Solar Cyle 24… Where Are You???

From Anthony Watts (Watts Up With That):

Solar Cycle 24 just can’t seem to get rolling. IPS announced today (IPS is the Australian Space Weather Agency) , that it has changed its forecast for Solar Cycle 24, pushing it’s start into the future by six months. They write:

Due to the proximity of the IPS predicted rise of solar cycle 24
to observed solar cycle 23 solar minimum values, and the apparent lack of new Cycle 24 sunspots, IPS has again moved the predicted solar cycle away by 6 months.

The announcement came on the IPS web page, today, on the day that two small cycle 23 sunspots have started to appear near the solar  equator. Many had expected more cycle 24 spots to be visible by now, but the sun remains quiet, and has been producing more cycle 23 spots than cycle 24 spots so far since the first cycle 24 spot was seen on January 4th, 2008

More here…

“Carpe diem, quam minimus credula postero. Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in tomorrow.”— Horace – (35 B.C.)


2 thoughts on “Solar Cyle 24… Where Are You???

  1. This IS, by the way, why there is climate change. It’s related the dramatic change in the behavior of solar cycles. These cycles are 11-year cycles – BUT – over the course of centuries, there are more macro cycles that have contributed to associated changes in climate.

    The world is a very resilient thing. We can’t break it.

  2. The solar record has a high correlation with past temperature changes. But correlation is not causations. I think there are a lot of natural cycles in play, including solar. But it is pretty easy to see that Man has almost no ability to affect climate on any wide area (or global) basis. And, man-made CO2 has nearly zero influence on climate.

    AGW is a lot of propaganda designed to distract the population from real problems created by GOVERNMENT.


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