Gold and Silver Spot Prices…

…I have pulled the gold and Silver spot price charts and links due to the continuing and expanding disparity between spot and street prices.  There used to be a 10-15% premium over spot to purchase bullion at local retailers.  Now, the premiums are around 50% and rising.

Two interviews have been cited in recent past articles. They are so important, a repeat must be provided in case readers missed them. In a rare event shedding light on the positive side of the gold market, CNBC interviewed Jurg Kiener, CEO of Swiss Asia Capital. He points out the stark contrast of the two markets, paper gold versus physical gold. Kiener expects soon the US ‘gambling price’ gold market in COMEX and LME to eventually default after a titanic battle that began years ago has reached fever pitch. By that he means a return suddenly to physical price determination will come for gold. He concluded that when such an inevitable event occurs, THE GOLD PRICE WILL DOUBLE VERY QUICKLY, LIKE IN DAYS.

More here…

And from a different article…

Why Are People Using Ebay For Pricing Gold?

The reason that investors are turning to alternate reference sources for pricing physical precious metal is that the COMEX futures derived prices for metal are INCONSISTENT with the empirical robust demand story outlined above. In short, the COMEX pricing model appears to be FRAUDULENT, when despite overwhelming demand for the commodity we routinely and increasingly see “ BUYERS STRIKES ” in the futures markets like the one we experienced just this morning in gold and particularly in silver.

More on that, here…

Oh ye’ suckers…

“What this country needs is a good five-cent nickel.” — Frank Adams


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