America jumped the shark a long time ago…

I have never been anti-American – really and I have a lot of and most of my friends over their (thanks to internet) – but this and the last administration (or in fact a few criminals behind it) has done soooo much damage to the american poeple, to the image of America all over the globe, so that it is no wonder that finally the whole world will think about them as the biggest shitplace on this planet.

I’m 58 and have seen a lot in my life – but I think Gauck is spot on: “Jetzt reicht’s auch einmal”.

And I think many Europeans think alike.

This will NOT end well for America. Unfortunately the American people will likely have to pay a very high and very painful price for haven given up their Constitutuional rights in exchange for coke, burgers, tv, porn and games.

More here…

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