While each of us is ultimately a product of our own decisions and
internal choices, even beyond the influences of our environment, the
cultural atmosphere of our age certainly determines the manner in which
we are able to express our individual character.  The brilliant and
talented are sometimes cast into roles of poverty and obscurity.  The
obscene and devious often ascend to positions of righteous reverence. 
Good men are often painted as villains for centuries, while evil men
are regarded as saints for just as long.  The point is, the times in
which we live rarely express in an honest way who we really are,
unless, of course, we take hold of them tight, and cut out a new path
for history to travel…

Those men and women who drive forward without fear or doubt to
assert control over their destinies, and force their era to reflect
their principles, rather than their principles becoming a side-note to
their era, whether honorable or dishonorable, are invariably considered
“extreme”.  Most human beings waft about with the tides of time as
passengers; spectators watching events unfold from the sidelines. 
Those who swim against the currents, or who attempt to change their
flow altogether, are usually rare and confounding to the masses. 
Therefore, that which the masses consider extremism is often merely
that which they consider far outside what they have grown accustomed.

Frankly, history has proven over and over again that the majority is
usually wrong about most things.  Groups and collectives do not
create, or discover, or advance humanity.  Only individuals are capable
of this.  All great concepts begin as seeds within independent people,
and then spread like wildfire as they educate others.  A society that
strives for artificial normality and collectivist harmonization is a
society on the verge of chaos and death.  Only free hearts and minds
give man hope of survival.

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