Out of the Hospital!!!

I was hospitalized on Wednesday after having a seizure at work.  I only remember parts of the episode and am relying on first responder descriptions as to what happened. 

Apparently I became unresponsive during a work discussion.  at some point my eyes rolled back in my head and I began to have some sort of jaw chatter where I ultimately bit my tongue in several places.  I don’t have any recollection of any of that.  I was hearing? bits and pieces of conversation, but when I opened my eyes, everything was tinted blue, like I was looking through blue tinted glasses or a window. I remember being put on oxygen and I was panting pretty hard.  I may have hyperventilated.  I gained more consciousness in the ambulance and the blue tint faded there.

I was admitted and spent most of the day and into the night getting various brain, chest and heart tests done as well as an abdominal CT.

I was released late yesterday afternoon.  The diagnosis was inconclusive.  Best guesses are problems with my medications (hypertension and gout) and with high alcohol usage.

Present treatment is no drinking and some adjustments to my medications.

I understand there is a Face-book thread somewhere, which I don’t mind, but understand everything there will be second hand. 

Any updates thought to be important will be posted here.

Thanks to all my family and friends who supported me through this episode.  It was something I have never experienced before and I am glad for all of the kind gestures.

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