The others opened fire for 30 seconds, when the smoke cleared the Royal Family laid there twitching and moaning.

    The Czar protected his son Alexei, so Yurovsky walked up and fired two shots into the boy’s ear. The other four Bolsehviks then undressed the grand duchesses and violated them. Next, a truck took them to a forest where a ‘Bolshevik’ burial squad waited. One animal got excited because ‘The Empress was still warm’, and molested the corpse.

    Since those ‘Heady Days’ Bolsheviks/Communists/Zionists have started WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, and soon Iran. In their quest to spread Communism (Install their puppets) they have killed 100 million people. And soon their ‘Master Plan’ will include a staged nuclear attack either a US naval facility, or an American city, which is followed by a Mideast war. Then come the dark days of economic collapse. Years will pass until a Messiah appears, with a council of Bolshevik thinkers, will give us a New World government, with a new world currency.

  149. Sorry A N, you’re still messed up. A factual way to tell a charlatan is how certain they are about the future, when in reality, the future is fluid, nearly impossible to predict accurately, hard to discern, and the future is all still in play.

    Many things can happen. You might be able to mention certain events in history. though in a self serving and semi-factual way, but you still miss the central point of history: the least little thing can totally tip the scale. The tiniest word often has more power than the biggest guns. The smallest amounts of love have more power than legions of hate. Tiny glimmers of humanity always shine through all the noise.

    Those who think they know the future are generally projecting their own, and we all know yours is lost (at this point). You worked so very hard to destroy this thread, but look deeper there son, the tiniest elements of truth are still down deep in there, and you can never touch them, much like you can’t seem to learn from them.

    You can never touch the essential elements of real humanity as you’ve spent far too much of your life drinking from the dried up fountain of the 12 or 14 year long “thousand year Reich”. The past is not our future. We decide our future and the future is still in play. It is up to our humanity to discover that future, and it doesn’t matter how many words you’ll waste trying to jinx it. We decide it. And it’s all still in play.

  150. Charles, you are very right about A. Nazi going out of his way to send people away from this thread with pointless ramblings. He knew it the whole time. He wanted to move people with a pumped up Charles Manson frame of mind and put a halt to any honest debates. My guess he’s on the government payroll, alot of CIA/Mossad plants running around the globe these days who are paid to do nothing but break up the party. Why else would he call himself a Nazi and then try to draw attention to his own contradictions.

    Those like him/her[?], they know it’s all pointless anyway as they realize by now it isn’t working when they can’t keep up with shifting tides and besides, the only real reward they are really getting [along with a fat government paycheque] is patting themselves on the back. With all them ego paregoric injected endorphins bouncing off each others snake-like bodies, it still can’t help to ease the pain of being a self-delusional spineless sock puppet.

    They keep trying to scare people away from using the internet information gateway, but try as they might it isn’t working.

    By the way America, you still owe a prompt explanation as to why you think you and your back door buddy Israel, can fly around bombing others homes into dust then invade what’s left of their countries and kill their children[ those you didn’t starve to death]. You are liars not liberators, you threaten those who have nothing to gain but will only lose everything to your pirates in military uniforms if they continue to fight old one eye’d satan and it’s plans for the luciferian new world order. Curse you.

  151. Hi Joey, Good words and good turns of phrase but realistically, it’s a very small, though very busy segment of the American population playing the ongoing war and atrocity games, and their games are crashing like a house of cards!

    I had a cool glance at the “Alternate America” over the weekend, and let me say I’m encouraged by the state of that union! There were well over 500,000 people on the mall in Washington DC, on Saturday. It was one of the biggest marches ever and a dense packed crowd of people were coming back from marching around the Capitol Building while people were still heading that way!

    It was a complete encirclement of several miles, rare for any march. The crowd was bright eyed, aware, informed, awake, hopeful, cheerful, and beautiful, and very creative and lively. Young and old. They ARE the very future personified, and they are manifesting the future presently.

    Now our corrupt debased US news media will work overtime trying to deny that, and play down the numbers, trying to ignore it, and pretending an Alternative America doesn’t exist, but they will slowly be swept aside as the new world is being borne on the ashes and skeletons of the old.

    There is a wind of justice sweeping across the world. Though it was very chilly, and not at all easy or cheap to travel to DC, 500,000 people, maybe more, turned out in person, and told our government which way the wind is blowing.

    Will they listen? And act? Or wait for a tornado of justice to run them out of their tiny trailer parks built on the wheels of ongoing fear, lies and hate? Why would anyone cling to the failed past when a better future is calling?

    There is a new world dawning. There are people already in this world, in America, living in the present, building the future, and the past will not stand. Old ideas will be swept away. It is happening. It is happening right now. Today. Every day it’s growing.

  152. London calling to the imitation zone
    Forget it brother, you can go it alone
    London calling to the zombies of death
    Quit holding out and draw another breath

    The Clash

    It is truly inspiring to see so many American’s are not afraid to look the liars in the eye’s.

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  159. here it is almost may and i hear the sounds of desperation as the government grovels over cutting the
    budget. Though there is nothing they can do to change the facts. that’s unless they take away all the pork
    barrel spending, defense spending, increase taxes for those ridiculously wealthy individuals who have no right to possess so much wealth when there is a limit on the amounts of resources we can use, create
    some jobs for those without them and finally once we do all these things then americans can pay off
    the nations debt as well as their own personal debt. All i see right now is a government intent on helping the rich prosper and the poor suffer. As for the middleclass they are a dieing species. The USA is an empiric bully, forcing their wealthiest individuals will on foreign countries and so far the people are too scared to unite and stop them. These individuals are fearless and yet there are so few of them and so many poor or on their way to being poor who are so fear driven. How can this be are we so brainwashed or do we just admire the greedy billionaires who have succeeded off of our very own sweat? I know i am damn mad and damn tired of these people. I am no longer afraid of them. Its not like they are so smart it’s just they have no heart, no empathy, no pitty, no remorse nor do they care about what happens to the majority as long as they have their wealth, their yahts and island escapes should anything go wrong with their country that they care so little about that they are the very force fleecing it & they will get off this sinking ship like it was Titanic! People need to wake up cause their end game will collapse the dollar like the worthless paper it is printed on and if that happens it will be too late. God help us ignorant meek bastards
    if it should. I realize there are lots of people claiming that it’s not possible for this scenario to play out but
    that is truely naive!

    • The demise of the Dollar is certain. The only question is how soon. All fiat currencies have failed throughout the written history of man. Not one has ever survived. The Dollar has lost 98% of its vallue since becoming fiat in 1913. Unfortunately the people have become dependent on largess promised by unprincipled politicians. Once they realize how they have been hoodwinked and stole from by the central bankers, things will get ugly.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good luck to you in the times that are approaching.

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