More Money Than You Know What To Do With…

From the Mogambo…

The bartender looks at me and snarls, “You are unhappy when the Federal Reserve creates new money and credit, which increases the money supply, which increases consumer prices and aggregate debt, and that is why you say you drink and come in here to torment the waitresses with your stupid leer and crude innuendo. And now you are unhappy when the Fed DOESN’T increase money and credit, and that is why you are drinking?”

With the little bit of muscle control I had left, I lifted my head up off of the bar and opened one bleary, bloodshot eye to look at him. I decided that he looked stupid, and I was going to tell him so, but I found that my lips  would not move as soon as I tried to say, “Go to hell, you ugly, stupid little troll!”

As my head suddenly collapsed back onto the bar with a thud, my eyes involuntarily opened and I got a good look at the bartender, who was a hell of a lot bigger than I thought! Whew! Even in my semi-conscious and hyper-aggressive alcoholic stupor, I knew that it was a good thing that my lips were paralyzed!

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I try to tell people what is happening. I try to warn my family and friends about the coming collapse. But most are still brainwashed by “publik edukashun” and the puppet show that is network news. I won’t take pride in the inevitable “told you so” that is coming. I only wish I could help more of them understand.

This has been repeated time and again throughout history and it has never ended well.

Who knows,… maybe next time it will be different…. but I doubt it…

“I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.”
— President Andrew Jackson – (1824)

“Inflation is not caused by the actions of private citizens, but by the government: by an artificial expansion of the money supply required to support deficit spending. No private embezzlers or bank robbers in history have ever plundered people’s savings on a scale comparable to the plunder perpetrated by the fiscal policies of statist governments.”
— “Who Will Protect Us From Our Protectors”? The Objectivist Newsletter, May 1952


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